Frankie Edgar doesn’t like his chances against BJ Penn

Frankie Edgar doesn’t like his chances against BJ Penn


Despite being made the number 1 contender for the light weight title, it seems that even Frankie Edgar himself doesnt think much of his own chances against the worlds number one Lightweight in the World, BJ Penn:

“In my eyes he’s one of if not the most skilled fighter in the UFC,” Edgar said. “He could do it all. He’s probably one of the most well rounded fighters out there. From standup to the ground, his takedown defense is second to none. His flexibility, balance, all that stuff, he’s going to be a tough nut to crack. I’m going to have my hands full for sure.”

“I think it’s just his balance, his athleticism and his flexibility I think those three things make him just a b—- to take down,” he added. “A lot of guys try to sit on his leg and it ends up bad for them because they end up eating some heavy shots.”

Edgar is coming off three wins, two unanimous decision victories against Hermes Franca and Sean Sherk, and most recently a sumbission victory against Matt Veach by way of submission via rear naked choke in the second round, while BJ hasnt lost in the lightweight division since his 2001 fight with Jens Pulver at UFC 35: Throwdown (2002-01-11)

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  • Ninja

    I don’t think edgar will have a chance, if he keeps thinking like bj is unstoppable not really a good state of mind going into a fight

  • JiuJitsuForever

    BJ is too much for Edgar.

  • UrHype

    Well Frankie, Mir got you into this mess in the post fight conference of the BJ Sanches fight. He obviously thinks you have a chance anyways.
    Believe you can would be the first step in at least doing well.
    If not, your done before it starts.
    WAR EDGAR! give it your best shot!

  • Rigo

    he could drop and go to the WEC be the next Urijah faber!
    but thats up to him ofcourse theres the money isue in the WEC
    even at the UFC!

    but i think he has a looooong shoot!

    if he keeps his distance! and do the same gameplan that he did with sherk but this time is a 5 round so who knows!

  • Endo

    He’s not scared, just being realistic. Better that that “know”you’re going to win like Diago. : p

  • ston3pony

    You don’t think Diego’s mental focus is an advantage? People make fun of it, but you won’t ever see that guy refuse to get off the stool and answer the bell like BJ did when he quit. You won’t ever see him panic-tap, or forget his game-plan, or get discouraged. That’s a huge advantage.

  • Endo

    I’m aware that the mental part of anyones game is the most important aspect. But blind belief in “destiny” can be a serious disadvantage, and has been the downfall of many fighters.

    What do you do after a loss? You’ve spent you’re whole life thinking you’re unbeatable, you can end up mentally destroyed because of your own self confidence and need to rebuild an entirely new mental game/attitude.

    It’s a complex issue. My first post was more of a joke than anything, although it happens to be true.

  • ston3pony

    IMHO, the hit you take from losing is negligable compared to the advantage of going in to the ring focused and confident. How many fights have we seen ended because a fighter panic tapped when they shouldn’t have? Or got flustered and lost their head and forgot their strategy? On the other hand, how many fights have we seen where a fighter comes back dramatically, or gets through a submission on pure will-power?

    Diego is better with the mindset he’s got IMO. He’s be just as pumped and confident and centered for his next fight.

  • ston3pony

    What would it take for Diego to quit? To refuse to answer the bell like BJ did? He could have a broken collar bone, poking through the skin and spraying blood, and he’d be angry when the doctor stopped it.

    Keep in mind, the mentality he’s got translates to his training too. Some fighters don’t have the will-power to push themselves constantly in the gym, I doubt that is a problem for him. They probably have to drag him out of the gym.

  • boyetpogi

    i think rey mysterio will do great against him

  • MereDictum

    Wow, this kid’s smarter than I thought. With that attitude he might actually pull it off.

  • friendlyfoe

    Respect for Frankie Edgar for life! No trash talk – he’s being realistic – but he’ll definitely gonna bring his A game for that fight.


    Edgar just saying what all of us are thinking. Too bad he still has to step in the cage.

  • bjfanvad

    When will you people learn..

    Not everyone’s mental game is the same.

    Franky Edgar happens to be one of those guys that can still preform well while knowing the trouble he faces.

    You people seem to think you know what is going through their mind during the fight.

    Sometimes when you are in a fight, dumb ^&*% comes to your mind while you are fighting. Like;
    “These trunks keep shifting around.”
    “My nose is kinda clogged, breath through your mouth a little more.”
    “This mouth piece sucks.”
    “My balls itch.”

  • UrHype

    You people, you people
    You cant take things too seriously here man, and generalize everyone in your comments, or you wont last long in this blog.
    Post your fight videos if your a “you people” who happens to know exactly what a fighter thinks.
    If you actually did, I think you would post things differently than the stupid thoughts you posted.
    You’de be focusing on your game plan, so you dont make the same old mistakes you usually make and be too aware of what the opposite fighter is doing or going to do.
    Good luck buddy. Some people here know exactly what a lot of fighters are thinking.

  • FirstnLastEmperor

    uh no, im pretty sure you don’t… it’d be like fighing a gracie early on in mma and saying ‘well i know hes a wizard on the ground, so im gonna have to do my best to keep away from that’.. thats admitting the guy is better than you on the ground, does that mean i’d have no confidence? no, it means i know what’s what, and is a good sign.. **** you people are dumb

  • bjfanvad

    My comment had a point. If it didn’t enlist you, then you are not apart of the “You people” now are you?

    I never once said that you don’t think about game plan, or strategy. All I’m saying is sometimes your mind wonders off to some weird ****ed up stuff that you may not want to be thinking about.

    People are different. If you are going to be “that” guy/gal that thinks he/she knows it all, just because that’s how “you” do it, then you are wrong and is exactly the person my OP was referring to.

    I have met and sparred with Franky Edgar. I have met and sparred with Chael Sonnen. I can tell you, these are the type of individuals that may not think exactly like other fighters.

    ..additionally I don’t think I have to “post” videos of my fighting as for I am one of those individuals that will never make it in the sport of MMA at the level of these individuals.

    I have neither the time, nor grace/abilities that these guy posses.


  • UrHype

    Fair enough man…hang around a while, you’ll see why I responded like that…. Ltrz

  • pushad

    MAN UP frankie. You have a good stand up game and great wrestling. I think wrestling/ boxing is the big equalizers. Previous fighters try to stand up with BJ and then they try to take him to the ground to use there lame grappling and jui jitsu which is insane because BJ is world class at that. You gotta bully BJ with strength, wrestling and endurance like Cain Velasquez does

  • Endo

    I really don’t have the time to be writing essays back to you about this. It’s far more complex than your making out. I’m not saying I’m an expert, I’m just saying it’s a long conversation and really depends on the individual. Mind power is paramount tho, we know this.

  • thefuryy

    i smell pussyyyyyyy!

    bla bla bla.