Georges St. Pierre "upset" with potential Nick Diaz retirement

Georges St. Pierre "upset" with potential Nick Diaz retirement


UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre, who is currently rehabbing a surgically repaired ACL, reacts to the outcome of last weekend’s UFC 143 main event and discusses Nick Diaz‘s possible retirement. Though St. Pierre admits to being disappointed by Diaz’s defeat, he insists that he wants to fight the more skilled challenger, and says that Carlos Condit is the “best man.”

Georges St. Pierre

“I’m disappointed because of all of the build-up for the fight. Emotionally, I wanted to fight Nick Diaz. Carlos won the fight, he fought smart, and it is what it is. Carlos is an incredible martial artist. I want to fight the best man, so Carlos is the best man. It was a close fight, it could have went either way. I wouldn’t have been surprised if it went either way. I do believe that maybe Carlos won the judges’ decision because he used more weapons and he was more flamboyant than Diaz. But, on the other side, Diaz was – at the end he took the back. It was a tough fight. I just don’t know what to say. I’m not surprised by the result, but I’m disappointed a little bit.

(Diaz’s retirement announcement) upset me. But, what can I do? I want to be the best. I don’t want to be second or third. I want to be number-one, and to be number-one, I’ve got to fight the number-one guy.”

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  • NoPrideinUFC

    i think george knows like the rest of us diaz is the only guy tough enough to enter the octagon and give him a fight, this fight wont happen for awhile now pretty disappointed, diaz is probably at home right now smoking a blunt and watching cartoons lol he’ll be back….

  • M1_Global_Gangsta

    You will never be Number one George !
    Because Fedor has that spot forever.


    The 2 times i seen Diaz was @ the cannibus club while vending Urkle. Its different out here in the Bay Area where its damn near legal because Weed is everywhere either you smoke it or grow it, but if i was getting paid damn near millions to fight, i wouldn’t touch it.

  • HunterB

    Its a miracle! Hateocracy is talking with sense!!!

  • FirstnLastEmperor

    if if was a spliff we’d all be *****d up.

  • pogodog7

    Perhaps GSP can hire the Diaz brothers to train with

  • MMAMachine

    The thing you and Diaz fans like yourself are failing to understand is that those who are objective enough to admit Condit won the fight are also fans of Diaz. Anyone who enjoys Condit’s style are almost always going to be fans of Diaz too. I wanted Diaz to win, but he lost. There’s not even much of an argument for Nick winning the fight. If walking forward and getting outstruck wins you the fight, then Roy Nelson defeated Werdum. Demian Maia defeated Anderson Silva. Jake Shields could make a case for having defeated GSP. But, that’s not the way a professional fight works. It’s common sense.

  • japanegro23

    No it’s not really common sense. Even Rogan thought Diaz won. Not every person that thinks Diaz won is a Diaz fan. Stop acting like it wasn’t close. You get judged on different criteria and not just on who hit the other person more.

  • MD777

    I am sick of tired to hear about Diaz .
    First of all you supposedly to fight GSP you’re screwed up an then lost to Condit just didn’t do good enough to pulls off a fight what can you say and Condit offered an immediately rematch and now Diaz tested positive for marijuana metabolites and i said Diaz deserved to get all the blame here .And most of everyone talked like at Condit fault.LOL
    GSP wannabe Chael in the hot light spot man I loose all my respect for you .
    1st refuse to fight Condit .2nd I’m so nervous that Condit will win the fight ,
    3rd I’m so upset Diaz about retirement just so disrespectful.IMO
    Condit very talented fighter with a good potential for a great headcoach like Greg Jackson to created a good gameplan for fight and Condit once GSP training partner and in the same camp Condit knew GSP well enough to pulls off a decision much easier than everyone could predicted. I said we going to have a new Welterweight Champion very soon.Period

  • ChrisGomez

    So Did anyone actually understand the last comment above me????

  • ChrisGomez

    But yeah they both were trained at Jacksons “point fighter camp”. But GSP stated a few times that they never even once had a session together at the same time. Only met each other. Maybe Ill try to read md777’s comment one more time…Wish Me Luck..

  • Entity

    As long as he feels better, Im ok with it.

  • ChrisGomez

    And on the third note….GSP trying to be CHAEL is the dumbest sh!t I’ve heard on here in a whillllllleeeee………

  • wpgshootr

    Chris, you have to (puff puff) ask why (puff puff) you didn’t ah um (puff puff) oh ya comprehend his comments man.

  • Entity

    Your a comodian, life of the potty.

  • Entity

    Diaz was Diaz before Chael was Diaz…8))

  • codemaster

    It is probably tough for GSP to find that powerful motivation to stay on top, and Diaz with his trash talk, gave Georges a reason to train with renewed enthusiasm–because it was personal–or he chose to take it personally.

    GSP is a pro, and will give his best effort, but being champ for a while has raised expectations of him to impossibly high levels, so winning isn’t enough. Even dominance is not enough.

    GSP also wants big fights, and he knew a fight with Diaz would be much bigger than a Condit fight.

    But the bottom line is, as always, GSP has to fight whoever wins the right to fight for the title.

    Imagine if Diaz had won–then he was suspended. It coulda been worse.

  • MD777

    Diaz is an idiot retarded freak…looser i ever see like you nuthugger stupid idiotic just needed to go

  • DR3W

    Jake Ellenberger can give GSP a run for his money. Dude is a beast and Condit of course

  • MMAMachine

    Oh wow! Joe Rogan said so? Then I totally change my mind dude!

    These are the same people that were bitching about Rogan’s opinion after the fight that are now using it as validation for their bias. I’ll take Rogan’s original analysis over his “sitting at home stoned with a bunch of friends” thoughts. But thanks anyway.

    And you’re right, there is other criteria, and based on all of them, aside from aggression, Condit won. If you can base a Diaz victory on anything other than aggression, please feel free to state your case.

  • ChrisGomez

    Confussed again?? What are you saying?

  • ChrisGomez

    Sounds more lik your MD2020

  • ChrisGomez

    Im so there!!

  • japanegro23

    Damn you’re right. I changed my mind. I forgot you were the authority on MMA.