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Dana White UFC 146 pre-event interview: Daniel Cormier would be a great Light Heavyweight


In this video interview courtesy of MMAFighting.com, UFC President Dana White addresses a variety of hot topics surrounding the UFC right now, from his bout with Meniere’s disease to Jon Jones‘s controversial arrest last week. White explained how hard it was for him to miss his first card at UFC on Fuel TV 3, fighting the disease until the plane took off.  He addressed UFC 146, touting Junior dos Santos as a great champion and Frank Mir as a tough fighter who tends to prove the critics wrong.

When asked if he would give Daniel Cormier an immediate title shot at Heavyweight, White responded that he would make a great Light Heavyweight at 205 lbs. White said that he has talked to Jon Jones, and that he obviously has a lot to learn about being the best before he overtakes Anderson Silva as the pound-for-pound king. White spoke about UFC-sponsored drug testing, and said Nick Diaz probably got the right punishment considering it was his second offense. A great interview with many relevant topics from a man who never holds back.

  • Lol

    love the gun pointing at Dana’s big head!

  • cormier would make a great 205 fighter, and would be incredibly dangerous, but i think he would struggle with the weight cut. I remember seein an article jst when the strike force grand prix started and i he said that he cant do weight cutting because his time as a wrestler he did so much weight cutting that his kidneys are fried……pro athletes always talk about listening to their bodies is the best way to avoid injuries….i wouldnt want him to do more harm than he already has done, and i hope dana does not push him into 205 or persuades him with a title shot promise or whatever….

  • Black Fedor is awesome at Heavy. Dana does not know what the hell he is talking about.

  • I agree. Cormier is at the right weight. He has an excellent cardio for the HW without cutting any weight. I would love to see him beating bigger guys like Barnett and BF. Carwin would be an excellent match up for him.

  • Guy with a perfecto record why the hell he should drop weightclass?
    If there is need for a chance Jon Boy Jones should move to HW, and try to beat a someone at his size.
    Pound for Pound is my ass, being a HW MMA champ mean you are the baddest man on the planet.
    So war Cormier and whoever have balls to face bigger guys!

  • Cormier would be great at any weight, now sign his A$$!!

  • why does dana, wanna change guys weightclass?
    He did the same to shields.

  • I agree. But the Black Fedor comment is just weird.

  • the man holding the gun is Bob Saap,telling Dana to sign his sorry butt and guarantee him that he won’t take any dives or throw more fights,but he also reminded him that he won’t get hurt for small paychecks! ;D

  • Fedor Emelianegro!

  • Dana is out of his mind. You wanna see JDS’s groundgame? If someone can take him down it’s DC. And his striking is not too shabby either. Dana is protecting his UFC HW champion for reasons I don’t understand. Cus JDS isn’t the kind of man that needs protection. He’s been taking care of himself perfectly inside the octagon with an unbeaten record in UFC. But so is DC. Both fighters are in a collision course and that spectackle should not be missed. I favor both fighters, but want to see who’s best. DC should be granted 1title contender fight and if he wins, let the fireworks begin. Telling an unbeaten SF champion to move down in weightclass is insane in my opinion. I believe that whoever you throw at DC, he will come through to challenge JDS. At least if Dana comes to his senses and stop imprisioning DC in SF for 1 last fight. DC has nothing left to prove in SF after winning the GP..

  • Fedog Emelianegro! …or just Dr. Fe

  • Maybe Dana does not know that DC’s kidney are shot from cutting weight.

  • I agree that it should be fighters own choice to choose a proper weightclass. And if you wanna give advices, give it to bigger guys who cut way too much for they wc so they dont **** there kidneys. But what do think? how much could cormier cut weight with proper diet. He has little extra in his belly.

  • maybe dana wants to keep it interesting at LHW, and avoid cormier not wanting to fight cain at HW

  • You have a good point, since they’re training partners.