Anderson Silva’s trainer: "We prepare for war"

Anderson Silva’s trainer: "We prepare for war"


UFC Middleweight Champion and arguably the best Pound for Pound fighter in the world, Anderson Silva, is preparing full time these days for another title defense against the former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, 19-8 Vitor Belfort.

Silva’s coach Josuel Distak, who also trained Vitor Belfort back in the day, analyzed the fight that will headline UFC 112 in an interview to the Brazilian website, stating that Anderson Silva is 100% healthy, and ready for anything “The Phenom” prepares for him:

“Anderson has already recovered, he’s ready and he’s training to keep our belt, whoever the opponent is. There is point in discussing Vitor’s gameplan… I trained him in the past, he changed. Anderson’s too, is an evolution sport. We’re training to keep our belt, I am completely sure that Anderson will win.”

Anderson Silva remains silent about his possible plan for Vitor Belfort, but Josuel Distak has a very good explanation for not discussing your plans prior to the fight:

“Look, I don’t know the strategy I’ll be doing, but ours we kept in secret. Let’s say that you’re preparing a war, so you can’t say your strategy or your target.”

Anderson “The Spider” Silva will fight Vitor “The Phenom” Belfort at UFC 112 on April 10th, in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Silva has defended his belt for five consecutive times so far and is currently unbeaten in The Ultimate Fighting Championship.

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  • Jpulfrey84084

    this shud be a great fight ! **** marquardt he had his shot, got hit and curled up in a ball

  • JaytheBrit

    are u related to forrest ?


    It’s gonna be a wash in Abu Dhabi, Silva all the way

  • terra2805

    I can’t see anybody matching Silva skill for skill for quite some time but to write off a fighter like Vetor Belfort before they even step into the cage is madness, nothing is certain in this game, history teaches us that. Vetor has the chance all fighters have in any fight, a punchers chance, and we all know Vetor is a much better and definately faster puncher than your average fighter so surely he has a better chance than most, i think so. I still think Anderson will win but this is a dangerous fight for him without a doubt……..and i CANT WAIT!!!!…….


    Vitor for sure has much more hand speed than Forrest.

  • Lowkickdodger

    Who knows, vitor cud do what Rua did to Machida. I doubt it tho.

  • UrHype

    You would think with Anderson’s height, he would have more headkick KO’s, but obviously he doesnt really need them.

  • garrylt1

    vitor hits harder! vitor has faster hands! why because vitor has a pro back ground in boxing! any ways fedor is the best pound for pound! heres aother true fact! fedor has got the hardest punch! in all of mma! if silva only would fight fedor! silva would get his arm ripped off! or his head handed too him!

  • Rory Kernaghan

    u really think the two deadliest strikers in mma will go to a decision??? LOFL