Chael Sonnen doesn’t expect "coward" Anderson Silva to accept his challenge

Chael Sonnen doesn’t expect "coward" Anderson Silva to accept his challenge


Top Middleweight contender Chael Sonnen, who defeated Brian Stann at UFC 136, discusses the victory, as well as his anticipated rematch with division Champion Anderson Silva. Sonnen is pleased with his triumphant return, but insists he has only one guy in his sights, “The Spider”.

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  • Angeles0

    Chael Sonen vs Vitor Belfort Winner Gets Title Shot! (IMO)

  • moots

    Vitor doesn’t deserve another title shot unless the title holder is Chael. He got destroyed by Anderson a very short time ago.

  • Vidaros

    Impressed! He actually finished a fight!:P

  • Rindy

    Vitor Belfort why you bring his name up he was washed up 6 years ago sonnen sure is a card

  • JoeFaceHood

    It’s nice to see Chael being genuine without trying to hype a fight. In fact, I don’t even think he knew a camera was on him.


  • DaddyLongStrokes

    awww someone is grumpy :)

  • Rigo

    The Return Of The King!!!

  • Maximuz

    If i had a daughter i would give her to Sonnen, virgin of course,
    a King deserves nothing less lol.

  • Keyboard Contender

    the most quotable fighter in UFC history

  • griffin

    chael should get silva next. he destroyed stann whos like #6. you can tell hes been training a lot more BJJ, he wants that title and if he comes in like he did last night Silva will have a very longgg night. Hes not getting a 3rd crack at the belt so he probably would retire

  • Bruce Lee

    UFC 136 is the best card I remember in a long time – incredibly entertaining….but as entertaining as it was it paled to the interview above. I laughed all the way through. Go Chael!

  • BigNog22

    he really despise silva,but the feeling is mutual!


    How quickly we forget that Chael the cheater was on steroids and still couldn’t put away Silva. He keeps talking his way into a title fight as if he is untouchable but has 11 losses. I’m sure he is looking for one last big payday before he calls it quits.

  • BigAlRIz

    Sonnen thinks he is in the WWE.

  • D

    Haha you can’t wear pink t-shirts and earrings…. IN PORTLAND? You gotta be kidding me Chael.

  • ahhhhhhhhhhhh

    well most contracts are 3 or 4 fights, sonnens was ‘frozen’ mid-way during his layoff, meaning he must only have 1 or 2 left now
    and moving around in weightclasses doesn’t change 90% of contracts, as long as he fights

  • codemaster

    Chael fought a great fight and outclassed and finished Stann.

    I have come to accept Chael and his promotional hyperbole for their entertainment value–but only after I relegated Chael to the status as a joker and a clown.

    I am not a fan of Anderson Silva, however, I do not like people calling the man who has held the top of the MW mountain for so many years a coward. Despite my personal dislike of Silva, he has earned my respect for him as a fighter by the sheer number of victories and spectacular finishes he has accomplished.

    Chael will never earn that level of respect even if he finishes Silva.

    I suppose Chael is always good for a laugh and to appeal to the WWE portion of the MMA fanbase though.

  • JIm


  • JIm

    Chael is only interested in a hyped up big payday and winning the title. He knows he can’t defend the title as Anderson has done..but just having it the one time would be good enough along with a huge payday.
    Sonnen is one of the most intelligent, manipulative and self serving guys in MMA and the only one that has the technique to give Silva a hard time, but a champion he is not!

  • RabbitPuncher

    As per usual, Uncle Chael has entertained me with his performances both inside and outside of the Octagon.

  • jeffriezel1

    undefeated? im pretty sure you got choked out chael
    stay off the roids bro…

  • DaddyLongStrokes

    Just like how Vitor KO’d Couture right?
    Oh wait….Well I guess you can hope vitor gets a cut stoppage?

    But expect the same thing that happened in Couture vs Belfort 3….or Sonnen vs Stann for that matter.

  • Nik_Hulstein

    He is still a class act

  • Nik_Hulstein


  • Leftty81

    Chael Sonnen is a ****!

  • Leftty81

    C U N T!

  • kickassfast

    i doubt anderson gives a crap about sonnens proposition, hes the chap and will fight him again if the ufc wants him to

  • OperationCWAL

    chael sonnen should have played captain america!

  • sidebeat

    LMAO. I do like Silva and hes style. But you Silvafanboys only have this drug BS tho he had reported it. You are so ignorante that you just sing your stupid old record and dont face the reality. I am not saing that Sonnen will beat him in rematch 100% but he has a really good views for it.
    Before you start ranting again go and watch the fight again. Sonnen dominated him with wrestling skill alone and the outcome was as it was but still it is considered one of the bigest comebacks in UFC history for some reason. So you can hate and so on but Sonnen backs his words in old fashion and is the real deal.
    I really would like him to win it not because of all this hype but because then Silva maybe exposed aswell to. So many fights that he has won has bee souly on imitation alone. Maya, Okami etc… So now we can only wait and enjoy the trashtalk until they meat. And its so hypocritical that even the brazilians love the trash tho he really targets themeselves

  • DaddyLongStrokes

    Wow you are dumber then I thought…I alluded to the fact that Vitor beat couture by mentioning the cut stoppage reference….you know what, thats enough of arguing with you, you are clearly just a kid who barely got into mma or are just a casual fan thinking they know everything.

    Go back to high school where you belong

  • TheRealDeal

    Love him or hate him, Sonnen was frigging IMPRESSIVE against Stann…..

  • jpink19

    not only did chael outwrestle silva but he dropped him too … cant ignore that … CHAEL FTW

  • SumHo

    Entertaining interview!

  • kickassfast

    he only dropped him because silva was anticipating a a takedown, silva was never even close to bing finished he was just dominated

  • toxic

    silva walkes in with rib injury and sonnen walks in on steroids…
    I wonder who is afraid????
    and silva doesnt choose his opponents dumbass, you have to work your way up to a title shot….

  • InfiniteEnigma

    not to mention he is talking shit saying anderson has ducked him for 6 years ??? he just came back to the ufc from wec in 2009….

  • Buragash

    I’m Loving Chael right now

  • davetec1

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Silva actually planned to finish Sonnen in a triangle, I mean, he did come out with the BJJ kimono before the fight, after the crap Sonnen talked about Silva getting the black belt from the Nogueira brothers… either way, i’m sure Silva is gonna be well prepared for the next fight.

    Somebody who cheats and still loses is way more than just a loser…

  • DaddyLongStrokes

    Sonnen technically was the WEC Middleweight champion after he beat Paulo Filho. Ed Soares said he shipped the belt to Sonnen. Sonnen was really the last WEC MW champion.

    And Vitor won because his gloves caught Couture in the worst spot and cut him. Wouldnt really consider that an impressive win in the least. He got beat right away by Couture anyway

    But hey Chael beat a drugged up Filho so that wasnt impressive either, and then he lost to Maia right after.

    But in the past 5 fights, Both are 4-1 but Sonnen has had tougher fights. I expect Belfort to continue to do very well in the MW division but Sonnen will have his number when they fight. Its gonna be Sonnen v Stann all over again