Chael Sonnen continues his Twitter onslaught on Anderson Silva; UFC 117 poster...

Chael Sonnen continues his Twitter onslaught on Anderson Silva; UFC 117 poster revealed


Number one contender for the UFC Middleweight title Chael Sonnen continued his verbal attack on Anderson Silva, this time stating that “The Spider” is a fraud. It looks like Sonnen mastered the ancient art of trash talking,but according to the latest interviews, Anderson Silva seems unimpressed with Sonnen’s ‘love messages”.

UFC 117 main event between “The Oregonian Gangster” and “The Spider” will take place on August 7th at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California. UFC 117 will be co-headlined by the Welterweight match-up between the Hall of Famer Matt Hughes and the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu expert Ricardo Almeida.

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  • HipHopMMA

    No offence to any Sonen Fans but Anderson is going to smoke that dude.
    I dont like Anderson Silva personally but i know Sonnen doesnt have anything for Anderson. This is another BUM card for the Spider. I dont care what Anderson did in his last fight cause i didnt buy the fight , i will never buy any of his fights unless its a catch weight fight between Anderson Silva and GSP. Thats a fight.

  • pranabowjake

    tnats what everyone said okami would do to him, and what nate the great would do to him, but they didnt. his wrestling is top class, he is dangerous to silva if he can avoid subs.

  • Warcrazed

    Silva KO.. Silva cant afford to play with his food anymore and he most likely knows that.. I bet he’s gonna come out looking to devastate Sonnen especially after his trashtalking.. My god if he was angry with Maia’s talk, what the hell is he gonna do to Sonnen..

  • whatoklol

    Is there confirmation that’s Sonnen’s twitter?

  • Jizzle11

    Sorry Sonnen you will get KOed

  • UnderdogGreatness

    I feel sorry for Mr ” I am about to get Humiliated on fight day by A. Silva ” (C. Sonnen)…Good Luck !!!

  • UnderdogGreatness

    Chael Sonnen needs to already start looking for a great Plastic Surgeon


    I actually hope that A.Silva will play and taunt Sonnen before knock him out !

    I want Silva to humiliate Sonnen in front of everyone …. Make him lose his dignity… andd then, finish him.

    Maia didnt deserve it , but Sonnen does.

  • kungpao

    Another propaganda of UFC to draw crowd and big bucks, thats the buisness right there. Dont’t about Sonnen but most of the time fighters don’t have personal hate against there opponent and trash talk is mostly staged to draw attention for making Dooooooooollaaaaaaaaaaars.

  • Rane

    I agree.Sonnen is hyping it up to be a successful PPV. Defenitely I will enjoy Anderson opening a Can-Of-Whoop-ASS!

  • Joey Santosus

    To bad Silva blew his chance to humiliate Sonnen by humiliating Maia….. Obviously he cant do that again or he (supposedly) will be in hot water… I am not a really big fan of taunting, although to a certain extent I do find it funny in some cases! This would be one of those cases, I would love to see him do that to Sonnen before he finishes him. Oh well, guess we will have to settle for hospitalization.

  • 1878

    It strue that sonnen is a world class wrestler but can anybody here actually see Anderson being taken down its alright saying you will before your in the cage but when your fighting Anderson you just cant get close enough to take him down – I remember watching Forrest Griffin training for him and he was watching the only round Anderson had lost in his UFC career at the time and he was on his back and all of Forrest trainers and even himself were saying thats how we will beat him because Forrest has a tight ground game and is physically bigger and stronger than Anderson but we all know how that fight ended also Maia has the best ground game in the buisness the only way Maia was beating Anderson was if he took him down that fight went all the way and Maia didnt even throw one shot.

    I cant see Sonnen beating Anderson – Anderson makes top fighters look like clowns e.g. Forrest and Franklin

    I love GSP but I think even he would have a huge problem getting close to Anderson – Love to see that fight but I wouldnt want to see GSP look like Forrest or Franklin – and I think thats what he will look like unfortuently

  • 280KgGorilla

    Silva was humiliating himself against maia.

  • UndefeatedOfWest

    Stuff his takedown, turn him around, and ass rape him until he dies. Silva could have easily ass raped maia, but we all know how that went…

  • Ninja

    Sonnen is just gettin so annoying right now, he was funny at first but now its just stupid, hopefully after he loses to Silva he will learn to keep his mouth shut

  • BigGayToeHold

    HipHopMMA is right…………..To me, it seems Anderson put’s on his game face for certain opponents, and for others, it seems, he doesn’t care. I’m not a fan of Anderson, But i’ll be the first to admit-When he’s on, he’s one of he deadliest strikers I’ve ever seen. I just dont see Sonnen given him any trouble, unless he takes him down and humps his leg for 25 min. Sonnen is a smart fighter–But slow as shit…….Anderson by TKO 1st rd.

  • colktfo

    phenomenal striking and long @ss limbs dont help gsp at all. but u never know whats gonna happen

  • NikMegamanHulstein

    no but it likely is

  • badcid

    i used to think sonnen was cool till this. seems like all this trash talk is a fad. i would have never thaught sonnen would do this but oh well. hope anderson smashes his face for extra measure. shut him up

  • knn03

    Everyone, please. Sit down and get ready for this…

    >>>>>>>>>>>Chael Sonnen by decision

  • Joey Santosus

    In my opinion he most certainly made Maia look bad. People can feel sorry for him if they want, but Anderson kneeled down in front of him offering his chin! Anderson Silva gets scrutinized for not putting him out of his misery!! I dont agree with all his antics, but if Maia wanted it he should have went and got some!!! Instead I feel he was happy standing there because now he figured he had an excuse!!! He knew people would say Silva should have done this and that, when that does not excuse Maia for not engaging him!!! That part has always been crazy to me. Silva was wrong, but Maia didnt even show up to fight!! He was scared. Just this week on Inside MMA, Maia was saying how he and his corner knew Silva wanted to draw him in and he didnt want to play his game, so he and his corner decided that he would wait for Silva…… GUESS WHAT?!?! Your not the champ!! Silva is!!!! So go take it from him or get dropped trying!! Instead, Maia was happy with his excuse that Silva was show boating and didnt engage HIM….. I just dont get everyone’s logic? Silva was wrong, true…. But Maia was NO BETTER!!

  • BlueClearSky

    Hahaha Sonnen try to get attention from Anderson and get into his mind
    ,but not succeeded and apparent happened to be a lot of Fans go crazy here.LOL

  • WingChun

    I think this is another major up-set in the making. Either way, it’s a great fight for CS; if he loses, no big deal, everyone expects it, however, should he win – wow…big victory.

    I know one thing, he’s not afraid of AS; and that’s a big deal in an AS fight. Most fighters are afraid of him. CS is not.

    CS – decision.

  • UnderdogGreatness

    Maia is the man, but I have to agree with you a little bit.

  • WingChun

    “If” that fight stays on its feet Silva wins. However, on the ground – GSP. And I don’t think AS could keep it on its feet.

    I’d take GSP in that fight.

  • David Saucier

    I think Chael is trying to prove a point with disrepecting Silva as much as possible, and undermine Silva’s excuse with Maia’s disrepect incident just to see what Silva will do in the fight.

  • SumHo

    Agreed. He has said some pretty dumb stuff, like how the LH division has no one in it. There are a ton of good fighters in that division. Its the 185 division that is lacking of anyone that can challenge Anderson.

  • BigGayToeHold

    Sorry ass? Dude are u serious? I don’t think somebody with a 44-7 record and arguably the greatest welterweight of all time is a “sorry ass”.
    U might not like his attitude, but respect the skill rookie-and stop being a hater. Oh yeah-and Ricardo will lose this one-you’ll see.

  • skinnydog

    Sonnen is just doing this to make Silva mad enough to attack him so he has a better chance to get his hands on him. He is slower, so by having Silva advance on him , it closes the distance he needs for the takedown. That, and he really needs to milk this one good for the money, because if his plan fails, he’s in for one royal ass whoopin.

  • BlueClearSky

    Easy Bro ! Hahaha Sonnen try to get attention from SIlva and get into his mind,but not succeeded and apparently occured to be a lot of fans go crazy here.LOL

  • nickpeyon

    Do you really think Sonnen wont make a mistake for 25min? He is simply not good enough. Just going from his last 2 fights (because these guys already fought AS): He made a mistake on the 1st round against Maia and lost (and Maia lost badly to AS). He made a mistake to Nate the Great and almost lost (and Nate lost to AS by tko on the 1st round).

    Sonnen has 24 wins and 10 losses. The last time he won without going to a decision was back in 2007 (He never finished anybody whos anybody, not even a druged up Paulo Filho). Since then, he got a couple of losses and his wins came by decision. He has never fought more than 3 rounds. He’s been submited 8 times and KO’d twice.

    Oh, and the guy who looks up to and consider his mentor and training partner (Matt Lindland) got destroyed by Vitor Belfort (who is a very good striker, but not as good as AS) on the 1st round and submited by Jacare (who is better on the ground than Maia, and sometimes trains with AS) also on the 1st round.

    Besides Damian Maia, he also has losses to the following known fighters: Paulo Filho, Jeremy Horn, Babalu, Terry Martin and Forrest Griffins. None of these guys stand much of a chance against AS. Do you really think Chael Sonnen, who makes mistakes all the time in 3 round fights, wont make a mistake in a 5 round fight? He has never even fought a 5 round fight before, how do you know he wont get tired and be able to hump AS for 5 rounds?

  • 1878

    Anderson has far better stand up and we all know that but why do people think if it goes to the ground Anderson is in trouble – he is a BJJ black belt and has submitted people in the UFC before and one of them was a much bigger name than Chael Sonnen

    I think that Anderson will force the stand up game on Chael Sonnen and will make him look like the biggest fool in UFC history hopefully then people will forget the Forrest and Franklin fights because I have a lot of respect for those two fighters and have little respect for CS as he hasn’t won anything yet and nor will he anytime soon…

    …R.I.P Chael Sonnen…

  • knn03

    That’s good research. But look at the Sonnen vs Marquardt fight on paper… Sonnen wasn’t suppose to dominate Nate but he did.

    Chael > Nate > Demian > Chael > Nate > Demian… it makes no sense to fight on paper. Call me crazy but I believe Sonnen can do it. He’d make an interesting champ, that’s for sure.

  • Zombiepower

    Anderson will get G&Pwnd; that he will forget about being a clown and worries of how to stop the grinding machine Sonnen. its an UPSET!!

  • terra2805

    The thing with Sonnen is the guys just a grinder man, he has no quit in him and he is hard as hell to stop, he has good chin and he can take a lot of damage and continue fighting, that’s a dangerous mix for any opponent. Personally i don’t like the guy, he talks too much cra*p. Nobody, myself included, gave him a chance against Marquardt, i thought Nate would destroy him but he ground it out once again. I don’t actually think he will beat AS but he is a credible threat for sure, Silva is just that much better though imo, i think he will stop Sonnen with strikes, he’s going to come out with a point to prove after that fiasco against Maia surely and that’s a scary thought. If Chael can’t get this fight to the ground pretty quick Silva will destroy him on the feet in no time. AS by TKO……..