Despite being made the number 1 contender for the light weight title, it seems that even Frankie Edgar himself doesnt think much of his own chances against the worlds number one Lightweight in the World, BJ Penn:

"In my eyes he's one of if not the most skilled fighter in the UFC," Edgar said. "He could do it all. He's probably one of the most well rounded fighters out there. From standup to the ground, his takedown defense is second to none. His flexibility, balance, all that stuff, he's going to be a tough nut to crack. I'm going to have my hands full for sure."

"I think it's just his balance, his athleticism and his flexibility I think those three things make him just a b---- to take down," he added. "A lot of guys try to sit on his leg and it ends up bad for them because they end up eating some heavy shots."

Edgar is coming off three wins, two unanimous decision victories against Hermes Franca and Sean Sherk, and most recently a sumbission victory against Matt Veach by way of submission via rear naked choke in the second round, while BJ hasnt lost in the lightweight division since his 2001 fight with Jens Pulver at UFC 35: Throwdown (2002-01-11)