Chael Sonnen continues: Anderson Silva will not survive for 10 minutes in...

Chael Sonnen continues: Anderson Silva will not survive for 10 minutes in my neighborhood


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  • Switters

    Chael Sonnen Is WEAK! Sonnen is trying to hype a big fight with Anderson Silva but would be blasted by the “Spider.” Anderson shows MMA fighters respect while Sonnen is trying to trash talk his way into a big fight. WEAK!!!!

  • Switters

    Silva does speak English but it is not his first language and during interviews he feels more comfortable with an Interpreter. This is to make sure he gets his point made accurately and comfortably. I don’t have a problem with this and don’t see why Sonnen is trying to make this a big deal. The fact that Silva is putting effort into learning English shows respect for the language and all Naitive English speakers. How much Portuguese does Chael Sonnen know? Very little i’m guessing.

  • Jizzle11

    Dude this guy is such a dick and an idiot

    Anderson Silva would outclass this guy in every single way possible

  • jackthedrinker89

    This guy needs to stop hyping a fight he will never get, hes not good enough to beat A. Silva, Marquardt, Bisping, W. Silva, Belfort,Maia the comp is to good for this guy. He should just stop talking and start fighting better.

  • Daniel Cassidy

    part of me wants marquartd to smash his face in, but a bigger part of me wants him to win, so silva can ram his words down his throat

  • Leftty81

    This guy’s an idiot! I don’t think Anderson even knows he exists. Douche bag!

  • Rory Kernaghan

    im betiing $500 on marquardt to win

  • ktobar

    i think everyone want marquardt to beat his face in for saying this garbage!

  • AnAmerican

    its weak but its working for me! I’d love to see Anderson destroy him!

  • RabbitPuncher

    Whats with this guy. What a herb…

  • RabbitPuncher

    So is he for real with this whole”quest for the truth”? He talks like a politician. I see him running for some mid level government job after his fighting career.

  • RabbitPuncher

    Man, the more i watch this guy, the bigger a douche he becomes. He’s trying to angle himself into the “heel” role. This aint the WWE, ya freakin dingleberry…

  • Accyfist

    That’s Switzerland Einstein!

  • Accyfist

    Don’t worry. Just a day and Nate the Great’s gonna make minced meat of him, and Sonnen will have forgotten he even needed to hype up a bout with Anderson.

  • UndefeatedOfWest

    I’m about tired of him

  • Dabs

    Chael is a little bitch and a liar. He says that he has no ill feeling but will do his best to win…it is near to impossible to enter an MMA contest with no aggression!? This dude is a seriouse douche…