Anderson Silva and his Muay Thai trainer Daniel Woirin have parted ways, with Woirin releasing this statement:

"I thank Anderson for all the time we spent working together. He's a champion, a born striker, but we won't continue working together in this partnership due to lack of tune in some moments. I decided to let the way open for him to work his Muay Thai with anyone he decides. The last fight we did was the one against Griffin… I think I ended my work with him in a great way"


Silva and Woirin have worked together, sharpening The Spider's lready prominent Muay Thai clinch for his past 4 fights. Woirin was in his camp for Silva's fights against James Irvin, Patrick Cote, Thales Leites, and Forrest Griffin, with mixed results, given the exceptional first round knockouts of James Irvin and Forrest Griffin, at either side of two lackluster victories, one by injury and the other by decision, against Patrick Cote and Thales Leites respectively.