Clay Guida and Ben Henderson to meet at UFC on FOX 1

Clay Guida and Ben Henderson to meet at UFC on FOX 1


It must have been busy at the UFC offices in Las Vegas today. Shortly after the news broke that the promotion had signed Alistair Overeem and he would be making his UFC debut against Brock Lesnar on December 30, came the news that Clay Guida and Ben Henderson had agreed to meet on the inaugural UFC on Fox card.

Henderson, the former WEC Lightweight Champion, is coming off a dominating win over the man that many thought was next in line for a UFC Lightweight title shot, Jim Miller.  Henderson earned a unanimous decision over Miller on August 14 and served notice that he was a legitimate contender in the UFC.

For his part, Guida is on a four fight winning streak, earning a unanimous decision victory over Anthony Pettis in his last fight on June 4. Pettis was the fighter that wrested the WEC title from Henderson at WEC 53.

At this time the UFC on FOX card, which will take place on November 12 in Anaheim is currently scheduled to broadcast only one fight, the Heavyweight title bout between that will see Cain Velasquez put his title on the line against Junior dos Santos.

Photo:Clay Guida at the UFC 94 at the MGM Grand Arena, on January 31, 2009 in Las Vegas, NV. Francis Specker

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  • ahhhhhhhhhhhh

    gonna be pissed if this isn’t televised at all man..

  • moots

    Oh man, this is a great fight, but it seems to be overshadowed by the announcement of Lesnar vs the Reem! Two great fight announcements in one day I’m drooling…

  • Rigo

    This will be the hairiest fight in UFC history! hahaha’
    Bendo will take this one! in similar fashion of his fight with Miller
    only difference is Guida won’t even be a danger with submissions
    Guida may take Bendo down first but Bendo will manhandle him eventually , i say a TKO if Bendo keep it standing or a dominant Decision

  • BigDschlong

    Guida to take him down and control him, unanimous decision Guida! Either way, great fight and like either of them to become number one contender and destroy Maynard! (Most probably Maynard)

  • IChokePeople

    It feels like Bendo should have this in the bag after seeing what he did to Miller but remember his fight with Pettis? Remenber Guida’s fight with Pettis? MMA mathmagical nonsense isn’t a good predictor of fight outcomes but based on that this should be a VERY competitive fight. I’m flipping a coin on this one. I can not wait to see this.

  • GianGiacommo G

    this fight=siiiick pace!!!!!! WAR GUIDA!!!!!

  • thexperience1

    There is no way in hell Guida can keep Bendo down… not gonna happen.. Period!! Bendo takes this EASY… easier than Miller! I put my house on that !!

  • thexperience1

    The only thing that shows is “Pettis” lack of wrestling/TDD!! His stand up is Great… Sub game is great, he was very active on the ground but his wrestling was not up to par yet to compete with a wrestler like Guida… Now Bendo.. is another story, he will out-wrestle Guida and pretty much dominate everywhere.

  • godsofwararise

    Seriously? Bendo may well win this but Guida is no joke and it’s not likely that anyone is going to beat him ‘EASILY’ with the form he’s in.

  • Nik_Hulstein

    *shoots milk out through nose and into soup*

  • D

    UFC on Fox 1: Hair

  • jpink19

    yea **** guida hes a bitch he was even scared to get submitted against pettis let alone stand with him i think bendo will sub him

  • HunterB

    i am throwing up right now thinking of how much Cardio these guys have

  • HunterB


  • ksooner76

    ok just for info……
    FOX fights will be free and pretty sure its FX and this is just
    the making of the card its going to be a great card and FREE!
    Cain/Dos Santos Brock/ Overeem and ????? who elese

  • thexperience1

    I think Bendo will… he will expose Guida1

  • Nik_Hulstein


  • Nik_Hulstein

    its not nice to make fun of people with disabilities

  • terra2805

    You got to love Guida man, the guys like the energiser bunny on acid. He is also a good fighter though, not brilliant striking but adequate, pretty good wrestling and pretty good ju jitsu and a guaranteed frenetic pace. All that said i really think Bendo is on another level and will be too much for him, he’s stronger, has better striking, wrestling and submissions imo. I like both guys equally though, they both possess an awesome scramble, they both come to fight and put on exciting fights win or lose. I think we’re going to see a lot more from Bendo yet though, the kids good man, and only getting better…..


    This needs to be a 10 rounder. Really hope this is televised somehow.
    Bendo is a monster now after the Pettis loss. Winner should be #1 contender for the LW belt.

  • BigDschlong

    Theres no way Bendo takes this ‘easy’. Guida has been in fantastic shape in last fights and even beat a contender in Pettis that had just beaten Bendo. Obviously this doesn’t mean Guida will automatically beat Bendo cos guida and Pettis are completely different styles, but you can’t rule Guida out of this fight as an easy win for Bendo.

  • BigDschlong

    But if Bendo can outwrestle Guida, why didn’t he take Pettis down in the fight and win from dominant postion and ground and pound like Guida did?

  • IChokePeople


  • mma15johnny

    i think itll be more competitive than you think