Georges St. Pierre says he is fully ready for The Ultimate Fighter...

Georges St. Pierre says he is fully ready for The Ultimate Fighter 12


Recently announced as the Tuf 12 coach opposite Josh Koscheck, Georges St. Pierre spoke about the looking forward to the experience and the new challenge ahead. Given the following transcript from, its clear how much the Canadian is clearly relishing the oppurtunity.

“I’ll take all my coaches, if they want to come, and so far they all want (to), I’ll also have some people that work with me that nobody knows yet, that aren’t in my corner, but they play a huge role in my career. I have a guy from Paris, France, he’s a champion in Muay Thai, he helps me before every fight, and nobody knows who he is cause he’s not in my corner,”

“It’s perfect timing, I’m very happy that it happened right now actually, It’s going to be a good experience because don’t forget I need to stay in shape as well, I need to train because I’m going to have a fight coming up too soon as well. It’s going to be the first experience for me. I’m excited because I do things quite differently than most of the fighters, the way I train, so I’m happy, I’m going to be able to show people how I train, it’s going to be a good experience.”

GSP’s counterpart is the current number 1 contender for his welterweight belt, Josh Koscheck, who most recently defeated Paul Daley at UFC 113. Gsp’s last bout was at UFC 111 where he unanimously defeated Dan Hardy. Filming is expected to start almost as soon as TUF 11 finishes, with a match expected to be around December.

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  • friendlyfoe

    I definitely want to see Kos get KOed (this time around) but how the hell did he get a coaching job? He sucks.

  • Meridian22

    Yeah, KOS will get beat, but you know he’s gonna be an a*$ on the show and brag about how he was the last man to win a round against GSP, BIG DEAL!!

  • japanegro23

    This will be an interesting season with Kos as coach. Like him or not, he makes for a good watch. I can’t believe we have to wait til Dec to watch GSP fight again. That’s so long!!! Whoever is on GSP’s team is very lucky to work with him. Everyone should be able to wrestle when they leave the house this time!!!

  • diegomaka

    After GSP beats the crap out of Kos, I believe he´ll fight Paulo Thiago (that I think is going to TKO Kampmann), and then up we go (to 185) !

  • TheRealDeal

    I’m ready for TUF 12 too, because TUF 11 hasn’t exactly been that exciting, to be quite honest. Hopefully it will get better now that the preliminaries are just about over. It will be interesting to see if Koscheck can get under GSP’s skin, or if GSP can keep his cool.

  • Lordalek

    I like GSP better of course (like most people) but I would not bet “All in” on him. Reason why is GSP recent bout were grappling matches and at that game Kos is anything but incompetent.
    I hope GSP will win tho….

  • TDraGon

    im the only one going for KOS lol

  • UrHype

    They need a Kos to offset Mr.Wonderful.

  • cranestyle

    Yeah, it’ll definitely be a contrast of good cop/bad cop, or rather good coach/bad coach. No comment on their abilities, just their personalities.

    But what’s up with the huge lay off for GSP? He’s not fighting again until December? It’s a longer break than when he hurts his groin fighting Alves.

  • WingChun

    The moment I’m looking forward to – is the beginning of the show, when they pick sides.

    It’s going to be hilarious to see the look of disappointment on every one of those guys that gets picked by Koscheck – LOL!!!!

    I can just hear the voices in their heads, now….GSP, GSP, GSP…please pick me, please pick me.

    Can you imagine, man; you make it on the show and you got a 50/50 chance of ending up on GSP’s team or on Koschecks team and you end up on JK’s team – what a bummer that would be.

    I like Kos, he’s a solid fighter, but he’s nowhere near GSP’s league. GSP’s camp and training is the benchmark of 170 and the UFC in general; there are some that can hang with him, but there are none that are better; he is a consummate professional.

    My guess would be, that if they had a choice to pick which coach they’d go with, my guess is all of them would pick – GSP.

  • joelsephw420

    Josh Koscheck, you either love em or hate em. One thing is for sure, it will be a very interesting season with him as a coach. I know I cant wait to watch these two go at it for the belt. I have always been a Koscheck fan so I do hope he wins the belt, it is not gonna be easy thats for sure.

  • Joey Santosus

    Contrary to what some are saying, either coach will be influential on their team. Both have great wrestling and ground abilities. I think this should ultimately be an interesting season. As far as Koscheck getting under GSP’s skin, I dont know if that is even possible. I mean I cant imagine GSP pulling a Rampage……. Could you see GSP tearing a door apart?

  • Maxwell

    I can already here each fighter cursing under his breath upon being picked by Koscheck. I mean seriously . . . “Team Koscheck”? Doesn’t sound right. May as well be “Team Kim Jung-Il”. Should be interesting.

  • BlueClearSky

    Would be very interesting to me for the show ,Kos is crazy son of a bitch and his ****iness ‘s attitude definitely drive GSP nut and turned the place upside down and we have a chance to see how GSP training so different from everyone too .
    And let be honest with you Kos fight GSP not interesting at all.

  • grapplure

    im not surprised the pic they posted is lay and pray….

  • ston3pony

    Cool, he should make an excellent coach. And yeah he’ll KO Koscheck. It’s not a fair fight though, Josh is only human.

  • UrHype

    GSP says whohoo money in the bank and another win over a guy I destroyed easily last time.

  • EroSennin

    i think i know who is the frenchman GSP is talking about, his name is jean charles skarbowsky

    check him on google he has a great record

  • ston3pony

    Koscheck has gotten so much better. And, nobody else in the division has a better chance wrestling with George. Absolutely everybody else will go down any time Georges wants them to go down.

    Georges is the P4P best on the planet though. It will be closer than last time, but Koscheck will need some luck.

  • gebls

    GSP Sucks balls he hasn’t faced any credible opponent since Matt Hughes and his gonna keep fighting B level fighters and Dana white is gonna make us believe that they actually have a chance against him.

  • Kicker

    Great GSP can teach a whole new generation how to take people down and lay on them for long periods until stood up then take them down again – repeat until judges decision!!

  • Kicker

    Have to Say hate him or hate him Kos will be interesting on a reality show. GSP is a great champion and fighter but on a reality show I can’t see him being very entertaining at all

  • EroSennin

    only if you think trash talking, like the TUF 11 between rampage and rashad was interesting and entertaining

    to me it was boring
    i’m sure GSP will be great on the coaching side, but because people want to be entertained they won’t show it

  • sambo

    i think Koscheck will be a pretty decent coach. He may not beat GSP but i’m sure he will make it a great fight. He could be tough for GSP because of his wrestling. It would be great to see a stand up war. I’m Canadian and a long time GSP fan , but even I am getting tired of seeing him win by decision. What happened to the superman punches George?

  • rickjitsu

    Kos can’t handle GSP’s riddum!!GSP by rear naked choke 2nd round!!! GO GSP!!!!