Seven months and three days ago today, at UFC 100, Michael Bisping was on the the recieving end of a vicious KO. Even though he redeemed himself in a victory over Denis Kang at UFC 105, Bisping is still fixated on Dan Henderson.

"I've got to be honest that it kind of pisses me off people [keep] going on about that all the time, as if I'm stupid," Bisping said of the continued and tired coverage of his UFC 100 defeat.

When Bisping was questioned on what he would have changed about the fight, he had this to say

"Obviously, when you're fighting an opponent, you move to their weak side," an aggravated Bisping explained. "But, sometimes in a fight, if the guy's cutting you off or you're taking some big shots, they leave you with no option but to go that way. Sometimes, after taking a few shots, you're fighting on instinct as well."

Bisping will face Wanderlei Silva at UFC 110 on February 20th