Brandon Vera wants to test Jon Jones’ bones

Brandon Vera wants to test Jon Jones’ bones


One of the most devastating Muay Thai fighters in the game, Brandon “The Truth” Vera, discussed his future in the UFC Light Heavyweight division and the fight against Jon “Bones” Jones on March 21, in Broomfield, Colorado. Thirty-two years old Vera is Jones’ toughest test to date and it looks like “The Truth” will look for a statement against a promising New-Yorker:

“I’m asking for the number three spot. I don’t give a damn who’s at number three. I can’t ask for number one, and also not for number two. That’s Machida and Shogun. You’ve got to climb the ladder. We’re going to see how hard his bones are. I want to test him and see what he got, his tricks, his wrestling; I want to find out if it will work on me. Jon is my only mission right now. He’s a really dangerous fighter.”

Vera is currently 11-4 in his Mixed Martial Arts campaign, with notable victories over Asseuerio Silva, Reese Andy and Frank Mir. Brandon “The Truth” Vera currently trains in Team Lloyd Irvin, he is a son of a Filipino father and married to Kerry Vera, who also competes in MMA.

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    Bones to fast for Vera, Brandon has been hesitant as of lately & i think it’ll only hurt him.

  • icemanzero1052

    its gonna be some fireworks

  • Ninja

    This could be the fight of the year, two guys with amazing potential trying to move towards the title, its gonna be sick. Jones is prolly going to take this one tho, hes too unpredictable and prolly will catch Vera

  • grapplure


  • UrHype

    It seems pretty even, but I havent seen enough of JonJones fighting yet or even Vera since his 1st decline, Randy held him from striking so, Ijust dont really know