UFC Middleweight champion (or not) Chael Sonnen provided another memorable quote, this time talking about the mental mindset of a true warrior. According to Sonnen, you always have to match your opponent's aggresion, therefore if someone shoots you - go kill his family.

Chael Sonnen will try to match Mark Munoz' intensity at UFC on FOX 2, with sights on securing his second shot at the UFC Middleweight title.

Here's the full quote (via the UG):

"If a guy clubs you, you club him as hard, or harder, and you do it right then. You don't wait a minute and then come back. He clubs you, you club him right back, right then. He'll stop doing it. If you're in a match and a guy gets intense, you get intense right back, right then, as hard or harder, right then and he'll stop doing it. One-up him. If he slaps you, you punch him. He punches you, kick him. He kicks you, stab him. He stabs you, shoot him. He shoots you, go and kill his family. One-up him and you do it right then. Don't let him push you around. It's a mindset, I'm not talking about hurting anybody."

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