After being aired for over a year on the German channel DFS it appears that the UFC is now banned from being aired in Germany. Apparently due to unacceptable levels of violence and taboo breaking the UFC will have no more air time in the land of Germany. According to the Bavarian state office for new media, punching of downed opponents is considered dirty and a breach of taboos. 

The UFC UK president had this to say:

“The Bavarian state office for new media has approved UFC programming on DSF twice on separate occasions in the past,” said Zelaznik. “That is why we deem the sudden ban unusual as the content of our programming has not changed. We have also had a commission for youth protection in the media review the situation and they deemed the broadcast legal if televised after 11 p.m.”

The Germans seem to believe that airing UFC events on television will somehow distort the minds of the country's young people. So with the Germans the latest to lash out at the MMA organization it would seem the flood gates are now officially open for MMA-bashers world wide.