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Chris Lytle back in action at UFC 119


UFC 119 is a bit too soon for Heavyweight champ Brock Lesnar but not for Chris “Lights Out” Lytle. Both men competed last Saturday at UFC 116 but Lytle came out completely unharmed after his win over Matt Brown and will be allowed to fight in his home town of Indianapolis, September 25.

“I’d say there’s more than a chance, I think it’s a done deal pretty much,” said Lytle. “I told the UFC afterwards, ‘I’m good to go’ and they were like we’ll be in contact with you, so I mean I’m expecting to fight. It hasn’t happened yet, they haven’t told me anything, I definitely want to, I don’t need much break, I’m fine.”

Lytles rumored opponent for the event is Ryan Bader who is coming off an impressive KO win over recently released Keith Jardine. Lytle is currently on a 3 fight win streak and he will definatlly put himself in title contention if he can defeat the undefeated Ryan Bader.


Source: mmaweekly.com

  • lylte is welterweight and Bader is lightheavy?

  • Bader? Are we back to open weight classes? Last time I checked Bader was at LHW and Lytle is at WW. Wow. Which one is making the 35 pound jump??

  • wow thats my bad, dont know what i was thinking.

  • I’ve always like Chris – he’s a gamer and he brings it; not afraid to take or give, the beating.

    GSP opponents – this is one guy I’d like to see Rush fight. CL, I think, would be a great fight for GSP. I think Lytle would be a better opponent then Koscheck; not that JK isn’t a decent opponent (I guess), but he offers nothing to GSP on the ground; he could do jack squat with Daley when he had him down, he is 0 threat to GSP in a grappling match; he’s a one punch hope on GSP.

    Chris on the other hand – Chris is a great ground fighter. His (amazing) submission of Matt Brown, proved that. He’s also got great stand-up. He’s simply more well rounded.

    How long can Joe Silva avoid giving Lytle his shot?