Bisping is sick of hearing about UFC100 knockout

Bisping is sick of hearing about UFC100 knockout


Seven months and three days ago today, at UFC 100, Michael Bisping was on the the recieving end of a vicious KO. Even though he redeemed himself in a victory over Denis Kang at UFC 105, Bisping is still fixated on Dan Henderson.

“I’ve got to be honest that it kind of pisses me off people [keep] going on about that all the time, as if I’m stupid,” Bisping said of the continued and tired coverage of his UFC 100 defeat.

When Bisping was questioned on what he would have changed about the fight, he had this to say

“Obviously, when you’re fighting an opponent, you move to their weak side,” an aggravated Bisping explained. “But, sometimes in a fight, if the guy’s cutting you off or you’re taking some big shots, they leave you with no option but to go that way. Sometimes, after taking a few shots, you’re fighting on instinct as well.”

Bisping will face Wanderlei Silva at UFC 110 on February 20th

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  • Ninja

    Bisping shouldn’t hve circled right lol, if i was bisping i would stay away from wand’s knees, left hand, right hand, the ground… bispings ****ed

  • UrHype

    Everyone knows why he got KO’d in the fighting aspect, but the real complaint here is why people keep going on about the KO.
    Answer is easy: his cocky smartassed attitude and disrespecting Hendo on Tuff. IMO he got what he deserved & then some.
    If he would remain humble as some of the best fighters are like AKA Dan Henderson, this wouldnt keep going on & on.

  • Ninja

    shit i offended 1 of bispings 2 fans

  • riley

    i heard some guy named dan henderson knocked out this guy named michael bisping effortlessly after michael bisping had never been tested verse anyone harder than his 8 year old son in JJ.

  • riley

    honestly… everyone would honestly say they hate the irish before the U.S.A.

    even now. your people are ****ing scummy.
    i’m from California. go rape a potatoe… get it?

  • Accyfist

    All silliness aside, I believe Bisp’s a great fighter whose only terrible performence was against Hendo, who’s second only to A.Silva right now. He lost a very close fight to Evans and there was the Hammil incident.
    All other fights, he’s won in dominating fashion. Some shouldn’t have been in the ring with him but many were a threat to him as many of you nay sayers clearly thought when you said Kang, Leben, even that Canadian and Charles McArthy were all supposed to beat Bisping. He battered them all, then they became cans and thus all his achievements meaningless. Certainly you need to beat much better fighters than that to be a contender but by beating them all well and only losing to champions he’s really one of the best out there. Now he’s facing the man, another champ, Wand a very dangerous task that he could well lose at but he took it and he can’t win. If he loses, the cocky mouthed Brit is “obviously” no good. If he wins, well Wand has totally lost it so the victory is meaningless. Whatever happens you hate-filled armchair pundits will try to play him down while you scratch your balls instead of just accepting him for what he is, a talented and improving middleweight knocking hard on the door of the top ten. Nothing more, nothing less right now. Is that so bad?

  • Jizzle11

    LOL well if they gang up on you …. they’d lose

  • Jizzle11

    your commment is about as WEAK as it gets

  • slickrick

    So many internet warriors here. Ninja, lets face it ….. your fat, you smell, you eat junk food all day long, your american …… and you live your life through your pc. Bisping is a good fighter whos record proves that. If Bisping accidentally bumped into you when walking down the street you would be on the deck KO’d crying like a kid while wearing ur donut stained Ninja outfit. Silly Keyboard warrior

  • Daniel Cassidy

    dude im brittish, and bisping is NOT a good fighter. he’s only hyped so much cuz he’s from uk

  • Ninja

    First of all slickrick im not fat lol, dont smell dont eat junk food all day and im from Canada, anyway how is bisping a good fighter hes fought 4 good fighters rashad henderson hamil and kang, he lost to rashad, lost to henderson and we all on he lost to hamil, only good fighter hes ever beaten is kang so obviously u dont no wat ur talking about get bispings ball out of ur mouth and watch some of his fights and u will realize that he sucks

  • docedoce

    By the way it’s Portuguese…

  • Daniel Cassidy

    for f*ck sake why is all this political crap getting put on an mma site???

    put it up on political or racist forum, just keep it off a MIXED MARTIAL ARTS site

  • Accyfist

    Most of these guys are just baiting you with these comments don’t bite the bait. You sound exactly like what you’re fighting against. The guy who wrote that was probably another Brit having a laugh.
    You say that about USA as a nation, it’s just as bad as any racism. Separate the knobs from the sound people and you might have a leg to stand on.

  • Ryan

    the reason he complained on Tuff was because Hedno didnt ask Bisping to swap he just did it. All the other times he was a dick it was to Demarques Johnson who, lets face it, deserved it.

  • dropkickmurphy

    This is not about America against UK, it is about a guy acting like an asshole talking a bunch of trash, being an unclassy bum and getting exactly what he deserved. Personally, I love seeing Hendo turn Bisping’s head into a canoe.