BJ Penn to meet Nick Diaz at UFC 137

BJ Penn to meet Nick Diaz at UFC 137


The whispers of a BJ Penn versus Nick Diaz fight at UFC 137 turned into screams when UFC President Dana White tweeted the following on Thursday night:

This is crazy but here we go again! You wanted it so you got it. Penn vs Diaz Oct 27th in Vegas

Almost immediately White corrected the date in another tweet:

I meant Oct 29th

There had been speculation that Penn and Diaz would meet on UFC 137 since Diaz was removed from the main event against Georges St-Pierre and replaced by Carlos Condit on Wednesday afternoon.

Penn is coming off a three round draw with Jon Fitch in his last bout, which took place at UFC 127 in February. Diaz will be riding a ten-fight winning streak heading into UFC 137, with his last fight being a first round TKO win over Paul Daley on April 9, 2011.

What’s your opinion of this fight LowKick’ers?

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Photo: BJ Penn, right, fights Kenny Florian during UFC 101 at the Wachovia Center on August 8, 2009, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Francis Specker

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  • Woodstock

    i think this is great, im digin this line up even more.

  • DR3W

    good fight hope bj kicks hiss ass

  • Kevin

    Go Penn

  • DaddyLongStrokes

    Thought as much, I got BJ via Decision
    More complete fighter

  • thexperience1

    Can’t wait to watch BJ destroy Diaz !!!

  • UnderdogGreatness

    Now, I have to root against one of those guys. Thank you Dana and Nick.

  • MMAW

    hmm some people already predicting BJ to beat Diaz.
    i dont agree, i think the way Diaz fights works against BJ (specifically his cardio)

  • speede

    and they say Dana doesn’t deliver that is awesome fight card

  • michaelchimique

    people bitch about diaz having to fight Penn need to realize you can’t pull a stunt like that without re precautions. as for this fight i feel that penn should get the #1 contender spot should he win. but should diaz win. make his ass work for the shot.

  • taz

    I’m more excited for this fight as the fight with GSP would probably have been GSP laying on top of Diaz for five rounds, If BJ doesn’t have his cardio in top form this could be a very bad fight for him, but it is a very tough fight to pick either guy! Lets just hope this fight happens!

  • moots

    Seriously – the past few days turnarounds have resulted in some really good matchups. Sure, Diaz vs GSP was potentially a decent fight – but now we have DIAZ VS PENN and GSP VS CONDIT, two awesome fights!

  • Nik_Hulstein

    Diaz was soppose to fight GSP on the same card right?

  • BigNog22

    now this card is definitely my most anticipated one of the year.

  • taz

    The last couple of days have been full of great and strange news for MMA fans.

  • john wayne

    It has been crazy but u couldnt ask for better iam glad they didnt cut diaz and gave bj a good fight. condit will win the title and bj will be no. 1 contender couldnt have worked out better for bj. cuz nobody wants to see GSP vs BJ 3 but me so i wouldnd happen so now BJ gets his chance and its two awsome ass fights

  • Bruce Lee

    I’ve no problem with BJ but I have never been a big fan. I am now.

    Kidding. Actually, this will be a very good fight.

  • griffin

    my dream match has finally become a reality. both guys top top level BJJ and boxing this is crazy i dont even know who to cheer for or who will win

  • Jaypak

    Bad Match-up for Diaz. The “Prodigy” out class him from BJJ to Boxing.

  • mindkontrolle

    the ol’ switcharoo. good fight.

  • Gobo

    I’m very happy how things turned out. Diaz by Cardio

  • scrappymcgee

    i would really like for the fight to play out like that. Motivated BJ please grace us on this night.

  • Rigo

    **** yeah! lets do it!! Nick vs Penn!! hereeeee we gooo!

  • toxic

    fair enough for BJ and Diaz…. will be some great fights on that card… :) :)

  • IfYouWantBlood

    SO happy this materialized!!!!

    It was looking like Penn might get scrapped and no Diaz yesterday. I was so sad haha. They announced the change 3 hours after I bought tickets… and I’m coming from Vancouver with 3 buddies to see this crazy fight card.

    Glad it all worked out! Gonna be an epic weekend with halloween 2 days later. hell yes

  • en09si

    Nick Diaz should be effin grateful he got to fight someone as stellar as BJ. If I was white I would have had him fight someone like Ebersole to teaach him a lesson

  • x murderer

    hahaha great move…this looks almost staged! awesome.

  • OperationCWAL

    Think we all know BJ is gonna get the W

  • movescamp

    I seriously doubt it. Depends on which bj shows up.

  • movescamp

    It would make sense as to why nick is training with ward.

  • ogobska

    Ppv worth paying for

  • Warcrazed

    Dunno if you saw the last few Penn fights, but I thought he looked sharp and I don’t count him out of this one. When you fight sub-par competition like Diaz has in Strikeforce, it can bring down your own game, or at the very least, limit your growth as a fighter if your ego swells unnecessarily, which its seem to have done with Diaz. I’m going with BJ Penn via submission or decision.

  • Daddy

    This will be closer than most people think OR a first round knockout for BJ penn- he is a bit of an animal of late

  • pound4pound

    I donĀ“t really know how this fight is going to go, but it will be great and exciting for sure.

    But I think in the Condit vs GSP, GSP is going to take down Condit and beat a whole in his face with hi not able to do something, Diaz was better fight for GSP but he blew it…

  • nochoice

    Why pull diaz from the card and than let him fight someone else on the same card, makes no sense to me .

  • BrrrImCold

    FOTN for sure…can’t wait to see these scrappers have it out. BJ ain’t never scared homie! Cardio could be BJ’s down fall.

    (on a side note, these 2 guys jits is another level…and honestly would not mind seeing some sub attempts and escapes…but I have they stand and BANG.)

  • Conan

    I cheer for BJ Penn! If he takes this one, he is the number 1 contender for the title.


    This fight has epic written all over it.
    Diaz better show up!

  • Keyboard Contender

    Jon fitch now must continue to toil in title shot obscurity for the foreseeable future

  • DKMcGrath

    Oooh theres plenty of contenders for Fitch to dryhump in the new future,I hope BJ comes well prepaired but I think BJ gots this and Diaz will be TKO’d.

  • DKMcGrath


  • Harris

    This fight will be cool it just seems Diaz was pulled very quickly . Not saying what he did was right but i think the fight is what people wanna see not the press conference

  • Keyboard Contender

    but attending the conference is part of his contract (media, fight promotion) he didnt attend it and therefore did not fully honor his contract which led to him being removed from the GSP fight, the punishment fit the crime perfectly in my opinion

  • duder113

    one good solution :)

  • Bill Cosby

    I don’t really call this a punishment going to fight one hall of famer to another.

  • IChokePeople

    I agree that BJ shouldn’t be a heavy favourite but even though I have GSP V Diaz as close and think that GSP would steam roll Penn I also have Diaz V Penn as very close because of their similarities. Penn and Diaz are both exceptional grapplers. Although they have very different boxing styles they are both at the top of the WW heap in this department and neither of them throw many kicks. BJ does throw better kicks when he chooses to though. Neither fighter is known for their wrestling but the deciding factor might be BJ’s improved abilities in this department. He was about even with Fitch in this range until he gassed. That could also be the deciding factor but in the other corner. BJ did gas in his last fight. Diaz never has. I have no idea who is going to win this fight.

  • ksooner76

    So thats what Dana meant if he could have his way so…….but to let Daiz
    fight after the chit he just did ****ed up but maybe hope BJ will teach him
    to be an ass and disrespect