Chael Sonnen won’t be at his best against Brian Stann, cites Ring...

Chael Sonnen won’t be at his best against Brian Stann, cites Ring Rust


When Chael Sonnen steps into the Octagon at UFC 136 he will have been away from the UFC for 14 months, the same amount of time that Rashad Evans spent away before defeating Tito Ortiz at UFC 133.

The concern of ring rust was on everyone’s mind when Evans stepped into the cage in Philadelphia, but after the fight ended Evans looked no worse for wear after earning the second round TKO win over Ortiz.

Sonnen recently spoke to ESPN’s MMA Live and addressed his time away from the Octagon. “I forgot what it’s like. I forgot what it’s like to be sore every day and tired every day and living life uncomfortable due to the training regiment.” Sonnen later added,” You push as hard as you can, but look, ring rust is a real thing. It’s going to be a step back. I won’t be at my best on that night, and I’m not gonna lie to myself and make believe that I will be.”

The question here LowKick’ers is, is Sonnen really going to be rusty or are the statements gamesmanship?

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  • DaddyLongStrokes

    Hmm will the Silva fans blow this out of proportion?

  • borealis19

    I bet he’ll be more than ready for Brian Stann. Chael is setting his sights on a title shot to revenge his painful loss to the Spider and prove he’s the best out there…The recent videos he released of his training with Okami prove he’s indeed training like a beast…

  • Rigo

    its understandable and i really wish Sonnen would be fighting someone else besides Brian Stann , but i guess IF Sonnen losses to someone for the No.1 contender spot, there is no better man than Brian Stann
    on the other hand if Sonnen does win i will feel terrible for Stann , hes finally getting the attention he deserves


    So since he was out of commission being the smart man he thinks he is he thought id be a good idea to quit training all together??? Hes just pulling a Tito before the fights even started. Im sure ring rust is a real thing but damn if fighting is your job it should be a good idea to stay in the game in some way.

  • thealex

    i think if phil davis can manhandle stann on the mat, sonnen should be able to at least get him there

  • soiWANNABEafighter

    Always with the ring rust – look at Rashad.

  • Bruce Lee

    I agree with you completely but the real competition is different from training and sparring. Hard to mimic that kind of stress without Chael training at Blackhouse.

  • Spyridon

    Silva fans don’t have to say a thing when the first post is a Sonnen fan with comments such as that.

  • DaddyLongStrokes

    It was a simple question. Way to blow my question out of proportion…..

    Nothing worse then a touchy/defensive Silva fan

  • BigAlRIz

    “Ring Rust” is code for “I didn’t get a chance to do more steroids”

  • Spyridon

    Humorous coming from a touchy/defensive Sonnen fan…. (refer to post #1 in this topic)

  • en09si

    For a guy that’s constantly attacking other fighter’s credibility and honour Sonnen is such a spineless beta girl.

    He can’t be BJJ so he spends the next few months hiding behind a camera and being borderline racist to an entire country.

    He can’ beat Silva so he illegally boosts his testosterone levels.

    Now he’s making excuses before he’s even got into the ring, already preparing to hide behind his words like he always does. Chael is a good fighter but he talks like he is a world beater and he isn’t, the more he talks the more obvious that becomes

  • systemagician

    i am sick of chael sonnen personally he slags off the black house saying am gonna burn it down and yet he hasnt really fought anyone, i see anderson making a punch bag out of him next time, lets be fair who has he beat ? who has he stopped? all losses he has suffered are subs, he might be a tough dude but anderson is head and shoulders above him, silva has stopped nearly all the no.1 middleweight contenders and easily won the rest, why dont dana do something much more needed in this sport and cut chael whos all mouth and hasnt backed any of it up, anderson will beat okami and i really hope he gets the chance to run through sonnen

  • crocopcullen

    making an excuse already? if he is the ‘P4P KING’ like he says he is, ring rust wont be a problem. look at rashad, he looks outstanding. im fed up of chael sonnen. feed him to anderson silva and let him disappear.


    What?! Didn’t he just call Rashad, who was suppose to be rusty, the best LHW?

  • nochoice

    And chael getting attention again, i’m telling ya he’s a smart man !

    Hate him or love him he knows how to market himself and getting noticed once again !

  • LowkickDick

    Chael says he expects ring rust before the fight and the haters crucify him.
    Shogun get handled by Jones and the fans cite ring rust even when Shogun himself says its not a factor.

    Looks like it depends who says it and who is listening.

  • DaddyLongStrokes

    What dont you understand about simple question? You are just proving me right -___- I was hoping I wasnt going to be right. You are an embarrassment to all Silva fans Spyridon