Number one contender for the UFC Welterweight title Dan "The Outlaw" Hardy hit back at critics in a local blog. Hardy (24-6 Mixed Martial Arts record) trains for his March 27 fight against Georges St. Pierre at the Nottingham-based Team Rough House, and it looks like "The Outlaw" is enjoying the status of the "ultimate underdog" against GSP:

"I am a big underdog against GSP and every interview, every day, in emails from fans, I'm getting asked: 'How do you expect to beat GSP?' and 'Do you think you deserve a title shot?' I am getting those questions all the time, like GSP is some kind of god and shouldn't even have to defend his title."

As for the critics, Twenty-seven year old Hardy is well known for his unique ability to get under the skin of his opponents, which eventually helps him to take them off mental balance during the fight. He had something to say about each and everyone of them:

"Koscheck says I have beaten nobodies but my latest win was over his supposed friend and team-mate in Swick. How loyal. That's why Jon Fitch isn't improving, why Koscheck has so many one-sided losses on his record and why Swick will never fight for a title.

Nate Marquardt is another guy who has been vocal that I am getting some sort of preferential treatment from the UFC. But all I can say is if I don't curl up into a ball and get blasted in one round, I'll do better than he did in his title shot against Anderson Silva."

Dan Hardy is currently on an impressive 7-fight winning streak, beating opponents like Akihiro Gono, Marcus Davis and Mike Swick on his way for the title shot against Georges St. Pierre.  Jon Fitch had an incredible 16-fight winning streak (8-0 in the UFC) before his fight against "Rush" at UFC 87, that ended in a Unanimous Decision victory for the Canadian.