Bas Rutten: Steroids are for Losers

Bas Rutten: Steroids are for Losers


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  • Rory Kernaghan

    Bas for president

  • ogobska

    ive been in the medical for a quite time and been an avid fan of MMA for years but some guys doesn’t just make TRT a treatment but make it an excuse or over done it and make it look innocent. weak me all you want just me in nyack hospi

  • Mike Perryman

    Bas is the man! And he said it best about this issue. Alot of these fighters are having to get hormone replacement therapy because of prior steroid abuse. If someone has to abuse steroids or any other performance enhancing compound in order to gain an “edge” over their opponent is like Bas said, ” Weak in the mind”. So later in their career these same cats have to be put on TRT replacement theraopy in order to get their levels of testosterone back up to normal levels just to be competetive again. Maybe if a fighter abuses his body he should face the consequences later down the line and just hang it up. It does nothing but make the people who really need it look bad too. And it doesn’t shine a positive light on the sport either.

  • Bucky Power

    Bas made it plain and simple. That dude in the hat wasn’t making bas happy at all

  • rekceb

    If you need to use TRT due to a disease or due to your cut in weight and it promotes a problem, perhaps you should be working at UPS not MMA.

  • odesahitman

    Why UPS? What’s wrong with DHL?

  • poweroftwomen

    it`s an absolute fact that there are fighters out there that are making out they need TRT/abusing TRT just to get the edge in the fights. Its so obvious. Was Nate and Cheal using TRT for medical reasons or to get the edge in the ring, i`m 95 percent certain they were using it to get the edge, and if anyone can prove me wrong i will give you ten dollars.

  • David Saucier

    That dude in the hat was Dennis Super Man Hallman

  • nickp44

    God speed, and party on…. boop! Agree 100% with Bas.

  • TheMMAfan

    I sharped you

  • ogobska

    i don’t care its a hard fact of any sport

  • pancreasshot

    is 100% right. nothing more needs to be said..NEXT!

  • 911

    TRT? As most everyone that follows the trt arguments – knows.. Bas Rutten has a strong opinion about PEDs. Bas Rutten, has said that he naturally has always had higher levels of testosterone. On ‘Inside MMA’, he commented about how strong he was as a youth, doing one-arm pullups. He said that he attributed his superhuman-like strength, to having higher levels of testosterone; way higher than normal. I like him, but does that mean that when he competed, he should have; in all fairness, been? taking something to lower his levels, so that they were normal?