Ultimate Fighting Championship's first Australia card received mixed emotions from the local press. UFC 110 was declared as the most succesful overseas UFC event, with 17,873 spectators and a massive $2.5 million gate, but it looks like not everyone in Australia is happy to see "the blood sport" in the area.

Popular South Australian newspaper adelaidenow.com.au gave a negative review to Dana White's "violent show", putting poll named "Should cage fighting be legalsied in South Australia?" with options like "Yes, it's great" and "No, it's barbaric". The article itself, was everything but objective to the sport:

"It was also in Jamie Te Huna's broken arm. And in Brian Foster's dislocated knee. It was in Stephan Bonnar's bleeding forehead, over the welt under his eye and into the blood running from his mouth."

"It was in all of that ... this threat of violence that finally became real when the UFC finally arrived in Sydney yesterday."

UFC President Dana White stated that the promotion's next destination in Australia is Melbourne, where Mixed Martial Arts are not legalized just yet. Australian reception much better than the one UFC received in Germany, where almost every media source wrote negative articles about the sport.

Ultimate Fighting Championship's next international voyage will be to Abu Dhabi, UAE, where  UFC will present their stacked UFC112: Invincible fight card, headlined by the UFC Middleweight Title fight between Anderson Silva and Demian Maia.

You can read the full Adelaide News article here. Do not forget to vote.