Cain Velasquez accepts Fight! Magazine 2010 Fighter of the Year Award

Cain Velasquez accepts Fight! Magazine 2010 Fighter of the Year Award


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  • GoldenBibi

    Cain The Terminator Velasquez….. That dude is one bad mother fuc(k)er…. Brock and JDS aren’t even in his league… Give him Fedor or Demolition Man……Those two have awesome MMA skills…. Brock is one trick pony that can’t take a punch.. Just a wrestler.. Weak chin… And Junior ground game is still a question mark.. Last time I saw him fighting on the mat, he Tap out to an arm bar…..

  • 243re

    well deserved, not only a talented fighter but a great role model for aspiring martial artists.

  • azzkika

    I think Cain is awesome but in no way deserving of fighter of the year. beating Brock who was the most overhyped fighter in the history of the sport does not warrant fighter of the year. Edgar on the other hand beat BJ penn at LW twice and 2nd time around dominated Bj penn at LW!!! I think that alone puts him head and shoulders above any other fighter of last year in terms of achievment, along with the skill set he displays which only now fans are coming to appreciate fully but have been there for some time now.

  • mokoko

    Werdum is the oly fighter got real winn over Fedor he shuld be fighter of the year


    Congrats to Cain!

  • Gbrl_88

    Who are we to say what he deserves…congrats Cain!

  • FoetusFarm

    cain is a beast, i remember everyone telling me how he hastn a chance with lesnar cause he’ll get taken down and destroyed.
    i personally think overeem should be one of the fighters considered. he does have 3 belts around his waist atm and has tunred his fighting around completely

  • ian

    he also tko’d noguiera, and simply his journey to the title is amazing, aslo how much he improves every time he enters the octagon,


    GSP & Shogun should get FIGHTER OF THE (every other) YEAR AWARD

  • codemaster

    Many savvy and experienced MMA fans and fighters thought Cain had a definite chance to defeat Brock, but that was not the consensus from my experience. On a few boards, when I merely offered the opinion that Velasquez could defeat Lesnar, I was jumped on as if I said Fedor was gay or something.

    Casual fans saw Brock Lesnar as in invincible behemoth, so when Cain defeated Brock–it was a HUGE upset–and made their MMA math seem foolish in retrospect.

    What a diference one fight makes. Suddenly Lesnar was human, and not a Norse god striding through Valhalla. Now to some people, Cain is the new INVINCIBLE one. After living through the Machida era, please forgive me if I pass on the bandwagon right now.

    That said, because Cain vs. Brock and Cain vs. Big Nog are HW names and were finished in dominant fashion, I have no complaints about CV winning the award. I congratualate him–he is a great fighter.

  • WES22

    he got make up in the magazines’s foto lol!