Chuck Liddell has nothing to say about Tito Ortiz

Chuck Liddell has nothing to say about Tito Ortiz


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  • SDFC

    shut the **** up guest i love chuck

  • SDFC

    any fighter that has the fire to pursue the title should keep on training and deserves to fight, no matter how much you keyboard warriors think you know, until you have that desire you will always have a second hand opinion

  • DR3W

    he is fighter man i think he knows that him being the champ again is not going to happen maybe motivation or something idk

  • Accyfist

    Anyone who disrespects Chuck needs a good, hard kick in the nuts! He got KO’d. Sure but don’t think this guy still can’t **** up most people in the LHW division! Alright?

  • jackthedrinker89

    You have a great point becasue if theres 3 people i dislike more in this sport its Tito, Nate and Nick Diaz but altho i dont like them at all i will respect them in the fact that even if they lose they still have the will to continue. Go Chuck kickass man!

  • Odysseus

    Chuck has a far-away look in his eyes.

  • garrylt1

    oh well gud lick chuck in future! tito i think ur almost done in ufc!

  • Accyfist

    Weak? What a bunch of pr##ks!

  • RabbitPuncher

    You could shave a gorilla, throw some shorts and gloves on him, put him in the octagon and Chuck would probably still have the same reaction if he was told to fight him. “Whatever”.