Bisping compares Wanderlei to Chris Leben

Bisping compares Wanderlei to Chris Leben


Michael “The Count” Bisping took time out of training to speak to the British newspaper Daily Telegraph, to discuss his upcoming match up with Wanderlei “The Axe Murderer” Silva at the co-main event of UFC 110 in Australia, on February 20th:

“Stylistically, the fight may be similar to the one I had with Chris Leben in October 2008. Leben was a tough, aggressive guy with some highlight reel knockouts on his record and he really brought the fight to me. He also throws similarly wild and looping punches to Wanderlei.

I had to use my speed and straighter punches to beat Leben and the same thing may come into play with Wanderlei. I’d say Wanderlei is a bit quicker and more explosive than Leben overall. Obviously the  plans won’t be the same, but in terms of style there are similarities between the two of them. I’m not going to fight Wanderlei the way I did Leben, but I may draw on my fight with Leben to help me beat Wanderlei. Whichever way I have to fight, the end  will be the same, my arm will be raised!”

Michael Bisping defeated Chris Leben ???via Unanimous Decision at the main event of UFC 89, more than a year ago. “The Crippler” Leben was tested positive for steroids after the fight and received a 9-months suspension from fighting.

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  • Ninja

    Horrible fighter? Silva didn’t lose a fight for 4 years, he had a 16 fight win streak where he beat the best lhw’s and even fought in heavyweight division, silva is one of the best mma fighters ever, hes a legend

  • Ryan

    Am i the only person excited for this fight?
    i would love to see bisping rise to the challenge and havea good match with a true mma legend but i would also love to see him get knocked out.
    IMHO bisping seems to have grown more as a person since the loss to henderson. when he compares silva to leben he does so in a way that is not demeaning, but rather a proper analysis of the two fighters.

  • Jizzle11

    He can compare him to whoever he wants to compare him with

    He’s still going to lose

  • Jizzle11

    I mean bisping is still going to lose

  • terra2805

    No Ryan, you aren’t the only one excited for this fight, i’m pumped too, i’m really getting sick of all this unfounded negativity towards Mike though, every fighter is going to have fans and haters but the amount of shit this guys taking is unreal, and ……for what!? You guys just don’t get it do you, Wandy is WAY past his prime, still dangerous, yes, someone to fear, no, not anymore. Five years ago i would have probably picked Wanderlei to win myself, but today, bieng realistic, i can’t see it happening…………….

  • dropkickmurphy

    that is 32-10-2…only 30 wins off…Like Toyota…you don’t know MMA. As for Bisping talking about Leben’s highlight reel knockouts, isping has one too, and a speech impediment from it. Not even getting totally embarassed by being the reciepient of the knockout of the year can humble this guy enough to show respect

  • therealgarrylt1

    ur going too get that wish hommie. GO WAND

  • therealgarrylt1

    beautiful thats the old ax murder. and he said he is coming back too that savage way.

  • therealgarrylt1

    must be from uklol oh well nice try bising dont know half the time what he is talkn about. wand will shut his pie hole up.

  • therealgarrylt1

    ur a wise real man. rage ur smart .