CompuStrike: Looking back at Ben Henderson’s dominance over Jim Miller

CompuStrike: Looking back at Ben Henderson’s dominance over Jim Miller


Last weekend, former WEC Lightweight Champion Ben Henderson cut Jim Miller‘s seven-fight win streak inside the Octagon with a dominant Unanimous Decision victory. Victory over Jim Miller got Ben Henderson into the mix for a shot at the UFC Lightweight title, alongside Melvin Guillard, Clay Guida and Dennis Siver. According to fans and experts alike, Henderson is one fight away from getting that title shot, with Guida and Guillard as the most popular options for a #1 contender match-up.

CompuStrike statistics reveal the picture of Henderson’s superiority over Miller on August 14th in every aspect of Mixed Martial Arts.

Here’s some of the key facts:

* Henderson landed 88 power strikes to Miller’s 15

* Ben Henderson was 7 out of 7 in takedowns

* Henderson was laser-sharp with a total of 76% successful strikes

* Jim Miller attempted 7 submissions, all unsuccessful

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    Damn!!!!! Ben had a GSP performance against a top dude, but with a lot more excitement.

  • Knight_vision

    Woww what a huge win i’ve always been impressed with Bendo how he survived the showtime kick was unbelievable. The lightweight divsion is stacked with good fighters would be great to see Bendo vs Guillard for No 1 contendership.


    Showtime kick aside, it’s becoming pretty clear that Bendo was the top 155’er to come out of the WEC.

  • Ryan Ventura

    Pure ownage. Who wants to see him fight the Cowboy for a 3rd time and if he wins he gets a title shot? A dream match of mine would to see Gilbert Melendez vs. Ben Henderson one day.

  • Bill Cosby

    I wouldn’t mind that too. Would be a great match.

  • RabbitPuncher

    Geez Louise!!!! I didnt see that fight yet, but that says it all. DOMINATION.