Bernard Hopkins: I love MMA

Bernard Hopkins: I love MMA


Multi-time Boxing Champion Bernard Hopkins shared his thoughts about Mixed Martial Arts and its evolution as a sport. Only some time ago, Hopkins was on of those who critiqued Mixed Martial Arts, claiming that Boxing is totally different and a much better sport. Hopkins participated in UFC 133 open workouts, alongside Tito Ortiz, Rashad Evans, and other fighters who will test their skills inside the Octagon at the Wells Fargo Center on August 6th.

46-year old Hopkins (52-5) will face Chad Dawson in his next bout on October 15th in Los Angeles, California.

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I am a hardcore Mixed Martial Arts fan for a long time now, trying to promote the sport worldwide. I would be more than happy if you drop me a line, so we can chat about Mixed Martial Arts happenings around the world. Thanks for taking part in LowKick community !
  • UnderdogGreatness

    One of the greatest ever….B-Hop.

  • DirtyBox

    Answer your Blackberry Homie!

  • Keyboard Contender

    its great to have a boxer of Bernard’s caliber being part of the MMA community

  • ck1

    and its great to hear a great boxer talk about the differences sensibly and just respect both sports.

  • Rigo

    Didn’t Bernand made a video a few years back saying that the UFC was gay porn? correct me if im wrong but i think it was him
    if it was and now hes doing this interview it would be huge!
    changing his mind from saying its not a sport, its gay porn , to i respect MMA and what they do , that’s something!

  • Keyboard Contender

    @ck1completely agree man

  • Gabe

    Ha, I’m sure De La Hoya had something to do with turning Hopkins on to MMA after watching Fedor fight Sylvia. Mad respect for both sports and the men that go out there to fight.

  • Ryan22

    That was him saying mma is guys rolling around in panties…now this…hypocrite

  • Ryan Ventura

    WAR B-HOP!

  • Ryan22

  • fluffybuns

    he was cool about it though. he admitted his mistake as much as he could w/o losing face and gave all credit to MMA. gotta be tough for a guy like that to admit that an experienced MMA fighter, even if not a champ or even in the UFC, could kick his butt.

  • RabbitPuncher

    As I recall he was referring to MAA in that video (whatever that is…)