Cain Velasquez picks JDS to defeat Alistair Overeem at UFC 146

Cain Velasquez picks JDS to defeat Alistair Overeem at UFC 146


“That’s in the past, I’m not going to take anything away from Junior. He won the fight. He was the better man that night. That’s all I’m going to say. Every fighter has an ego and we’re always fighting injured. We’re just toughing it out. … I think I could have attacked more – gone forward. I stayed in punching range and just stayed on the outside and that’s not the smartest thing to do against somebody like Junior. I could have went forward a lot more and put a lot more pressure on him – even tied him up and try to use a little more wrestling. I didn’t do any of those things.  It’s just a thing you learn from it, you take it to your next fight, and you don’t do it again.

(dos Santos vs. Overeem) is going to be a tough one. I think in the clinch and in the distance – in the kicking range, Overeem will have a better shot. But, in punching range, dos Santos could end the fight whenever. I’m hoping dos Santos wins. I definitely would love to have a rematch with him. I think he will. He’s an athletic guy, and his boxing is really good. So, I think he’ll win.” – For complete interview with Cain Velasquez, visit

Cain Velasquez would love a rematch with Junior dos Santos – and according to the AKA product, that’s exactly what he’s expecting to happen once the Brazilian defeats Alistair Overeem at UFC 146.

Just one fight removed from his own Heavyweight title reign, Velasquez was dethroned by dos Santos last November. Now set to meet Frank Mir in a number-one contender bout, the former champ says that with a victory on May 26th, he believes it is dos Santos who he will later challenge for the title.

Hoping to spoil such plans, of course, is the 6-foot-five, 265-pound former Strikeforce, Dream, and K-1 Kickboxing champ, Alistair Overeem. Scheduled to square of with JDS on the very same card, the Dutchman could just as easily be the man who awaits the Velasquez-Mir winner. So, what’s the word LowKick’ers? If Velasquez can get past Mir, will he get his shot at redemption, or is he more likely to meet the “Demolition Man?”

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Photo: Francis Specker

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  • Warheadchief

    Keep counting Overeem out everyone, he’s collected belts all over the world, the only one that remains is the UFC HW belt. Watch and learn.

  • UnderdogGreatness

    Firstly, I’m not trying to take anything away from Overeem, but I have JDS winning his fight against him via TKO in the second round . Secondly, if Cain fought JDS again, it would be the same result.

  • Entity

    I was planning on counting him out anyways, but thanks for the effort.

  • Entity

    Please do express your opinion. If everyone had the same opinion as the first poster, why would we watch MMA?

  • dray12

    Dos Santos has got a punchers chance. That’s not to say he doesn’t have a good chance, I just don’t see him winning rounds against Overeem or even striking exchanges.

  • MMAeveryDay

    The more aggressive fighter will win. If either man is tentative they will pay the price for it.

  • jesse

    overeem is obiously a top striker, but people are overrating it. lesnar stand up was some of the worst in the HW division, thats who overeem looked good against his last fight, while junior KO’d the number 1 heavy wheight in a minute. not much of a comparison there.

  • DR3W

    idk…people don’t seem to realize how athletic jds is…and knowing the reems past if cigano connects goodnight.

  • MMALurker

    reems gonna destroy him. if vegas is giving anyhting less then 4:1 for reem ill be shocked.

  • grandslam

    I’d say its going to be Overeem if the fight goes beyond round 1. JDS is strong but he has not been tested against some one like Overeem.

  • grandslam


  • KeithFarrell

    In that case strap your self in

  • KeithFarrell

    Reem is a great fighter and he’s proved it, he almost certainly has an advantage in Dos Santos in every area (pretty close in boxing) but there is an advantage JDS has over Reem and that is a strong chin.

    I’ve seen every singe pro fight of JDS and I can’t recall him being rocked or even stunned once and he’s fought heavy hitters like Carwin, Nelson, Cro Cop and Yvel.

    I’ve seen quite a few times and I’ve seen him KO’d a few times, rocked in a lot of fights and shaken up loads of times. He has been KO’d by Badr Hari and rocked by Tyrone Spong with big gloves, not to mention multiple KO’s by LHWs in MMA. I fear that Overeem might overestimate how much shots he can take from JDS.

    It might be an unfair advantage in a fight of striking but I think that Overeem, with superior striking, will be KO’d by JDS due to who can take a harder shot.

  • KeithFarrell

    That being said I will still root for and bet on Overeem, one of my favourite fighters, to win.

    Good luck to them both, two good guys.

  • dropkickmurphy

    I like Overeem, but I think that JDS will exploit his cardio and take him out, got a feeling about it.

  • mauromina

    i recommend 2 fights to watch before picking sides… the first one is lidell vs overeem and the second one is JDS vs yvel. on the first one you will watch how lidell KOs overeem with 2 punches that are especialty of JDS. on the second fight you will see how quick and sharp is JDS against a great kickboxer. i know overeem is better than yvel but not on quickness or technique… he probably has more power than yvel. i think the match will be very similar of one of those 2 fights!!
    mark my words

  • mauromina

    i think overeem is a good kickboxer but not a great one. if you watch his k1 fights almost in every fight he covers with those big arms and big gloves and when he is close enough releases heavy punches. even when he won the k1 championship on the quarterfinals against spong he was geting beated up until spong gassed out. and on semifinals he started losing to against saki until saki couldnt fight anymore with his broken arm. and on the final he destroyed a really beaten up from the semis peter aerts.

    he won that k1 championship because all the stars aligned that night. dont get me wrong i think he i s a good kickboxer but not as half as espectacular as guys like aerts, saki, spong, schilt or even mark hunt.
    so being that said and with his weak chin i think junior could destroy him with his boxing but we will see!! something i do give to overeem is the experience factor and i think that he could probably come with a better game plan to this fight and maybe take a win.
    nontheless im really pumped up for this fight and this card… the only fight on the horizon that has me this excited is rashad vs jones!!

  • MMAW

    Of course he wants Dos Santos to win, he wants revenge and his belt back so…
    As for Dos Santos vs overeem…that fights a coin toss, can go either way

  • biggermmafan

    jds doesnt exactly have good cardio either tho

  • DJPlatinumUSA

    Just like everybody else, he picks the fighter that beat him to win, no surprise here who Cain’s pick is. But me personally, I have Overeem winning this fight

  • Raziel

    Funny. Two weeks ago on UFC on FOX he picked Overeem to win, where he preffered JDS to win. I gues people can change their minds within a few days. :)

  • sankaku jime

    I expect Cigano to keep his belt!!. I think he is pretty much faster than Overeem and he would be able to land his devastating shots and manage to stay away from OvereemĀ“s reach. But BEING OBJECTIVE MMA is MMA!!! Overeem has too much muscle to absorb impacts. And kickboxing guys are known to be trained to absorb kicks and punches. JDS couldnĀ“t knock out Big Country. And Overeem, with a good strategy he can truly absorb those shots. What worries me most about Overeem is that with such weight accelerated he can do a lot of damage, specially with low kicks and Cigano is recovering from a surgery on a injured knee…
    I remember he broke Gokhan Saki arm with a medium kick, left Kazuyuki Fujita in a coma after a knee to the head, completely destroyed Mirko Cro cop but was a no contest due to a knee to the groin. Also he punches hard too , ask Todd Dufee or Badr Hari.
    whatever ,I expect a entertaining fight between those two !!!

  • ksooner76

    no I agree the guy has great skills but is in the majors now where he has wanted to be……….and fighting three of the BEST not ranked in the top10
    but # 1 and #2 in the same day in kickboxing and winning it ALL which would make you think he has a great chin… but yet it is still scary that JDS
    has a good chance of KOing him… Reem looks awkward sometimes
    in the cage but hasnt loss since ’07 amd in the last 2yrs is champ in Dream,.. Strikeforce.., and calledout Fedor and others who said no

  • Camelux3000

    In one of my previous posts – thoughts i picked the Reem having the advantage against Dos Santos BUT when i thought of it better i couldn’t help remembering that he did indeed, look horrible against Werdum(definitely not like a K1 champ on the feet against a grappler) and he didn’t look good against Brock either.He doesn’t let his hands go and is tentative
    Against Brock he didn’t throw even one punch

  • Endo

    People have to stop posting these Brazilian picks, I’ve NEVER once read one that’s picked the opponent of their countryman. It’s pointless to even post them, it’s not news. It can’t be news if it’s constant and 100% predictable, you need to just post an article that says “New universal-constant law discovered – Brazilians always pick each-other.”… and be done with it.

    Also, people give Overeem too much credit for the Dream belt that he just had to beat Duffee for, who’s clearly glass-chined. If knocking out Todd Duffee makes you a world-champion then Mike Russo is a world champ too.

    Having said that I love both of these guys and I can’t wait for this fight.

  • Camelux3000

    Dream belt is a joke, but the K1 belt is not

  • saulgood

    What are you talking about? Cain is American with Mexican heritage. He was born in California. He is as close to being Brazilian as Overeem.

  • Entity

    same with JDS these arguments are silly.

  • Entity

    thats easy, just disagree with you it seems.

  • Entity

    I was waiting for someone to think they are both from Brazil lol. Oh well at least JDS got into his country legally.

  • Entity

    Cain’s father was on TV saying he had tried to cross the US border 2 times before and got caught, his third attempt was successful. Personally, Thats evidence enough that his entire family should be deported. Seems the laws of the USA were meant to be broken and rewarded like Cain………

  • mauromina

    ok ill go 4 years before that… overeem against kharitonov. he runned away like a little girl tha same way he runned against chuck. another one, last year against werdum! that wasnt impressive to. werdum won clearly the standup fight but choose to lay on his back waiting for overeem to make a mistake. and if you are telling me that he was impressive against brock then you are totally biased. that brock was a broken and scared brock that didnt commit 1 second to that fight.
    im sure that overeem is way better and powerful now than the 2003 overeem and he will destroy chuck but remember that JDS is way more bigger and stronger than chuck and that glass jaw is still there. as i said it before maybe overeem comes with a better plan and can make junior to fight his fight and win but i really think that junior is way more spectacular than overeem and has looked way better than him on his last fights. we will se who wins!!

  • mauromina

    sorry i meant 4 years after that!

  • mauromina

    did you really watched the fight with spong??? he totally won the first round… then what happend?? nothing, he just didnt throw anything and overeem was a little more agressive. if that isnt gassing out i dont know what is.

    with your badr hari example you want to make mma math?? ok! ill use werdum then… what happened when werdum fought overeem the first time? werdum submit him and on the second one he won the standup fight and overeem didnt looked even like top 10 material. what happened when JDS fought werdum 4 years ago?? he destroyed him in 80 seconds! and i bet you that JDS nowadays is way better. i really dont believe in mma math but that destroys your case… also what happened the second time overeem fought hari???

    saki was winning the first round until overeem kicked his broken arm. that finished the fight. and saki weights 215 and spong 225. oevreem is fighting almost light heavyweights on k1 and just covering up and releasing big shots. if JDS connects one big uppercut the fight is over.

    also Remy KOd on the first round overeem so i now can prove your opinion is 100% biased!!

  • mauromina

    sorry again i meant to say he KOd him on the 3rd round… i know the fight went to decision but that dominant 3rd round gived him the fight

  • terra2805

    This is proving to be a difficult fight to pick a winner in for most fans, myself included. Overeem is a proven, K1 level striker with deadly knees and kicks as well as KO punches, you can just see the power behind his strikes. I mean, to hurt somebody of Lesnars build, let alone finish the fight, with a body kick isn’t easy. That just shows the power he has in his limbs.

    I’d say at combined striking i.e. punches, elbows, kicks and knees and probably clinch work too, Overeem is probably at an advantage but when it comes to ‘pure’ boxing the advantage has to go to JDS, his boxing is phenominal, i’d even go so far as to say the best in MMA, his boxing is technically flawless. Surely though Overeem is just as aware of that as we are and will plan accordingly.

    Another advantage i’d give to JDS would have to be his speed, for a HW his speed is as deadly as his power and is often just as instumental in catching his opponents and putting them to sleep. Like i’ve said, surely Overeem will be just as aware of these dangers but whether or not that will help remains to be seen.

    Overeem is no joke, that’s for sure, Dream, K1 and the SF HW belt are not what i would call ‘easy’ to obtain, especially at the same time, but as we know, the UFC HW belt is on a whole other level and is definately the most difficult belt to obtain. All that said, JDS is also no joke and has his own highlight reel of vicious KO’s and we are still yet to see his world class ground game, which is what it will most certainly be coming from the team he does.

    I’m inclined to think if JDS is going to win it will be within the first two rounds, after that i’d lean more towards Overeem in the later rounds, however it goes down it’s definately one of those fight that make the hair on the back of your neck stand up as Buffer goes through his introductions, proper clash of the titans stuff and a fight long term fans of the sport will not want to miss, i seriously can not wait!!……..

  • terra2805

    He did throw one overhand right which grazed Lesnar and he didn’t throw anymore because he didn’t need to throw anymore because he finished the fight with that body kick, inside one round. Also against Werdum he had a broken toe but it was Werdum that made that fight look slow and boring by constantly falling to his back because he was so scared of getting hit. The fight with Brock barely lasted a round before he finished Brock with that body kick, what is bad about that? how is less than a round enough for you to judge?……..get real man!

  • terra2805

    What you say is contradictory, whether or not Spong gassed out he still lost, it’s not Alistairs fault he gassed, and Saki couldn’t fight with his broken arm because Alistair broke it with a knee which means Alistair beat him. He beat Semmy Schilt for the title fair and square, he’s knocked Hari out cold, he’s beat most, no, infact all, of the top kickboxers so how can you even say he is not a great kickboxer? that just makes no sense whatsoever.

    K1 and a lot of ‘pure’ kickboxing fans didn’t, and still don’t, like the fact that an MMA fighter was also a top K1 level striker and he has many many belts to prove it, he’s not a great kickboxer….lol, depends on your definition of ‘great’ i suppose……..

  • terra2805

    I’m sorry but you are SO FULL OF IT….YOU are clearly the one that’s biased. He didn’t run from Khartinov….lol. Against Werdum Overeem had a broken toe but he still fought and it was Overeem who got the better of the stand up that’s why Werdum kept falling to his back because he was scared of getting hit, which isn’t suprising the amount of times he’s been knocked out cold, not because he was waiting for Overeem to make a mistake…, what a stupid thing to say, and i actually like Werdum. Against Brock, he finished the fight with a body kick, which is no easy task against somone of Brocks size, and in less than a round, what’s NOT impressive about that?! I actually think they are both impressive and yes, JDS does have the better ‘pure’ boxing but Overeem is known as a striker for as reason and also has more tools in his arsenal, punches, kicks, knees and i believe he will be the stronger in the clinch. God knows how you can say he has a glass jaw? when was the last time you saw him get KO’d or TKO’d? you fool, your talking out of your arse again, i believe he was a LHW when he fought Liddell, and how long ago was that? You obviously dislike Overeem which is fine but there is no need to bad mouth him, he is a fighter that has accomplished more than most other fighters can dream about and is equally as dangerous as JDS going into this fight. He didn’t obtain the Dream, K1 and SF titles by playing tiddlywinks…….lol….

  • terra2805

    very very true, my thoughts also…..

  • Endo

    I’ve got to be honest, that was a brain-fail. I made that comment without reading the article and somehow misreading the title. I obviously wasn’t paying attention.