Anderson Silva predicts Big Nog and Wanderlei victories at UFC 110

Anderson Silva predicts Big Nog and Wanderlei victories at UFC 110


Undisputed UFC Middleweight King Anderson “The Spider” Silva discussed his fellow Brazilian’s fights at UFC 110, predicting that Minotauro and “The Axe Murderer” will get a notable victories against their opponents. Anderson Silva, who is Nogueira’s close friend and training partner, believes that the Legendary BJJ ace had a very good preparation for Cain Velasquez:

“Rodrigo is there with the teacher Carlos Dórea, Cigano is helping him too and we’ll go there to help him too. We want his victory for Brazil. He will train as always. He can get good in there and defend Velasquez’ takedowns. I believe in him and in his abilities.”

Anderson Silva had a very intense dispute with Wanderlei Silva about a year ago, but now it looks like they are friends again as Wanderlei receives a huge ammount of support from “The Spider”. Anderson Silva believes in Wanderlei Silva, and his ability “simply to do what he does best”. Silva also related to the “misunderstanding” between him and Wanderlei:

“Unfortunately my life is full of stuff, I have my things, he has his… Sometimes there’s no time, we doesn’t match the appointments but I’d like to help him with this fight. Unfortunately I can’t, but he has a good team. Master Rafael Cordeiro is supporting on techniques and he will be okay on this fight. I hope he brings this victory to Brazil.

Wanderlei is on a new phase, he saw a lot of things, and he has to do what he always did: to train a lot, to go there and gives his best. Bisping is a good fighter, we all know that, but Wanderlei Silva will have no trouble against him if he chooses the right gameplan.”

Anderson Silva will is scheduled to fight veteran Vitor “The Phenom” Belfort at the main event of UFC 112 in Abu Dhabi, UAE on April 10th. Anderson “The Spider” Silva currently holds an incredible 10-0 record in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

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  • Rory Kernaghan

    You are an idiot,he’s supporting his fellow countrymen,and judging by your name you can’t hate on people for nationalism

  • AnAmerican

    Wand and Nogueira are not only Anderson’s fellow Brazillians, they’re his friends. Brazillian fighters seem to be very patriotic, and I like that about them.

  • terra2805

    He’s bound to support his fellow countrymen, as you or i would, nothing wrong with bieng patriotic, even though he’s wrong, (imo) I think we’re yet to see the best of Velasquez which is hard to believe considering the complete dominations we’ve already witnessed, don’t get me wrong, i love both big and little nog and am completely aware of what they’re capable of, the way big nog makes a habit of snatching victory from the jaws of defeat, don’t see it this time though, Velasquez’s wrestling and control is phenominal and i think that’s the clincher. I also think Bisping will win by decision, not so certain there though, lol…………………..

  • Ninja

    SIlva’s predictions are most likely to come true, big nog has delt with wrestlers before and wanderlei can knock anyone out who is bisping

  • Ninja

    they are superior because they are dominating mma

  • docedoce

    like we never heard USA chants from the crowd, give me a break, Brazilians are proud people they have many top fighters, and lets not get into soccer…nevertheless Wanderlei and Nogueira are his friends. Also almost every time people turn on the tv to watch a movie we see a USA flag so lets not talk about Nationalist buddy…

  • docedoce

    Hey you W’04 bumper sticker c0ck grappler no body said shit about the USA, the first poster with the “USA” nickname started the whole thing, so don’t get so defensive, and you call everyone else a Internet warrior?

  • docedoce

    Yes the USA is great but you gone to Brazil? it sounds like you haven’t…