Frank Mir says he’ll submit Mirko Cro Cop in the First Round;...

Frank Mir says he’ll submit Mirko Cro Cop in the First Round; But the Croat has plans of his own


Just two weeks until they meet in the cage, Frank Mir talks about his opponent, Mirko Cro Cop. Mir freely admits he’s not taking Cro Cop fully seriously, by not training as hard as he could. He also admits taking time out of training to visit Disneyland. Meanwhile, Mirko Cro Cop had some harsh words for Frank Mir, speaking via

“He has an American attitude and approaches the fight with a big mouth and big statements. I think he better keep his mouth shut. He should pray to god not to be knocked out. You shouldn’t underestimate me at all. I’m going to be ready.”

This Heavyweight clash will headline UFC 119 on 25th September, as both look to get back in title contention.

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  • Tchelnik

    Mirko…it is time to land the highkick

  • Lowkickdodger

    Crop cop by head dismantlement.

  • UltimateMMA

    Man i’m praying for a signature Cro Cop head kick knockout

  • ddiaz1212

    mir is like that ****head friend in the’re cool with for one second and then he says some dumb crap to piss you off

  • thetruth81

    I like Frank Mir, always intelligent, open minded, down to earth, and educated, we need more fighters in the UFC like him. I hope CroCop wins though he needs it way worse than Mir does! But I like both fighters so it’s hard for me 2 pic Good luck 2 the both of them!

  • Daniel Cassidy

    he’s not lol, he was telling people about it on Twitter while he was there

  • Joey Santosus

    It doesn’t surprise me… Mir is a great fighter, but he tends to let what others do or say effect him to much. Who cares what Cro Cop said, he should still train to his full potential. It puts him that much further ahead of the game in his following fights…

  • Akordas

    Yeah I 100% agree that he shoud train his full potential!!!! What if Cro Cop actually lie to confuse Frank training?

  • griffin

    Mir needs to stop overlooking guys. For the second brock fight he kept on braggin how he already submitted him before and then he got his face smashed in. A lot of people underestimated cro cop in the Barry fight including myself, i wont be making that mistake again

  • BigNog22

    since frank beat me,he had a roller coaster ride. So stop being ****y frank or that head kick is gonna be painful.

  • partyboy

    this is why i hate mir, that is one of the most disrespectful things a fighter can say about another fighter. Mir is, always has been and always will be an arrogant b astard….crocops career is winding down AND he took this fight on short notice so yes mir will probably win but all i can say about mir is that the guy hes not taking seriously is a legend of the sport, more of a man than that pr!c mir will ever beand in years to come itll be crocop that people remember and not mirs stupid little goatee….good luck beating carwin or lesnar you pr!c

  • UrHype

    I guess you didnt see the HUGE SARCASM! All that was stated after she told him Mirko says hes not 100 percent for this fight. ALL of that was made up just then by Mir, going to Disneyland ect…wants you to realize he feels disrespected that a fighter is coming in with a no-win senario put up. If he beats Mirko, he knows people will say Mirko wasnt 100% and if he loses…oh man, he got beat by a Mirko thats not even 100%…………..see my point? Even the title to this thread is totally misleading and taken out of context. Oh well. War Mirko!! and Mir!!

  • UrHype

    Guys, hes only saying that because everyone is telling him Mirko says hes not 100%…Its good mental warfare actually.

  • rickjitsu

    Mir 1st Rnd sub!!!!

  • David Saucier

    If you watched the video, instead of commenting on the title and description your would relize that Mir was being Sarcastic, unless you cant pick up on SARCASM.

  • 51JD51

    Ya this is just another example of people bashing Mir for no reason, if you didnt take that as a joke you’re probably suffering from some sort of psychological disorder and probably should seek help – now. I thought Mir was respectful to all the fighters he talked about in the video and how can you not like his attitude towards things like kids in the gym

  • moots

    I don’t think it will be as easy to get Cro Cop to the ground as most people think. He has a great sprawl, and yes, he does have an underrated ground game (I’m not comparing it to Mir’s). That being said, I do expect the fight to get to the ground if Mirko doesn’t have some amazing stand up early on. Mirko has been training JJ for over ten years – he won’t be useless there like most people think.

    If Mirko can keep this fight on its feet, expect a KO.

  • WingChun

    Frank Mir is hands down one of the brightest and smartest guys, in MMA; he’s an intellectual; not just a fighter. I appreciate that. He’s also quite funny, like Chael Sonnen, but it’s just toned down a little and tad more subtle.

    In his last sif fights, he’s 4 & 2, with all the victories coming by way of submission or stoppage. The two losses were to Brock Lesnar and Shane Carwin, two fighters that no one else is beating, unless Lesnar is fighting Carwin. Based on that record, like him or not, you have to have respect him.

    I don’t why there’s so many who hate him. I would put it down mostly to jealousy. Mir goes out on a regular basis and does what so many “wish” they could do, but don’t have the fortitude to pull off.

    At the end of the day – he’s one of the best fighters in the HW division. His only issue, IMO, is that’s he’s too small or not strong enough, to go with the big wrestlers, in his division. Frank needs to either get much bigger and improve his wrestling or take the same advice he’s handing out to Roy Nelson and slim down to 205; where he’d be a beast. Either way, I like the guy and love his fights; he either takes or gives the beating. Frank Mir is no “decision” fighter.

    ….didn’t know he had four kids; good for him. A proud and great dad, I’m sure.

  • WingChun

    @ Joey


  • partyboy

    my bad the video cut out, but i really dont like mir and i could find a lot of examples to back up my original point about him being a ****

  • WingChun

    @ thetruth

    Agreed with all you posted, but I hope Cro Cop…know Cro Cop…will lose; it’ll probably be similar to the loss the Congo took, to Mir.

    And Frank needs the win, too.

    …good luck to both of them, as well.

  • moots

    I am so glad Mir is stepping up the trash talk a bit…I can’t imagine anything better than the Cro Cop that showed up in the staredown with Wanderlei Silva.

  • GSPfan

    Right leg hospital Left leg Cemetery

  • Milt

    Are you joking? Mir couldn’t make 205 in a million years. He’s a legit heaveyweight. Not a small one. it’s just that he’s smaller than the absolute giants of the division…

  • kevinowns

    lol sounds like your fake

  • japanegro23

    Give him a chance partyboy. He is a great fighter.

  • japanegro23


    I think his problem is doesn’t always fight to his strengths. Like…. take it to the ground Mir. He tried to stand with those two behemoths and they rocked his world. Still he has a great chin though because it’s not like he went to sleep. He is one of the best on the ground at HW and he needs to start going back to using his BJJ. That’s what was always special about Mir.

  • japanegro23

    Absolutely agree with that.

  • WingChun

    @ Milt

    It wouldn’t be easy or quick, but it could be done. If he’s going to stay at HW, which I’m sure he will, then he needs to get bigger, stronger and improve his wrestling. Other then that, Frank has all that he needs to be champ.

    For the record – Mir himself has mused about going to 205.

  • mmauk

    I see your point but I think Mir prefers to be an opportunist when it’s comes to submissions he’s not like most BJJ guys who’s sole plan is to take it to the ground by all means. plus the strength and wrestling advantage for Brock and Carwin is significant. He’s right about Nelson too i couldn’t believe how much bigger JDS was at the weigh in before the fight

  • partyboy

    true he is, and like i said im 90% sure hell beat crocop, but i remember a hype video for the fight before and mir said (rightly) that he had a massive advantage on the ground, but when asked about crocops standup, all he could say was “my standups not bad either” …i know that doesnt sound too arrogant but the way he said it, it just seemed like he was shrugging off crocops standup, which has been world famous for god knows how long….i guess im just a little bit more sensitive to it because its crocop, who i consider a god haha

  • D

    Yeah he did… Carwin and Lesnar hit him really hard.

  • GeorgeRuetiger

    You guys are totally wrong. A naturally built (ie. not recently bulked up) Mir, trim and in shape, would probably walk comfortably around 240. He was 245 with a belly. That’s the same size as Forrest or Bonnar, and only slightly bigger than Rampage and a few of the other bigger 205ers. He’d have to learn to cut weight, and do it for the first time at a relatively old age, but it would definitely be possible.

    Mir’s main problem, in my opinion, is that he doesn’t have the heart to back up his chin. Shane Carwin (ie. the strongest puncher in the UFC) is the only person in his entire career to put him right out. As soon as he gets tagged, he wilts. When Brock started landing a few of his little masturbation-influenced hammer fists, Mir gave up and rolled over instead of trying to get out of it, lock a sub, anything. He willts.

    @WingChun – I agree, as stated above, that Frank could definitely make 205, but I disagree with the other side about suggesting he could get bigger, stronger and improve his wrestling. He tried getting bigger. You can’t fake size, and seeing him in the cage against Carwin was a stark illustration of that fact. Even though he weighed nearly the same as Shane, he looked tiny in there and Shane tossed him around like a baby. He needs to carve out a niche within his own physical limitations.

    I’m ****ing tired of people suddenly thinking that size and strength are the be all and end all of fighting and that if you’re bigger and stronger, you will always win. What happened to technical abilities being able to overcome brute force? It is possibile, it still happens, it’s what Japanese openweight fights are supposed to illustrate. Frank needs to accept his natural size and skill set and work with it because he’s still one of the best HW’s in the world.

  • Joey Santosus

    I agree with your assessment regarding weight advantages… The Gracie’s proved that size means very little way back in the 90’s.

  • DrakeColby

    I really hope Cro Cop kicks the shit out of this guy.

  • japanegro23

    Don’t worry. Mirko will always have his place in MMA history. He has had a few bad outings but everyone who has watched him over the years remembers him as a bad ass. I hope he gets it together and fights like he used to.

  • japanegro23

    Yea that’s true but he had no business standing with Brock or Shane. I think he should have tried something different. You’re right though. You really don’t see Mir shooting for takedowns or anything.

  • japanegro23

    I think that he had to try that option. There are many ways you can improve your abilities in MMA and that was one. Get stronger. It didn’t work for Mir but he gave that option a shot.

  • WingChun

    @ GeorgeRuetiger

    Your disagreement with me – that’s fine; I understand you point. My (only) point, was that Mir has to do “something”, he cannot continue on the way he is or as is, in the HWD; the Status Quo will get him no where and more skill, in that division (for Mir) means nothing. He already has enough talent and skill, what he needs, if he’s to move up, is power; for it is power that put him up against the cage and on the mat in both his losses (Lesnar / Carwin) and power, which his skill couldn’t thwart. At least that’s what I saw.

    Mir Wilts – hmmm…I sort of feel you on this, but then again, he’s a gamer in every fight and every position I’ve ever seen him in. I think probably everyone would wilt in the positions that Lesnar & Carwin, put Mir in. With that said, I’ve also seen Frank make a few guys – wilt.

    Your larger point: Mir @ 205 – you make a great case; certainly a better case then (for) staying at HW. I believe you carry the day. Now, how do we tell Frank and then how do we get him to do it?

    Mir @ 205 would have little to fear @ 205.

  • WingChun

    @ Joey

    Weight is not the issue, here. To simply define it as weight would be akin (analogously) to saying that Shane Carwin and Roy Nelson have roughly the same build, because they weigh, roughly, the same. Fat and muscle are not the same thing; they don’t even weigh out the same, pound for pound (as I’m sure you know).

    Where it takes years to acquire a solid wrestling foundation, it also takes years to develop high quality muscle, GR was correct in his observation about Mir v. Carwin, when he said he (Mir) “looked tiny”. As much as Mir probably ate and trained, he couldn’t do in months, what Carwin has done over decades; which is to become powerful.

    Skill without power, is a worthless expression of thought. Power without skill is a worthless expression, without thought. At the end of the day you need both and you can never have enough of either. And if it was all about skill, then why bother with any of the other training?

    Joey – size, predicated on lean muscle mass and in direct relation to power….does still matter. And GR’s point was @ 205, his lean and more powerful mass, would be an “advantage”, not just a move down to LHW, just to get away from Lesnar and Carwin; equal combatants of equal skills (and all that), the victory will go to the more powerful fighter; Gracie’s aside,power is still a relevant weapon; heck JS, it might even be a skill, unto itself.

  • Joey Santosus

    I totally understand. Really, my comment was meant to be taken generally. Recently, I have heard/read a lot of people blaming size for certain fighter’s victories and others’ defeat. While it can be used as an advantage, if a guy knows he is the smaller of the two competitors, it is up to him to find a way to win regardless…. and in the case of the Gracies, even use the bigger man’s size against him.

  • WingChun

    @ Joey

    You are an insightful and knowledgeable fellow, JS; you certainly know your MMA.

    …may the physical affections of Amy Winehouse, never be visited upon you.


    Wing Chun

  • WingChun

    @ JPG23 (The Wise)

    Alas JPG, although he’s tried it, I don’t think he’s giving it up. Which I think he’d be well served to, do. I think he can hang with everyone in that division, except Lesnar & Carwin; and I don’t see that changing. However, @ 205 man, he just might be champ.

    He gave the option a shot, now he needs to give it up; no need to chase a pipe dream.

  • falcon4917

    I see what you’re saying but I have reservations that Barry was letting him go on fighting when he could have stopped it. I felt Barry had so much respect for Mirko that he wanted him to continue getting up to make a war out of the fight. He then made the mistake of constantly letting mirko get away with getting up after being hit down. Pat could have finished it early but I feel he didn’t want to finish Mirko so decisively. I was wondering in that fight why Pat would just sit there and wait for Mirko to regain his composure before starting up again. He gave Mirko too many heart felt chances.

  • falcon4917

    that was pretty funny, I gave a laugh for Amy comment. very good. lol.

  • Drago

    Funny shit man, Mir his a very intelligent and funny guy. I think the fight will be great and im curious to see how Mir plans to take this to the ground. I know he gained a lot of size and strength but Cro Cop has a fantastic takedown defense. Cant wait to see how both man will approach this fight!

  • pklMMA

    Ohhhh!Mir is so cute and respectful(!!!)he bring his kids to work.
    Even if this interview was all sarcasm,Mir is still a pricks.
    And I’m being “respectful” here!
    CroCop by KO,that would be awesome!And not impossible by any mean;
    He just need one kick and Mir will be at Disneyland!

  • moots

    Apparently you never heard that Pat broke both his hand and foot in the 1st round. I would think that would give someone a bit of reservation. Also, watch any of Pat Barry’s fights and you will see that when he knocks someone down, he doesn’t jump into someone’s guard.

  • WingChun

    @ falcon

    Thank you – I appreciate the comment and vote. I’m glad it gave you a laugh.


    Wing Chun

  • UrHype

    Was just feeling left out hahaha

  • IGMBurninPiff

    The Gracies were fighting gigantic streetfighters moreless though. What the Gracies showed is that a rounded small fighter can beat a unknowing big fighter. thats not the case anymore. Now it comes down to the people in the cage are both training stand up submissions wrestling so being bigger is an advantage

  • Conan

    I can’t wait for the fight! 100% for Cro Cop! I hope he comes to the fight with his attitude that he had when he won Pride Grand Prix in 2006! I really want to see his high kick to Mir’s head!

  • UrHype

    for real?

  • Joey Santosus

    Right, proving that no fighter gets by on size alone…. Although, your comment is only true in some cases. To say the guys that the Gracie’s defeated were all “gigantic street-fighters” is ridiculous. I get your point tho : )

  • falcon4917

    Oh I see. I actually did not know about his hands and that was the second fight I have ever seen of Pat Barry. I was wondering why no attack mode when Mirko went down. GTuess i don’t know enough about Pat.

  • Murdoc

    That’s why I don’t like frank mir. He’s a ****y douche bag and I hope cro cop does knock him out.

  • Murdoc

    Mir weighs 260 ? He would look like a crack head at 205.