Chael Sonnen: No one cares about Anderson Silva

Chael Sonnen: No one cares about Anderson Silva


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  • Anton Gurevich


  • Krogan

    I don’t believe Silva is as good as people think either and I really don’t like him as a person.

  • nux2k

    He may be boring listen to but you are boring to watch so I think he comes out better lol. Plus you cant beat nate. hendo, forest. and Anderson would never fight you b/c A- you are never going to look that good in at fight to the point that you UFC have to give you a fight. B- Anderson gets a cut of the paper view so you on the card makes no money. and C- you will never beat him if Dan cant lay on him and hump him y can you??? NATE KICK HIS ASS!

    • nux2k

      I guess I was wrong lol.

  • AnAmerican

    What do you not understand about an undefeated UFC record, 5 title defenses won by TKO or submission, and 2 KO’s in a higher weight division?

  • Rory Kernaghan

    nates gonna wamp this bitch

  • Jizzle11

    He should care because Silva would Knock him the F*ck out

  • jackthedrinker89

    Wants attention he didnt beat Maia, then he fought dan miller and then Okami, by decsion and now i guess hes thinkn he is guna beat Marquardt and then get to silva dudes a fag.

  • terra2805

    Sonnens obviously angling for something by saying this but he’s not doing himself any favours. I was just looking at the Jan 2010 rankings and Sonnen is actually 8th in the current MW table which is fair really considering he’s won his last 6 fights, none of them impressively though i might add, he does get a lot of decisions because he’s that type of fighter, a grinder. Realistically though imo he doesn’t have a prayer against an awesome looking Marquardt, TKO stoppage me thinks…….

  • Hendopunch

    I hope Nate piledrivers his head through the mat!

  • AnAmerican

    I just listed the stats. did I write something untrue?

  • HugeBalls

    The hatred I have for Chael Sonnen cannot be measured… Its up for debate but he may be my least favorite fighter ever. For ever ever, for ever ever?…

  • therealgarrylt1

    well put sonnen.

  • therealgarrylt1