Chris Weidman: I’ll finish Anderson Silva

Chris Weidman: I’ll finish Anderson Silva


Rapidly rising Middleweight Chris Weidman, who defeated Demian Maia at UFC on Fox 2, looks back on the victory, and discusses what may lie ahead in his fighting future. Weidman insists that he is ready to fight one of the title contenders, and says that, with a full training camp, he is confident that he would finish division champion Anderson Silva. Photo:

Chris Weidman

“I think with a full camp, I’ll finish him. Obviously I’m not fighting Anderson Silva next, but if I was, that would be my prediction. I’m confident with myself, you have to be as a fighter. I have a lot of respect for Anderson Silva, I think he’s awesome. I don’t know who I’m fighting next, I don’t know when. I was hoping to fight in May, because that’s in New Jersey, it’s another FOX card, and I would love to be on FOX again. But it’s whatever the UFC wants, wherever they feel I’m at – I’m down.”

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  • Fletcherx


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  • HunterB

    Thanks Chris Weidman!

  • Bruce Lee

    Well, maybe one day but it’s a little to claim that what we’ve seen so far. Keep working and come back in a couple of years.

  • David Saucier

    quit voting poor people, the man has to have confidence in his self, a young strong wrestler learning the submission game under Serra you never know.

  •$AP35 A$AP35

    he did more againt Maia then Anderson did…. jk….. not really

  • HunterB

    its just a little ahead of himself, Demian Maia isn’t exactly who you beat to get a shot…. I’d like to see Mark Munoz and Weidman personally now. or even the winner of Palhares/Belcher vs Weidman.

  • highkick12

    uh… no, no you won’t.

  • GianGiacommo G

    alright dude,whatever you say,lol! did you finish Maia? thanks again! =D

  • TheRealDeal

    …….just like he finished Damien Maia…….this guy is starting to sound like Bisping. Maybe they should fight.

  • sambo

    Where have i heard that quote before?

    Many people have dreams of finishing Silva….then the ref wakes them up and tells them what happened.

  • Brasil

    You will finish AS? Are you talking about a blow job?

  • David Saucier

    keep in mind also he took that fight on very short notice, and cut around 30 pounds in 10 days, he gets a pass for not finishing Maia in my book.

  • Entity

    finish Silva = blowjob?
    You might want to defrag your memory

  • Evan Holober

    It’s certainly not out of the realm of possibility. Anderson Silva’s takedown defense is good but not great. Most of his losses in his MMA career have been by submission. Chris Weidman has top tier wrestling for mma, and is good enough at BJJ to make it to ADCC in under two years of training (then lose a close decision to the current open-weight champion Andre Galvao).

    Definitely a possibility.

  • xcityofemberx

    Yes he can finish Silva on UFC undisputed 3 game… 😀

  • davetec1

    beat Chael Sonnen, Michael Bisping, Yushin Okami, and Mark Munoz first, then you can talk about Anderson Silva… idiot.

  • The Mangler

    U didnt finish maia, get a hold of yourself. Give yourself time! Trust me!

  • Nemesis

    Anderson sure could rack up alot of free wins if he had like 3 more years in him.

  • falcon4917

    I think he would be in very real and quick trouble with Palhares.

  • falcon4917

    He has only lost twice by sub and in one of those he was blasting his opponent and got caught. He lost a decision in his 3rd ever fight and his only other loss was by DQ. Biggest point is that it has been many years and record setting defenses ago since he has lost and Chris has fought 2 names 1 of which was Tom Lawlor who had a win over Cote and 2 losses prior to that. So he has 1 really notable win over Maia and it wasn’t a spectacular win especially when he said he was already training and ready for the fight. By the time the title is within his reach Anderson will likely be retired and still able to kick his as*.

  • Rnev75

    …as would anyone with a leg :)