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Where is BJ Penn at the end of 2010



LW Champion?


In Strikeforce?

  • I think Penn will win his belt back. He almost needed this loss at LW i hope it motivates him, and brings back the beast/prodigy.

  • Will be a replay of the last fight; with the exact same decision result.

    Penn should have gotten back in line, the same way GSP did (after his loss to Serra) and the way Fedor will, now, after his loss to Werdum; assuming Werdum fights Overeem.

    As I see the result being the same as the first, I fail to see why this fight was scheduled; Edgar should (probably) be fighting Maynard.

    I’m sure he will be champ again, but it may take a while and he has to be on his toes and in shape to run that division; 155 is probably the most stacked and competitive division in the UFC and if Jose Aldo decides to go up in weight, it will only get tougher (as a class).

    And a permanent move to 170 is out of the question, particularly given Penn’s hit-and-miss training habits; he’d wouldn’t beat the big fish in 170; certainly not the biggest fish.

    Like Diego Sanchez, Penn is best served and suited, in the 155’s. And the only thing you could do for his game? Keep him in shape (as he was for his Sanchez fight), put more muscle on him and maybe, maybe, work on his wrestling (Edgar, Maynard, Griffin are all better wrestlers). Other then that, I don’t know what you do with Penn – he’s got everything else.

    His biggest problem is being in shape. The Penn that fought Sanchez probably beats everyone in 155 (except for, Aldo, if he comes up…that fight could easily go to JA…would be epic to watch, either way). The Penn that fought FE and lost, was not in the same shape.

    I picked Edgar in the last fight. I’ll pick’em again; he’s too fast and too good a wrestler; he’ll out work Penn, again. BJ will never get him to the ground; he would never keep him there if he did – there goes a huge chunk of Penn’s game; Edgar will be free to stand and trade, move in and out and will and set up the take down – Edgar by decision.

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  • I don’t think that there is any way of knowing until after he fights Edgar again.

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