Anderson Silva calls Vitor Belfort a coward while training with Wanderlei Silva

Anderson Silva calls Vitor Belfort a coward while training with Wanderlei Silva


In a video courtesy of, UFC Middleweight champion apparently forgets that he is wearing a microphone while training with Wanderlei Silva for his upcoming UFC 147 headliner with Vitor Belfort. The results, to say the least, are comical. Anderson Silva calls Belfort a coward, telling Wanderlei to never back up in their fight. Realizing that he is being recorded, the longtime champ laughs and says that they should have wrote “cutie” underneath the large photo of Belfort on the wall.

This is a rare moment of animation from the Middleweight champ, as we have seen him be quite reserved in most of his media dealings. He has chosen to remain somewhat silent in the face of Chael P. Sonnen’s endless trash talk, save for stating that Sonnen is bad for the sport and has disrespected Brazil.

Perhaps Anderson Silva has branded Belfort a coward because he knocked him out with a brutal front kick in early 2011 in the first round. Wanderlei Silva said, “Now the whole world will know,” in response to the champion’s words, but Anderson Silva did not seem concerned. Will this advice translate into a victory over Vitor Belfort? Wanderlei Silva looked impressive in beating Cung Le his last time out, but Vitor Belfort is a different opponent. Belfort has knocked out Yoshihiro Akiyama and submitted Anthony “Rumble” Johnson to rebound strongly from his loss in the title shot. The two Brazilians are legends of the sport and coaches opposite of each other on The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil. They have fought before, with Belfort famously knocking Wanderlei Silva out with a vicious flurry many years ago. Who will come out victorious in the rematch?

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  • Maximuz

    funny coming from the chicken who wanted to avoid Belfort
    at all cost and then avoiding Sonnen at all cost too
    and not wanting to fight him unless it was in his backyard
    Silva is a fraud and a phony, Sonnen already prove that he is
    that even the best at 185 never mind the best of all time
    what a joke of a statement from Silva nuthuggers

  • spiderp4p

    No offence, but this isn’t article worthy.


    Hey Max i rambled stupid shit when i had my first beer too, but you’re also dealing with a lack of heterosexual intercourse & that’s why you hate WINNERS. Take it easy Playboy.

  • predator

    So who is the best at 185 then? And why have they not beat Silva yet? You think Silva really has ducked his way to perfect record in the UFC? The record and the people he has beat speaks for itself….thats the reason he is the best at 185, his last three fights he has defeated top 5 fighters in the 185 division, Oakmi TKO’ed in the 2nd round, Belfort Via possibly 1 of the greatest moments in UFC history a front kick to the face, and then Sonnen who was beatin him for 4 and a half rounds, yet some how the spider never lost focus and summoned the will and warrior in him to slap on the submission even though it looked as if all was lost, that is a true champion and the reason he is the best of all time

  • falcon4917

    They are obviously annoyed at Vitor, thats about it. They’ve been heated between each other. They probably know that Vitor does not do well when you press him back. You’re a joke for thinking this is the pure blue print to Silvas character. Wanderlei and others train and are friends with Anderson and joke about that stuff too with the champ. If you are comparing Sonnen then you have no contest on who is a bigger d”ck and phony.

  • mokoko

    Anderson is the Coward who run’s like chicken all the time and most BOOED fighter in MMA history.Walks 225-230 and fights at 185.Chicken is the best word

  • M1_Global_Gangsta

    Maximuz let me tell you what : You Suck ! Shut Up !

  • Bruce Lee

    Interesting. This is in fact what Chael has been saying all along. A back stabbing fake that bows and pretends to respect you.

    For all of his flaws (he has many) at least he stands up and takes responsibility for what he things.

  • D

    First of all, you are exaggerating Silva’s weight drastically. He walks around at up to 220 when he’s not training for a fight. When he’s in shape to fight, he’s probably around 205. You can’t cut 40-45 pounds. It’s impossible.

    Secondly, weight cutting is part of the game. Quit whining about it.

  • Brasil

    He called him a “cuzao”, does not really mean coward….hard to explain but it is like a mix of arrogant/playboy/pussy. Portuguese….go figure.

  • ClosetCasey

    Thanks for the info Brasil. You’re all right. I don’t care what Chael says about you.

  • Brasil

    Thx Closet……we will take care of Chael in time.


    Yo Morekock thanks 4 your two cents, probably can’t pay your rent now…..but thanks!!!


    One thing i can say about mokok is his hatred for Silva has always ran deep but at least his spelling has improved.

  • kungfurule

    wow @maxi-mouse you have more weaks than anderson has continuous rounds of domination!

  • mokoko

    dont worry about my rent man iw got 5 housess and 3 shops

  • mokoko

    Wath Maximuz is saying is corect just some nutthugers don’t wana axept it.

  • Entity

    Made from Adobe.

  • Entity

    Wath didith he sayith?

  • silvaisking2321

    aviod him?? guess this guy got front kicked to the face to and forgot what happened!!!

  • silvaisking2321

    why does mokok hate him so bad cause of two fights?? and i still think the leites wasnt that bad it was a striking clinc he even punched him in the leg lol!

  • silvaisking2321

    he even hugged chael after thier fight! lol got to love em! same when he KOed vitor hugged him lol! even with the red coats trying to pull him back

  • mmagym

    Anyone else not feel a bit sorry for Vitor when the game came out?
    Quite embarrassing using the foot to face as the pic oon main menu.
    And now this.

  • falcon4917

    I don’t think he does actually, he is only honest when the world knows the truth already anyway. He doesn’t stand up and take responsability he swindles and decieves to better his chances in life.

  • sleepy

    Belfort is is gona put wand into hosiptal that nyt…

  • Entity

    He never knew what happened lol

  • Entity

    Welcome back Sleepy. Long tie no see bro

  • David Saucier

    Mokoko’s hate stems from Silva being called better than Fedor, who is Mokoko’s idol, so he says what ever he can to bring Silva down, its the truth, but he has been consistent for years with it.

  • David Saucier

    Im sure the money he got from it, softened the blow

  • OscarJoseGuerrero

    Your just another sonnen bandwagon bud. No matter what happens when they fight again silva will always remain one of the greatest if not the greatest fighter of all time. What he did to sonnen in the 5th round of there fight took heart and determination…something your douchebag ass doesnt have.

  • Gremio Copeiro

    He calls him a “douchebag”, not coward!!! Portuguese fail!