Brock Lesnar managed to weather the early storm and submit Shane "The Engineer" Carwin via a second round Arm Triangle. Carwin managed to rock Brock Lesnar early on with a vicious upper cut, which was followed by a Ground and Pound onslaught. Despite being in a biggest trouble of his career, bloodied Lesnar survived and took Shane Carwin out of the first round.

Shane Carwin got surprisingly tired in the Second Round, allowing Lesnar to take him to the ground and work his way into a full mount. As soon as Lesnar was in the full mount, the Champion looked for a surprising submission attempt. Lesnar quickly locked an Arm Triangle choke, that left Shane Carwin no other choice but tap out.

By defeating Shane Carwin, Brock Lesnar ended a tiresome journey from being almost not allowed competing in MMA again, to defending his UFC Heavyweight title. Lesnar's post-fight comments were quite different than the one he had after the fight against Frank Mir at UFC 100, showing a lot of respect to the effort put by Shane Carwin.

Brock Lesnar will square off against the much smaller Cain Velasquez in his next title defense, in what would be another step to cleaning up a UFC Heavyweight division. Many see Velasquez as David fighting Goliath, as his fight against Lesnar is expected to be at least as epic.