Brandon Vera still angry about the Couture decision "robbery"

Brandon Vera still angry about the Couture decision "robbery"


UFC Light Heavyweight prospect Brandon “The Truth” Vera revealed that he is still mad about the “outrageous” judges decision that awarded Randy “The Natural” Couture victory in the main event of UFC 105. “The Truth” feels that he was a better man that night, and blames Couture for having a negative gameplan:

“Hell no, (expletive) that decision man. It was a robbery and I’m still mad about that decision. He did not come to fight, I was thinking that all he wants is just to push me to the fence and pass the time. It was ridiculous. Randy knows and the whole world knows how that fight went. I don’t know if I want a rematch though, I want to get to that title. I’m going to worry about Jon ‘Bones’ Jones first.”

Brandon Vera will fight the unorthodox Jon “Bones” Jones at the main event of the first ever UFC card on Versus channel. The event will take place at the 1stBank Center on March 21, in Broomfield, Colorado.

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    I’m wondering if this crying will get the decision reversed…

  • Ninja

    Just cause he controlled the fight doesn’t mean he won, randy did basically 0 damage while vera almost finished him off with that knee to the body and the strikes on the ground afterwards and vera was more active throughout the fight while randy just hugged him like always

  • UrHype

    If Vera had moved a lot more and picked shots, he wouldnt have been controlled as easily and would have won definitely(Vera needs to train with Machida for a while)

  • UnderdogGreatness

    I finally agree with you. You’re right with the Vera fight maybe the Shogun fight also.