Georges St. Pierre: Confident he will return stronger than ever after injury

Georges St. Pierre: Confident he will return stronger than ever after injury


The news that Georges St. Pierre would be out for up to ten months came just hours before the UFC was to hold a press conference to build up interest in January’s UFC on FOX event in Chicago. At the start of the press conference UFC president Dana White made it clear that he was only interested in speaking about the Chicago event. However some questions did get asked about the status of the Welterweight champion.

White did not provide a great deal of information about St. Pierre, basically saying he was injured and out and Nick Diaz was now scheduled to face Carlos Condit for the interim welterweight title at UFC 143.

St. Pierre was forthcoming regarding his situation later in the day, the injury, sustained while wrestling, is a complete tear of his ACL and will require surgery to repair. Even though the injury will put St. Pierre on the shelf for a prolonged amount of time he is confident that he will return and when he does he will reclaim his spot as one of the best, “A few months ago I was on top of the world and I’m now I’m in a downfall. But you recognize a champion from how he comes back from things that don’t go well. Everybody that says bad things and says bad stuff about me right now, mark my words. I’m going to tell you right now, I’m in a downfall in my life, but in a few months, I’ll be back stronger than ever, and I will be champion again. I promise.” – for more see

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Georges St. Pierre before his fight with Matt Hughes during UFC 79 at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas on Saturday, December 29, 2007. Photo credit: Francis Specker

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  • Ninja

    Sucks we wont see GSP fight for atleast another 10 months….I dont really mind his style n look forward to seeing him fight espeically against Diaz, that was such an interesting fight hope Diaz wins so we can see that fight

  • mindkontrolle

    He’s a good human and a good champ, but there’s a line of motherf*ckers rushing to try to take that belt in a brutal fashion. Hope GSP pulls out of his ditch and gets back on top, we all go through that multiple times.

  • matt1926

    I was really looking forward to his fight against Nick. WE all know GSP is not a boring fighter and I truly believe this fight was going to be like the old GSP. GSP is a class act….He’ll be back.

  • enjoylife321

    Nick vs another opponent is just as good if not better…..I’m not dissapointed at all..

    Time and time again we have seen non main card events that have stolen the thunder off main events that have been hyped to the point you want to vomit…

    Nick Diaz in any fight is awesome…He is a brawler that goes for finishes unlike george who o0ften tries to just outpoint his oppenents technically with wrestling and take downs..

    people get far too hyped over george….jusy because he holds the title doesn;t make him the most entertaining.

  • artsnot

    GSP will be back stronger and back at the top. Until then, Diaz vs. Condit is not too shabby. Hope Condit smashes him. No denying that Diaz is a top welterweight, but he’s just such a douche.

  • Warheadchief

    Condit is going to make this look easy.

  • armbar

    I heard he took an arrow to the knee

  • nickp44

    I think the trash-talking from the fans has gotten to him, and now he’s lost his chance to silence his biggest detractor in Nick Diaz.

    He’ll still be champion in my book. Condit or Diaz will just be keepin the belt warm for a while lol


    If Diaz wins his fight against Condit, I look forward to his post fight comments.

  • rampage1

    that a true champion, people can say whatever they want,but this guy is a true champion.

  • TheRealDeal

    We’ll see, could be the start of his decline, just a hunch.

  • David Saucier

    I hope GSP heals fully and comes back with an attitude and will finish fights to make a point.

  • dekciw

    looks like there is too many guys “rushing to take his belt in a brutal fashion”, and GSP knows that .
    That’s why better for him is to lay’n’pray so they could eliminate themselfs, and when stay just one, come out and win in lay’n’pray fashion to be called the best in the world. It’s much easier to fight only one instead two.

  • Entity

    Well I’ll wait and see. Its pretty damn bad news for George.
    Take Shogun for instance, he was THE unstoppable force until he blew out his knee. Then another operation and another operation and people wonder why he isnt clearing out the division now days.

  • Entity

    I’m sure we’ll hear a mouthful before the fight goes down.

  • Warheadchief

    I doubt Shogun had GSP money to get the repairs he required. GSP has the funds to get the best doctors to work on his injuries. Money makes the world go round.

  • Lonnie Batt

    what kills me is how can you strip a fighter of his belt and his championship for getting hurt,, what kind of logic is that Cesar gracie needs to just shut up and wait nick will get the chance at the belt for what its worth lets see if you can beat Condit if you do then I believe you could honestly say you deserve to be the champ (interim) LOL cause thats as close as you will ever get as long as GSP is around

  • Mike Perryman

    Diaz vs Condit is gonna be just as entertaining as Diaz VS GSP, or GSP vs Condit. All of these fighters are top of the food chain in the WW division. They will all fight each other and we will love every minute of it for every single round of action they provide. GSP will be back; I bet this “downfall” in his life is coming at the worst possible time in his life. With Diaz hot on his tail, and everyone saying that he is scared. Which he is…I mean GSP openly admitted to being scared during an interview recently. But then he went on to say that he feeds off of this and he likes that feeling of being on the edge. It keeps him sharp. So being scare has nothing to do with the injury IMO. GSP has always fought the top contenders in the division.

  • Chocolat

    I believe him too, a lot of people are going to use how they feel about him to make it seem everything he does is nefarious, but I feel sorry for him, no one who has given as much as she has should be subject to the kind of crap he gets, all because people NEED a knockout to satisfy their guy hard on.

  • Bruce Lee

    GSP is Canadian. Health care including his knee operation is free here.

  • Entity

    God I sure hope he doesnt use a free doctor lol. Pay for a top Dr. Goerge

  • jdnextchamp

    There’s no difference between a free dr and any other in canada. Come on canada is not russia. The only difference between the free and the others you need to pay is the time before you have your surgery. The free ones are always overloaded while the others are just waiting for people to come and pay them.

  • jdnextchamp

    Very stupid comment.

  • codemaster

    You mean as opposed to a girl hard on?

  • OperationCWAL

    thats what happen when you train angry, torn ACL!