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Anderson Silva says Jon Jones’ performance was “Amazing”; Not ruling out the return to 205


UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson “The Spider” Silva shared his thoughts about Jon Jones‘ performance against Shogun Rua, declaring that the 23 year old Champ will keep his belt for a very long time. Silva also labeled Jones’ performance as “amazing”, giving more praise for the newly crowned Champion.

The potential “Superfight” between Anderson Silva and Jon Jones is currently one of the most hot topics in the Mixed Martial Arts community, with fans and media alike speculating about the possible outcome.

And of course Jon Jones is not the only “Superfight” possibility for Anderson Silva. “The Spider” may find himself in the cage against Georges St. Pierre, if the French-Canadian manages to overcome the hurdle of Jake Shields on April 30th, at the Rogers Center in Toronto, Canada.

Anderson Silva is currently unbeaten for over five years, holding an incredible record of 13 consecutive victories in the UFC, with 8 title defenses. Silva’s professional Mixed Martial Arts record is 28-4.

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  • Wow a whole interview in English from AS.

  • If JJ and AS were ever announced, Silva is guaranteed the underdog in this fight. Its crazy because most AS fans are also JJ fans. This matchup is bad for silva. Imagine the sonnen fight but worse.

  • Praise from Caesar.

  • He won the Sonnen fight

  • I would rather see this than Silva vs Gsp anyday

  • jon jones would beat the hell out of any fighter he faces period…this should not stun anybody..also i hope everybody shuts up about jon just being hype because the champ is here.

  • Calm down! and yea i do think alot of people are kind of stuck in the moment of what jon jones just did i think after a while and all the hype calms down the smart people will realize he’s not near ready for Anderson.S..his stand is way more supirior to Jones!!!

  • Do you really think a fighter like Anderson didnt learn from that?Do you really think he would let that happen agin? NO! i think the hype around jones has people forgeting who the baddest man on the planet is!!!and what hes capable of!!!

  • lol. true!

  • Come on Silva Man up and fight Jones already!!
    Give the Fans a Fight for the Ages!!!

  • Such a dumb comment!!! Anderson cant learn??? Lmao the guys only 35 fighters probly learn sumthing new everytime they get into training camp for a new opponent!!! and how the hell would you know what a fighter like anderson can and cant learn? Lmao crazy comment!!!

  • why tell me that like i care??? idk if you knew but Shogun and anderson i two totally different fighter haha how can u try and compare them!!!

  • Anderson’s English is better than Wand’s, Werdum’s, Junior, **** almost as good as Vitor and his pronunciation is better, and this is the first time I’ve heard him speak english for more than one sentence and those guys give English a shot every time. Did you hear the confidence and flow with which he said “I don’t know.”? Totally idiomatic, this guy speaks better than almost any Brazillian in the fight game, Chael wasn’t kidding. I hope this becomes a regular occurence, no more Soaresitis.

  • “lol true” that comment was meant towards Caseyphoney

  • Lmao and you can always tell when it hurts someones feelings when everybody weaks all their comments Haha

  • Sonnen and Jones are different types of wrestlers. Sonnen has a good shot and isn’t afraid to take a little damage on the way in, Jones on the other hand gets most of his TD’s from the clinch, a very dangerous spot to be in against Anderson. Right now I would take Anderson in this fight based on his superior stand up, ability to avoid damage if taken down, and superior conditioning and experience.

  • ah man who the hell is horking at 0:25

  • Good points for sure, but looking at Jones, I still question his conditioning a little. Supposedly he was exhausted going into the third and had to find a second gear to kick into, and in the Bonnar fight he did look tired towards the end. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me that he would have poor conditioning based on his body type, but who knows, maybe that is simply not one of his natural strengths and it still requires a lot of improvement. Andersons conditioning appears to be very good, but he is also efficient at using his energy which is something Jones may have to learn to do better. Only way I see Jones winning is getting an early takedown and working for a sub because Andersons ground game is questionable IMO.

  • ur turn will come anderson,don’t worry.

  • You have to admit though Jones was picking apart a visibly exhausted Shogun. All the credit to Jones, but once Shogun got up from that first take down he looked sluggish.

    If you think Jones is even in the same league as Anderson in terms of striking, than your letting the hype (which is mostly deserved) get to you. Jones has long reach and mixes it up well which makes his striking more effective, but he would never pick apart Anderson with strikes while standing, unless he exhausted him first like he did with Shogun which is unlikely.

  • haha maybe post somthing smart on here and peple will agree with you not that hard kik…and sorrry i didnt know this was a contest to see who could get the most sharp votes or in your case weak votes Lmao i dont really care what mine get as long as there read i thought was the whole point..just a guess tho Haha

  • Lol im telling you Anderson (and/or his management team) is getting pissed he aint pullin the kind of PPV numbers Brock and GSP and even Penn are!!!! All this Steven Segal BS and now trying to talk english shitt…..I think it would be gangstar if he just started calling kids out and made big fights happen

  • uumm yea shogun and A.S are two TOTALLY different fighters the fact that they have the same base and originated from the same camp means nothing.. shogun is more of a brawler and silva is waaaayy more graceful and technical, taller, quicker, better footwork, more precise and has mixed more martial arts disciplines into his game.. silva’s takedown defense is not as porous as shogun’s (its actually above average but people NEED a weakness to harp on) and silva’s BJJ is better (especially from the bottom).. by saying they’re the same you sound like a average fan

  • Oh, Boys. Jones needs to defense his belt 9 times to compare Silva. Wait him to fight against Evans, Machida, Rampage, Mousasi… Beat the best is not enough to overcome it. Have to overcome their brands. Did Rashad is most important to MMA than Liddel only for a KO? Of course not. Silva is superior to Jones in this moment, even in a case of a defeat. Bones need more Years.

  • Very true, very true…It would be interesting, but my money would be on The Spider, especially if he was the betting underdog!

    Landing a big shot standing would be unlikely IMO. Silva’s combination of speed, power, footwork, head movement and timing (+ distancing) is unmatched. AND, I don’t think it would be that easy for Jones to control Silva on the ground. If you look at the Vera fight, he was fairing well, he even got back up to his feet in the middle of the octagon (and they all have similar builds). I’m not aware of the intricacies of ground work and BJJ, but maybe it would be harder for Jones to control a guy with Silvas body type on the ground then some of his other opponents?

    If I were Jones in this fight, i would work for a sub, because AS is durable and well conditioned, and the longer the fight goes the harder it will be for Jones to finish IMO.

  • finally some one else who doesn’t think Jones is king after one fight lets see him have 15 more fights n build a legacy instead of one win n call him number one

  • silva was injuryed that cheal sonnen fight rember that if that fight happened again it would be all over n lets jones when he gets cut up by elbows from n starts losing his heart if u think jones is that good n number u need to look n see he hasnt even fought more then 20 fights

  • nowhere in that post did i say silva was a better grappler.. dude you just said two fighters are the same because they have a couple of attributes in common have the same base and originate from the same camp you didnt even bother to think about or research the intricacies of each ones game and i sound like an average fan?? .. i’ve seen every silva fight there is silva’s takedown is above average ALOT of the time when he gets taken down he just stops sprawling and pulls guard because his guard is lethal way more lethal than shogun’s if you’ve been following silva’s career especially his ufc run you would know this

  • I dont know how you can claim he knows english so well when about 30% of the interview he is repeating “I am very happy” or “I was very happy”.

  • jones did well, i wanted shogun to win. shogun didn’t do a god damn thang, i was so pissed sitting at boston pizza eating my $20 worth of shitty pasta but jones mop the floor with shogun i was so ashamed for shogun its not even funny … hopefully this makes the LHW div more interesting its seems like the LWH and HW Div always seem to change hands

  • Anderson wouldnt be able to deal with the size and wrestling of Jones. I think he’d be outmatched striking wise too. If Jones wants a challenge i say move up to heavyweight

  • idk if everybody thinks he is king, but the potential he shows at a young age is impressive and excites people. im not a big jon jones fan btw

  • you know i think it should be gsp silva if gsp wins. i consider both in there prime. at a catch weight there would be no excuses. jones silva doesnt make since although i take nothnig away from jones he looked awsome aganst one of the best fighters off all time and surprised the hell out of me you cant compare him with gsp or silva for the reason we all know and i think its the fight the fans want to see and all you ever hear coke head dana say is he makes the fights the fan want to see so show us your not full of shit dana and set that sh!t up

  • How can you possibly say he’d be outmatched striking wise..?

    Jon Jones and Silva are both my boys, but Jesus Christ man, it’s Anderson Silva. Check the dude’s accolades. C’mon man.

  • lets get it on!!!!!

  • Jones would murder Anderson pure and simple, you live in some fairytale land if you don’t think that is the case. Sonnen owned Silva for almost 5 rounds and got caught in a submission and there is no doubt that Jones would throw Sonnen around like a rag doll.

    I am not some Jones fanboy that is saying he can’t be beaten I am just being realistic.

  • Jones would murder Anderson pure and simple, you live in some fairytale land if you don’t think that is the case. Sonnen owned Silva for almost 5 rounds and got caught in a submission and there is no doubt that Jones would throw Sonnen around like a rag doll.

    I am not some Jones fanboy that is saying he can’t be beaten I am just being realistic.

  • @Rigo what r u talking about, Silva cant just go and fight anyone he wants….if UFC makes him a offer and he says no then u can go around saying he should man up and fight Jones until then no need to talk about that and anyways Jones has to fight Evans, Rampage, Machida etc first

  • Jones is not losing that belt anytime soon. I’m sick of people calling him a,hype, the hype is over the champion is here. RUA got beat he was a 100 percent ready to fight. If he look tired early in the fight it was because of the work Bones put on him. Forearm to the throat and hands over the mouth is all while beautifully gnping the Shit out of him. Bones is a smart fighter. He could stand and strike with the best of them even with A.silva and if he happens to take u down you won’t be getting back up unless he let’s you or that bell rings. Pretty soon everyone is gonna see what I’m talking about. He’s gonna run through this division with ease. That belt won’t be moving from hand to hand no more. It’s going go be with one person for a while and that person is Bones. I hope A.S. moves to 205 so Bones can conquer him. And when he does I can’t wait to hear the new foolish Shit some of you lowkickers have the balls to say. Jon Bones Jones is here people your now in the presence of greatness without even knowing. But soon you won’t be able to deny it.

  • Yah man you make a lot of good points and clearly know your shit when it comes to MMA. I try to recall small details from fights I’ve watched throughout time, but I guess different people gather what they have seen and draw varying conclusions and inferences.

    I tend to agree with you on the fact that nobody outside of the guys you mentioned would survive on the ground. Not just based on skillset alone, but it is scary the way the Jackson Team can pick apart an opposing fighters game and transfer knowledge to their fighter. I can’t say that I’m confident that Anderson has the ability to out think Jones on the ground, and anticipate + counter his ground offense. BUT, unless Jones can manage to takedown Anderson from the clinch and end up in half guard or side control, I think Andersons chances of surviiving on the ground give him a good chance to win (assuming Jones conditioning is at the level I beleieve it to be). Add to the equation that Anderson uses his energy efficiently on the ground, absorbs little punishment, can take punishment well if need be, and make his opponent uncomfortable inside his guard with elbows + body triangle, and I like his chances. As time passes obviously those chances will decrease, but as of now my money would be on Anderson, and his value as an underdog on the betting line would be attractive.

  • Quick additional notes

    To be fair to Jones, Vera made him unconformable with those up kicks and he stayed composed.

    And until I see him fight more I tend to subscribe to the theory that at this level the competition is so high, and the gap between the best fighters will slowly continue to close as the game changes, and it will basically come down to style match ups , game plans, and mental fortitude. But if someone is simply on another level, I will gladly give them the credit they deserve, just not ready to say that about Jones. Aldo has looked unbeatable, but I haven’t seen enough of him yet, and the grappling/wrestling aspect of MMA in general is more efficient in getting wins. Right now GSP looks like the most untouchable fighter at his weight, but his style does have alot to do with that.

  • It’s the flow, the confidence, the accent, the fact that he didn’t misunderstand a single thing that was said – even Wand and Fabricio who’ve been in the States for a while often dance around questions because they can’t understand them properly. His last fight he needed Soares to translate all the questions as well as his answers, and within a couple months is suddenly confident and competant enough to do a five minute interview solo? Come on. Dray has it right – guy’s the supposed best fighter in the world and isn’t even top five PPV draws in the UFC. There’s something to be said about that

  • I love me some Jones, but I’d have to go with Anderson Silva if that fight ever happened.

  • NOT AS EXCITING? ARE YOU ****ING BATSHIT MENTAL? And to say “not nearly” as exciting, you are out of your tree pal, even if you think Silva is more exciting it’s by a hair, and only because he’s had more fights. Jones has had eight spectacular, entertaining performances… have you seen Silva fight Leites, Cote or Maia? The Lutter fight was boring too. Seems to me Jones has a better percentage of entertaining fights. Nevermind the fact that just watching Jones hop and spin and twirl and fly, it’s amazing man, impressive feats of physicality, nevermind that they’re also all devastating.

  • Exactly. People seem to think that because Silva caught a triangle on a guy who is KNOWN for giving up triangles, suddenly he’d be able to handle the wrestling and strength of Jones. What would Silva do against Jones??? He couldn’t stand outside and throw those LOOOONG Spider punches because he’ll come up short every time, or eat punches for his efforts. He will be taken down, controlled and elbowed to death.

  • I think Bones should fight Silva’s clone–now that would be a fight for the ages!

  • So you dont think repeating “I am very happy” is dancing around questions at all? How many people who actually speak english say that so many times in one conversation?

    If your willing to go so far as to make claims that repeating basic sentences in response to various different questions doesnt show a lack of understanding the language, you are lying to yourself.

    People on these forums need to spend less time looking for anything to hate on and try to make all sorts of drama about, and more time talking about actual MMA. It’s pathetic how the majority of people are talking trash about fighters and Dana White more than anything else.

    I thought you guys are supposed to be MMA fans? Not drama queens! Who cares about all the drama! If drama is all you care about you should be watching WWE and not MMA.

  • lol Silva can go too white and make his request for o fight jones ! its up too silva ! white would do it in a heart beat !

  • Show me a fight he was in in the UFC that was boring. I just said, eight super entertaining fights, ****sake only two of them have gone to decisions and the one against Bonnar was one of the most exciting of all. WEAK buddy, the internet has all of his videos for your viewing pleasure, check them out. Are you actually trying to say that Jones’ striking isn’t anything special? Whatever dude, grow up.

  • Boring hahaha, what sport are you watching son? You’re off your chair – someone get the foam out of this retard’s mouth.

  • Oh yeah, and he’s TWENTY ****ING THREE

  • defending the LHW belt 5 times is roughly the equivilent of defending the MW belt 14 times so jon jones doesnt have that far to go but it is a very hard task ahead

  • I’m beginning to think we don’t see either fight anytime soon

  • I thought that was funny code

  • so is Jones ducking Cain?? or Edgar ducking Jones?? seeing that they havn’t gone and called anyone out


  • I bet you that chicken shit gsp is delighted the flack is off him!!

    Oh come on it was a joke weak yaself!! 😐

  • Anyone else noticing that corey continously repeats exactly the same sentences?
    Come on man..

  • @ Corey I don’t care about your thoughts. You sound like most of the lowkickers I can’t stand. Stop making excuses for Shogun, he was at his worst? No he’s just not better than Jones plain and simple. At All. Lmao he will never touch that gold again, sorry. Read my comment again, then read it again. And after bones gets done with his legacy and defeats silva go to my page a pay me homage. He’s gonna be the best to ever do it. Mark my words

  • Corey is weak!!! I noticed it too. Lmao he’s a fool

  • A.Silva vs. D.Maia was one of the worst performances I’ve ever seen. Boring as hell and very disrespectful. Jones will never put on a show like that.@ Corey ur a dumbass if you think Jones don’t pit on shows. He broke Veras face in. He beats the Shit out of people. He’s gonna be on Jay Leno. Your a ****ing tard if you think he’s a sissy.

  • So was Silva not considered king until after 9 title defenses? Jones is now king of his weight class. He has the skill and discipline to stay that way for a long time, but anything can happen. Time will tell. He has similar movements to Silva, but obviously with a different bas skillset. I believe it is possible we could be witnessing the birth of the next long term title run.

  • If this fight did happen it gonna be ****in EPIC!!

  • Corey, you are right. jones is not the smoothest we have ever seen. he is still learning, yet with all his flaws he has still dominated everyone so far in just as good as a polished Silva has. Right now I would pick Jones ahead of Silva, though with Silva having a chance. Jones will continue to improve and soon be way beyond anything Silva has been.

    Look at Silva in his early years, he had shown promise, but had also struggled on occasion. he has developed into one of the best stand up practicioners in MMA with decent BJJ and that’s it. Jones has flaws but his unpolished game is that good already no one has exploited any of them and he will only get better.

    You say he is gonna get hit. He has had how many fights and been hit how many times?

    I like Silva but have always thought him overrated when idiots claim he is p4p king and such. A highlight reel of finishes does not mean he is the most skillful fighter. Someone like Lutter almost had him yet gave up full mount for God knows what reason. Sonnen bossed Silva for over 20 minutes. hendo had some success early on against Silva. jones has never been remotely troubled in the octagon and all this at the age of 23. If he remains hungry, focused and continues to improve he will far surpass Silvas achievements. It may take a loss for jones to fulfil his potential as he takes many risks, but he has shown a tremendously well rounded game for someone so young and a fast fighters brain which is a rare thing.

  • Jones might have a hard time taking Silva down. His best takedowns are from the clinch and AS might be able to avoid that. IF Jones did get on top of AS it would be very bad for the Spider. I see the winner of that being the guy who keeps the fight in their realm. On the feet, Silva wins. On the ground, Jones wins.

  • Damn, I just posted that and then scrolled down and saw that you beat me to it.

  • How awesome would that fight be?

    I’d far rather see Silva v. Jones, than Silva v. GSP. I think Silva is the only guy that could beat Jones and that’s “if” he can do it. Other than that, they’d probably need someone like Cain to even have a chance. For my money, JJ beat everyone and anyone @ 205 or below.

  • I agree with you, but I still think Jones will never have the standup prowess of Silva. Yes Jones is infinitely talented and improving, but Silvas combination of speed, power, timing, footwork, technical ability ect ect is hard to match. You can look at AS early in his career and say he wasn’t nearly as skilled as Jones at that point, but I also doubt he was training like a professional North American athlete or even remotely close to Jones level at that time.

  • silva is a piece of work isn’t he . lol will he move up too light heavy weight the interviewer asked. lol. why would silva want too . silva got enough on his plate. like vitor sonnen . silva should fight jones for belt but silva is not a high risk gambler . silva wants too remain undefeated with his middle weight title. i really do think white should have a pound for pound belt for each weight class.

  • lol…lol

  • Silva is the one who wouldn’t fight him. He has a lot more to lose, and a lot smaller chance of winning.

  • Let’s go Silva, so Jones can kick your ass and you can eat some humble pie, you ****y S.O.B.

  • AS never put on a show like that before either until then. I actually found it highly entertaining for the first 3 rounds.

  • Jon Jones said he used to look up to Shogun and realized he is at his level and that now he looks up to AS.

  • to cagerage62….
    Bro why so much hate. This guy is a true champion…..Its easy to judge someone behind a computer screen but it would be different telling it in front of his face…..

  • dude what the **** a pound for pound belt for each class thats stupid that is why there is a champion in each weight class..a pound for pound belt is stupid…the ranking system is good enough

  • you assume he wouldnt be able to last but you dont know until it actually happens i hate when people think they know everything and talk about what will happen without actually having a damn clue

  • to be honest tho im sick of this debating of super fights. i just want to see the champions reign supreme. if you move up or down then reliquinish your belt and work your way up. that being said id like to see a fair ladder system in place not whose worth more ppv revenue even if i understand the ufc’s position

  • Why is Anderson Silva the only one who has to move to different weight classes to “prove” himself?

    Why doesn’t Frankie Edgar move down and fight Jose Aldo? Why won’t Fedor move down and fight Jon Jones? Why won’t Jon Jones move up and fight Cain Velasquez? Why is GSP so reluctant to move up and face Silva?

    Out of the fighters I’ve just named, Anderson Silva is the only one who has actually moved up and dominated TWICE (once against a former LHW champ). Talk about double standards.

  • Anderson Silva one of an elite fighter in the world without doubt with a lot of tools and skillset
    and one of my favorite fighter all time.But, Jon Jones so talented and so unpredictable and well mentally
    and physically prepared and hes definitely taller with better reach and stronger than Anderson Silva .
    And,before the fight with “Shogun” Rua almost everones said Jone “Bones” Jones doesn’t have a chance to stand
    toe to toe and trade with well rounded with one of the the best striker in the world former Champion and
    Shogun said he underdog disrepect the Champion just makes him more motivated coming with 100% with mentally and phsically
    to give Jone “Bones” Jones a lesson how to respect the Champion and Jone Jones so dominated him and made him like a rookie
    how do you explained ? And if Anderson Silva vs Mauricio “Shogun” Rua ever happen I give them 50/50 % each
    chance to win.But,The potential “Superfight” between Anderson Silva and Jon Jones
    I’ll five 60/50 % favorite to Jon Jones that kid period.imo

  • Could you guys imagine the weigh in for the fight? Both fighters always look away from their opponents instead of right in their eyes I guess its a mental thing. This fight has to happen cmon dana dont drop the ball on this one!

  • Pointing out that a mma fighter will get hit is foolish, I agree.

  • hey kid go get lost ! u know nothn ! thats why u dont have any say here!

  • theres a reason every comment you’ve written has gotten weaks. i was rooting for shogun but he lost. anderson silva has admitted getting ****ed up by shogun while sparring in chute box. shogun couldnt land a kick on jones. get over it. jones is the best out there in any division, in any organization

  • But fight like Roy Jones.