Cain Velasquez and Mirko Cro Cop discuss their future in the UFC

Cain Velasquez and Mirko Cro Cop discuss their future in the UFC


Probably the biggest winner of the UFC 110 event, Cain Velasquez, stated that he is ready to fight basically anyone in the UFC Heavyweight division, whether it is a title fight or not.

Velasquez knocked out Minotauro Nogueira in impressive fashion, making a statement that he is ready to go toe-to-toe with some of the best fighters on the top of the UFC 265 hill. Despite the victory, Velasquez remained humble in his post-fight interview:

“I’m getting better. I really pride myself in working hard, always improving and I think I’d have to be my best to fight those guys, so that’s what I’m going to do. Whatever the UFC says, I’m going to be ready for it.”

UFC President Dana White revealed that Cain Velasquez is defienetly in the mix for the shot at Brock Lesnar’s Heavyweight Title, expressing his excitement following the First Round demolition of Minotauro Nogueira:

“In my opinion, Nogueira’s probably the best heavyweight of all time and Cain Velasquez absolutely demolished him tonight. He’s for real and he’s in the line right now.”

Meanwhile, veteran Mirko Cro Cop seemed satisfied with his victory over the Australia native Anthony Perosh, stating that he feels that there is still plenty to fight for:
“I can say I was satisfied with my performance. I didn’t fight my original opponent. He canceled the fight. Perosh jumped in, and I’m grateful to him for that. He showed great courage and guts. He came to fight. I believe I belong in the top, so we’ll see in the next fights. It depends on the next fight.”

UFC President Dana White confirmed that Mirko Cro Cop’s next fight will be the original UFC 110 opponent, Ben Rothwell. White stated that Cro Cop will take a little time to recover, and it looks like the fight may happen at UFC 112: Invincible, on April 10th.

“I think what we do is we do the fight that was supposed to happen tonight. We’ll make that fight happen, and obviously Mirko didn’t have a rough night tonight… Ben isn’t out because he’s injured or anything. He got a stomach virus, so hopefully we can make this fight quick and put this one together soon.”

Next Ultimate Fighting Championship event will take place on March 21st, as Brandon Vera and Jon Jones will go to war against each other in a headliner for the first ever UFC card on Versus Channel. The event will take place in Broomfield, Colorado at the 6,500 seated 1stBank Center.

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  • Airpisu

    Cro cop is in “work in progress”for a comeback feeling for the fight,and for this a think he improve his condition for the next opponent.Probably something is brocken in his mind in the recent past but when you born warrior…you know only one thing…fight with no fear or other mental problem.Probably is not the young Cro cop but he work hard for his body condition and,repeat,if he really believe in his skill during the fight e can make other great fights in the future.

  • Rane

    Dana white says NOG is the greatest fighter of all time?

    Comon, he is one of the best of all time but not the greatest. I bet if he had Fedor in the UFC he would say that about Fredor.

  • Ganjaman71

    /\ /\ /\ true that

  • Kackvogel

    “In my opinion, Nogueira’s probably the best heavyweight of all time”

    wtf …this is one of the best comments ever!!! this guy is so ignorant!!!!! sometimes he make himself look like an idiot!!!

  • Krogan

    Yeah its comments like this that make Dana look like a Clown, how can Big Nog possibly be the greatest heavy weight of all time when he in his prime lost to Fedor twice, and while those were great fights there was never a question who was the winner at the end.

    To me its like saying that someone who was in their prime around the time of someone like Ali or Tyson and got beat by them twice is the greatest boxer of all time.

  • Ninja

    Cro Cop had a good performance, but cain by far was the most impressive nobody saw a ko coming in the first round.

  • Bruce Lee

    Its not just Dana. It is a UFCism. I don’t know how many time Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan have said this guy or that guy is the greatest ____weight of all time. They are the biggest, worst exaggerators ever 😉

  • Ninja

    Ya, i no its ok when dana says fedor isn’t the best p4p fighter in the world, but come on he is easily the best hw in mma history

  • Ryan

    Can i just ask all you guys a question?
    Why isnt Dana allowed an opinion?
    If he feels the NOG is the best HW ever then thats his choice. I still don’t see what everyone has against Dana and the UFC

  • UrHype

    Cains obviously an MMA sponge who learns fast, his boxing skills were not noticable until last night, of course Nog has become pretty slow now days. It tough seeing these legends getting old. Nogs really not that old, but hes had a long hard road behind him.

  • thefuryy


    reconize people!!


  • MMAeveryDay

    I get where you’re coming from but it’s true that they only acknowledge the fighters in the UFC as the best fighters in the world and that’s bullsh*t. Dana talked shit on Fedor but was trying to bring him into the UFC at the same time. So Fedor wouldn’t be considered to be”the best” until Zuffa owned him. Case and point!


    NAH i DiD

  • UrHype

    lmao. I’ll recognize him champ when he gets the title, until then take your meds bro.
    Brock & Nog…2 different worlds dude.

  • UrHype

    I like Fedor, but the guys he beat are not doing to well in the UFC at the moment. I dont see Fedor jumping fences to get in the UFC right now and probably wont ever.

  • PrideFC

    Wow Dana basically just said Fedor is the best HW of all time, since Fedor beat Nog twice, not only beat but completely brutally bash him at Nog’s own game.

  • ston3pony

    Perhaps he feels that for someone to be called the greatest, they should be fighting the best competition? Nog was holding his own in this match, his strikes were just missing. Cain would smash everyone in Strikeforce if they made him fight 2v1, and he would give Fedor trouble.

  • ston3pony

    Yeah, every reason to be impressed by Cain, he deserves the respect he’s getting now (I predicted the fight). But… With all due respect to Nog, he’s not Brock Lesnar. Randy said the hardest thing to deal with was Brock’s reach, his “go-go gadget arms”. And Cain will have to come with something new, because unless you’re one of the greatest wrestlers in the world (Randy (though I don’t think Brock attempted any in that fight, he decided to strike instead)), Brock is going to dump you on your head and your striking doesn’t do you much good there.
    Shane might be the only guy with a chance. He’s big and powerful, with great wrestling, but he just doesn’t have Lesnar’s agility and speed. I think he’s got more tools than anyone, but I don’t know…

  • ston3pony

    Some people just need to cry and complain. It’s amusing to watch MMA fans condemning the people who are most responsible for there being a viable market for the sport that they love.

    Not real bright.

  • ston3pony

    The people who ‘weak’ your comment probably did not read beyond the word “but”. They’re the same people who would have nothing negative to say if Fedor’s next fight was against Danny Bonnaduche or something.

    I’m a Fedor fan too. But there is no excuse for him to be fighting in the JV-league. And eventually, according to any thinking MMA fan, his legacy must be tarnished for avoiding the real competition.

    There are several guys in the UFC who would give him a fight (a couple who can beat him). And none in SF…

  • ston3pony

    Fedor deserves to be criticized for fighting girl-scouts. Period.

  • thefuryy

    Cain will destroy brock…

    like you ****ing idiots say that nog will submit cain
    yeaah RIGHT!!!!
    keep dreamin Fockerssss

  • likesfights

    wow…i was really surprized with cain…now nobody can say he doesnt have stopping power

  • LionDick10

    I always thought it was a matter of time for Cain to develop that KO power and woop there it is. Cant wait to see this guy keep improving, hopefully one day he will be ready for Brock and put on a good fight.