Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar has angrily hit back at critics, claiming that a somewhat common opinion of him having "a weak chin" is nothing but bull---t. Lesnar was criticized by MMA fans around the world for not being able to take a punch, after both Shane Carwin and Cain Velasquez "exposed" what is now considered as the main weakness of the former WWE star.

In an interview with's Ben Fowlkes, Brock Lesnar says his record inside the Octagon proves otherwise:

"I think it's a bunch of bulls**t. The fights that I've gotten hit, I've stood and banged with Heath Herring, Randy Couture, Frank Mir, I've taken a lot of shots. I mean, Shane Carwin... And I've yet to be knocked out. I had refs stop a fight for a submission and a TKO, which is a referee stoppage. I've never been knocked out cold.

I wouldn't be in this position, doing what I'm doing, if I was that horrendous of a fighter. I've got faith, I've got confidence in my skills, and I've got confidence that I can beat this guy [Alistair Overeem]."

The fight with Alistair Overeem is a perfect opportunity for Lesnar to prove critics wrong. Overeem is one of the most decorated strikers currently competing in MMA, winning the last year's K-1 2010 WGP after facing Tyrone Spong, Ghokan Saki and Peter Aerts in one night.

If victorious against Overeem, Lesnar could re-claim his status as one of the Top 3 Heavyweights on the planet, with sights on challenging Junior dos Santos in a fight that was originally scheduled to take place at UFC 131, a little bit more than six months ago.

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