Multi-time combat sports champion Alistair "The Demolition Man" Overeem spoke about his upcoming clash with Brock Lesnar, which will also mark his Ultimate Fighting Championship debut. Overeem admitted Brock Lesnar will not be an easy match-up, but still expressed his confidence in triumph at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, on December 31st. The Reem also stated that he's prepared for everything against Brock Lesnar, including wrestling, where many consder Brock Lesnar to have a clear advantage.

"I am focused on my career. I'm focused on training. Of course, there are these rumors going. All this testing, if I look on the bright side, you are taking the critics' word away. Because, I will be the most tested fighter - ever. So, I can use that argument in my favor.

First off, Brock, I see him as the best wrestler in the Heavyweight division. He's a tremendous athlete, and he's a very strong, big guy. He's gonna bring it. I mean, looking at his fights, looking at his character, he's a very aggressive character. The thing is, I like it that way. I like challenges. That's what brought me into K-1, which is a different sport, so to speak. That's what brought me the K-1 title, two years after I went into K-1, and I'm sure this attitude is going to bring me the UFC title as well."

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