UFC 118 is the most important card to the LW divison in recent memory. After the nearly unbeatable BJ penn lost a questionable descion to number one contender Frankie Edgar, there has been alot of buzz in the MMA world. was the win legit? Has Bj penn been exposed? is edgar the future of the LW divison? all these questions will be answered after august 28th. but i think the real discussion here is wether or not we will see  diffrent fighters on august 28th.


It is no shock or suprise to hardcore fans that BJ Penn has always struggled with commitment, work ethic, and cardio. But these questions were of no concern before Abu Dhabi, Penn was reborn under intense training of legend Marv Marinovich( formally known for his NFL work with Steelers D.back Troy polamalu). But after the fight  these questions were ALL brought back into discussion. Was penns loss a result of bad training habits and underestimating his opponent frankie edgar? the truth is nobody knows, of course Bj or his camp wont admit it but there had to have been something that contributed to his performance in Abu Dhabi. Or was it that penn was simply outclassed by the grinding machine that is Edgar? and finally will the prodigy come back and re claim his rightful place at the top of the heap? or will he suffer the first back to back losses in the LW divison?


Whatever the case maybe i will be at the Garden on the 28th and i cannot wait to find out. this will sure be one explosive rematch that will eventually decide the fate of the UFC's 155 lb divison and BJ penns legacy.