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Who is the best Heavyweight in The UFC?


  • fail, 251 ounches to cheick congo’s head and he still couldnt finish it?? hows he gonna do against lesnar. big nog, or mir?

  • agreed

  • there is only one way to find out – and that is UFC 110.

  • my bas, its meant to be punches! really gotta read my messages before i post them and look like a tool

  • fail again!

  • Why is BIG NOG 2nd? Mir destroyed him

  • I agree, when you have a champ like Lesnar that was basically given the belt by Dana because he sells ppv you really end up with us real fans feeling like their isn’t a heavyweight champ in the UFC as the champ didn’t even deserve at title shot.

  • big nogs 33, if randy could rock lesnar at 46, surely thats not too old?

  • Mir no doubt he will prove himself in the rubber match against brock lesnaroids

  • thiers 1 champion and its brock so brocks got my vote.