Brock Lesnar wants to meet Frank Mir in the "July Beatdown"

Brock Lesnar wants to meet Frank Mir in the "July Beatdown"


UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar discussed the situation between him and “the stalker” Frank Mir in the latest interview to KFAN Sports Radio AM 1130. Lesnar related to the questionable Frank Mir’s comments, stating that he “doesn’t know what he has to do to make Mir to shut up”. Brock Lesnar has now fully recovered from his stomach infection, and is expected to return to The Octagon probably on July 3rd.

Frank Mir will face Shane Carwin for the Interim UFC Heavyweight Title at UFC 111 on March 27th, as Cain Velasquez is the “Plan B” replacement for the shot at Brock Lesnar’s title. If Lesnars enters The Octagon on July 3rd it will be nearly a year (357 days) since his last fight at UFC 100, against Frank Mir.

The interview starts at 18:30 minute mark

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  • BigNog22

    damn i hate that dude,i hope he get beatdown.

  • Jizzle11

    By the end of this year we should see who the real champion is

  • ston3pony

    Brock really needs to rub those tattoos out and start over. Damn… But yeah, he’s going to smash Frank yet again, if Frank can even manage to get in to position for the title shot. I don’t think he’ll beat Shane, and Carwin vs Lesnar is a MUCH better fight anyway.

    I’m sure Frank will still be running his mouth and making piddly excuses after the loses the rematch.

  • mokoko

    Carwin never foght any one in top10 yet.Santos 4 fights no top10 none of the UFC HW are tested yet Brock 4-1 was champ beathing Hering, Randy and MIr every body beats them

  • Gabe

    I hope Mir doesn’t even get past Carwin…

  • Kackvogel

    3 fight lesnar vs mir ……double ko would be great!!! both pisses me off with their stupid interviews!!! some fighters arent smart enough to talk on TV or internet!!!

    but i hope carwin or velasques are the next to fight brock!!!!

  • UrHype

    Im just curious to see if Mir is near Brock’s size when they enter the octagon, hes put on some real size in a years time.
    The Carwin fight will show us that though. IF he can beat Carwin convincingly, he might have a chance who knows.
    Brocks playing the nice guy right now though, smart move.

  • knn03

    You are right, by the end of this year we will see who the real champion is: Kimbo Slice.

  • grapplure

    if mir and brock fight again ill feel like im watching an episode of bully beatdown

  • borealis19

    The comment is meant to be ironic, thus funny! You missed the irony, my smart kmpp41.

  • Rane

    I personally rather see Cain vs Carwin or Lesner before Mir. Comon, Lesner is letting Mir’s hype get the best of him.

  • JaytheBrit

    i agree. dos santos in my eyes is gunna b champ.

  • JaytheBrit

    dnt say tht mirr will go chris beniot on us

  • mokoko

    Mir shuld shut up and get to the waiting list

  • kamari

    So if Mir beats Carwin, does this means that its going 2 be four months of bickering between them, hundreds of post about the bickering, & about a million comments….GRRREAT

  • SikBoi

    These guys are jokers man, some serious brown-nosers. Yeah, Frank said something stupid, he does that from time to time. but cmon, Brock Lesnar?? How many times has Brock done or said something stupid or out of line.

  • Anton Gurevich

    That Frank Mir will rematch Minotauro Nogueira if he loses to Shane Carwin. That is the only fight that makes sense for him, if he is not about to fight Brock Lesnar.

  • Shogun

    if mir does get passed carwin it will be interesting to see brock vs mir 3. brock has been gone for almost a year and mir has jus been improving overall and packed on some real mass to neutralize brocks size .. now if he can only neutralize brocks wrestling ..

  • ljense8

    i would actually like to see the loser of mir vs carwin fight the winner of dos santos vs velasquez for the next title shot… sad to say but that is nearly the extent of the talent at heavyweight. that said, we are in for some interesting HW matches in the upcoming months, if only mir and lesnar hadnt created such a soap opera…

  • Vergina

    I rather see Brock and Carwin, I’m tired of watching Brock fight the same guy over and over.

  • mokoko

    forget Mir put Cain or Santos to fight for the belt

  • mokoko

    Mir 4 loses 4 TKo’s

  • terra2805

    you understood that!!????………..^^^

  • terra2805

    I don’t get why everyone seems to think Lesnar is so good, he’s had what, 4 fights, he’s not technically brilliant, on the ground or standing, he’s fought something like 6 rounds in total. All he has is his size and strength, and his wrestling, which isn’t enough. We’ll see how good he is when he can’t get the fight to the floor……

  • Pikachuneto

    Below the belt

  • mokoko

    Mir vs Brock is not like Ortiz vs Lidell they fighting for the belt let others fight for it Mir shuld wait

  • jamo

    nothing is moving in this division. velasquez is the only one fighting all comers. dos santos is also very impressive. carwin hasn’t fought since he almost got knocked out by gonzaga. mir is fighting better, but he had nothing for lesner. ufc matchmaker sucks.

  • mokoko

    all of UFC HW are overrated none of them fighting top competition.komon show me 1 UFC HW with 3 top10 fights or ewhen 2 top10 fights all fighting Kongo,Gonzaga,Mirko.Struve,

  • ston3pony

    Nobody has ever beaten Heath or Frank that badly, and Randy is still competitive at the highest level. You need to learn to give credit where credit is due, and give Lesnar the respect he deserves for accomplishing so much so early in his career.

    Record is not the only judge of a fighter, because Duffee has only had one fight in the UFC, does not mean we can’t examine the guy and try to judge his abilities. Same for Santos who smashed Werdum and chased him out of the UFC to an easier organization.

    If you can’t acknowledge the dominance of Lesnar, his ability, then you’re just not being honest. Fedor would have his hands full with that guy.

  • ston3pony

    Size isn’t everything, if it was, Bob Sapp would be the most dominant, not Fedor. Right?

    The fact is that Brock is not just size. He’s a genetic athletic phenom. He can run the 40 almost as fast as Justin Gatlin, and his vertical leap is almost as high as Michael Jordan’s… 10 foot standing long-jump, can bench something like 250lbs 50 reps.

    Frank can never hope to compare in this regard, no matter how much he bulks up. Frank’s advantage is his years and years of BJJ training, nothing else.

  • ston3pony

    If you don’t get it, it’s because you choose not to get it. IMHO. You only have to watch the fights to realize the ability. His wrestling is technically brilliant, which is undeniable.

    Shane might be the only person in all of MMA who can prevent that big monster from scoring the take-down (because Shane is also a great wrestler with the power to back it up). And I wouldn’t bet on that, there might be nobody who can stop Lesnar from getting the take-down. On the feet Shane has incredible power, but not a lot of technique. He was being picked apart by Gonzaga until he dropped him with the one-punch.

    Also, people don’t realize how good Brock’s chin is. Watch his fights, he’s been tagged cleanly with elbows and punches and knees, in perfect KO spots, and he doesn’t even appear to feel them.

    Shane has a much better chance than Frank. Frank’s one hope is to be handed a submission due to a mistake by Lesnar.

  • ston3pony

    Duffee? Watch out for that beast…

  • ston3pony

    Best HW division in all of MMA, by far. You apparently are impressed by Strikeforce champions who don’t fight anybody, and joke fights involving Bobby-Roids and Grandpa Hershel…

    They’d all be smashed in the UFC, and Fedor would not go undefeated.

  • 51JD51

    Anyone who says the UFC doesn’t have the top HWs is just being a contrarian douchebag and needs to learn to look at things objectively. Honestly, Strikeforce would be better off if they just cut ties with Overeen, even though that means they’re losing (arguably) a top 10 HW) and just cuz’s Lashley’s ripped, doesnt mean we need to assume he’s on steroids. You can still get muscles like that the old fashioned way.

  • Akordas

    Mir wont fight with lesnar again, carwin, cain, dos santos will…

  • apocacryptic

    By the end of the year Kimbo will have beaten Meathead, Mir, Carwin, Valasquez, JDS, Brock and then Fedor in his own backyard

  • ston3pony

    Ah dude, heh, Lashley is roided out of his mind. There is a reason they weren’t tested before his debut fight in Strikeforce. Being ripped by itself doesn’t mean anything, but I believe his fellow tard-wrestling goons have been talking. It’s moot anyway, the guy looked awful against a nobody buffoon.

    You’re right about Overroids, how many years can he go without fighting and still hold that belt? Now he’ll only fight if it’s in Japan?… It’s really a sad joke that that organization got their hooks in to Fedor. I’d really love to see Fedor fighting again. Some of the potential match-ups in the UFC would be maybe the best fights in the history of the sport.

    Would people sit quietly making excuses if Ali had ducked Foreman and Frazer and any kind of legitimate competition? Would we think of him like we do if he had?

  • GracieHunter0718

    Mir is gonna get raped by Carwin. Then Carwin is gonna rape Lesnar. Then Carwin will rape all challengers. It will be a huge Carwin rape fest.

  • JaytheBrit

    randy courture stoped the take down many times in thier fight
    i think he only ever went down when he took a big temple shot.
    but yeh i agree i think near enough every one else wud get
    taken down and punched out by lesnar.

  • JaytheBrit

    lol carwin is good i agree but to many people making him out
    to be the best or sumit. i dnt actually think him or mirr deserve first title shot. Cain or dos santos.. maybe they shud fight for title shot would make for fight of the year.

  • JaytheBrit

    and wat wud be good is dos santos and cain dnt talk a lot of shit like brock and mirr.

  • JaytheBrit

    apologise to those who where offended.
    mirr is going a bit loopy with the whole
    brock im cummin to kill you thing.

    do u think hes puttin it on to try get inside the heads of other fighters?