In a somewhat shocking announcement, former Strikeforce Heavyweight Champion Alistair Overeem revealed he's no longer part of Team Golden Glory. According to The Reem, who refused "to air dirty laundy", there are good and bad times in every relationship, but it's a breach of trust that leads to a no turning back situation:

"I would like to make a statement regarding the recent news of the separation from my long-time management Golden Glory. As with any relationship, there are good times and bad times - you have your common ground and your differences. As with any relationship, you have trust. When differences lead to a breach of trust, there's no turning back and no way to continue a positive, working relationship. I don't air my dirty laundry. I would appreciate the respect regarding my privacy to not disclose any further details on this matter. Again, I would like to thank team Golden Glory for all the years we worked together and wish them success for the future." - Alistair Overeem on Twitter

Overeem currently prepares for his Ultimate Fighting Championship debut in a UFC 141 headliner vs. Brock Lesnar, which will take place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, on probably the most prestigious date this year - December 30th.

So what do you think, LowKick'ers? Do you think Overeem's chances against Broc Lesnar will decrease without the support from Golden Glory's top talent? Where "The Reem" should set up his new camp? Use your keyboard.