"I've always been a big fan of Georges, I've admired his style and kinda of the way he carries himself and I'm honored to get in their and challenge him for the belt and step in the cage with him. With all that aside I think that I'm the best welterweight in the world and I've been trying to prove that every single time I get in their and this fight is going to be no different. We actually never trained together. There was a time or two when we were training in the gym at the same time, but I think we kind of seen this fight on the horizon. We were always cool and always friendly with each other but he would kind of be doing his thing and I would be doing my own thing. We have never sparred and that would be the best way to get to know somebody's style." - BuddhaSport

The Natural Born Killer Carlon Condit will get his shot at Georges St. Pierre's UFC Weterweight title on October 29th. The fight will headline the stacked UFC 137 fight card, which will have the original title contender Nick Diaz now in the co-main event bout with BJ "The Prodigy" Penn. Despite representing being under the same roof Jackson's-Winklejohn's MMA, Carlos Condit declares he never sparred or even trained with Georges St. Pierre.

Jackson's MMA is well-known for producing elite Mixed Martial Arts talent, such as the reigning UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones and the former team member Rashad Evans. The feud between the two went public after Jon Jones decided to fight for what was then Shogun Rua's title, instead of giving up on the opportunity in favor of injured Rashad Evans. One way or another, looks like there's not enough "warm feelings" between Condit and St. Pierre to create such situation, in combination with a fact that both are two of the classiest fighters in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

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