UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar discussed the situation between him and "the stalker" Frank Mir in the latest interview to KFAN Sports Radio AM 1130. Lesnar related to the questionable Frank Mir's comments, stating that he "doesn't know what he has to do to make Mir to shut up". Brock Lesnar has now fully recovered from his stomach infection, and is expected to return to The Octagon probably on July 3rd.

Frank Mir will face Shane Carwin for the Interim UFC Heavyweight Title at UFC 111 on March 27th, as Cain Velasquez is the "Plan B" replacement for the shot at Brock Lesnar's title. If Lesnars enters The Octagon on July 3rd it will be nearly a year (357 days) since his last fight at UFC 100, against Frank Mir.

The interview starts at 18:30 minute mark