Brock Lesnar slams Canadian Health Care System: Canada is a third world...

Brock Lesnar slams Canadian Health Care System: Canada is a third world country


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  • Krogan

    The American system is pretty simple, if you are rich you get the best health care in the world, if you are poor you get no health care at all. But overall health care America ranks very low, among the lowest of developed countries.

    Lesnar is obviously rich so from his stand point he has a point, but to compare Canadian health care to a third world country? But then again Americans are rather famous for their ignorance.

  • borealis19

    Nicely said, Krogan. Lesnar is rich. He just needs to make ONE call to the best clinic in the US and he’ll be admitted IMMEDIATELY. I’ve been trying to set an appointment with a physician in the States and –believe me–either I’ve got to wait 4 to 6 weeks to get the appointment or no one responds to my call…
    The US health care is for the rich…Millions don’t have insurance and even if they do, the insurance company won’t pay for most of their health care cost…

  • AK40kevn

    if ya think canada is bad ya’ll havent been to ireland

  • monstruito

    This ****ing retard. In his interview with Dana he said that his “disease” just miraculously “went away” when he went back for the cat/mri in the states. So not even the US system helped his ass. Idiot. He basically just didn’t listen to anyone, went home and prayed not to die. So before you go bashing universal healthcare take a minute to remember that you ddn’t get shit in the US either.

  • Survivestyle

    Yeah Canada must not have great health care, garrylt1 must of been dropped a few times by those doctors.

  • nux2k

    Hey man I was feelin you to u used Haiti as a Ex. I dont think that it is the best time to use them as a Ex. ya know what I mean?

  • slickrick

    If your an actual Doctor, Im Elvis presley!

  • TorontoUFC

    Canada is a third world country hahaha! If the country that was rated best country in the world to live in is third world, what the F country do you live in Brock?

  • UndefeatedOfWest

    There is so much rage in this forum. I’m enjoying it =)

  • DR3W

    actually no its not its 30th in the world look it up such ignorant people believe everything you here on tv

  • DR3W

    its actually ranked 30th in the world the best is france

  • DR3W

    im sorry but most of the people wouldnt give to shits about hati if it wasnt for that earthquake so stop acting like you care cause its the cool thing to do…

  • DR3W

    1 France
    2 Italy
    3 San Marino
    4 Andorra
    5 Malta
    6 Singapore
    7 Spain
    8 Oman
    9 Austria
    10 Japan
    11 Norway
    12 Portugal
    13 Monaco
    14 Greece
    15 Iceland
    16 Luxembourg
    17 Netherlands
    18 United Kingdom
    19 Ireland
    20 Switzerland
    21 Belgium
    22 Colombia
    23 Sweden
    24 Cyprus
    25 Germany
    26 Saudi Arabia
    27 United Arab Emirates
    28 Israel
    29 Morocco
    30 Canada
    31 Finland
    32 Australia
    33 Chile
    34 Denmark
    35 Dominica
    36 Costa Rica
    37 United States of America
    38 Slovenia
    39 Cuba
    40 Brunei
    41 New Zealand
    42 Bahrain
    43 Croatia
    44 Qatar
    45 Kuwait
    46 Barbados
    47 Thailand
    48 Czech Republic
    49 Malaysia
    50 Poland

  • garrylt1

    he is reality he is

  • DR3W

    im not saying idc im just sick of people acting like they do…smart ass

  • DR3W

    hah spoiled white boy huh…you obviously miss read what i said im sick of people acting like they care fool