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Joanna Jedrzejczyk Batters, Bloodies Jessica Penne For Third Round Stoppage


UFC women’s strawweight champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk squared off with The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 20 veteran Jessica Penne for the belt in the main event of today’s (Sat., June 20, 2015) UFC Fight Night 69 from the O2 World in Berlin, Germany.

The first-ever title fight aired on UFC Fight Pass began with Jedrzejczyk pushing forward with some punches, including a strong shot to the body and a combo. The champion snapped a hook, prompting Penne to go for a takedown against the fence. Jedrzejczyk defended well and broke to land a knee, following with more quick strikes. Penne scrambled to get Jedrzejczyk to the ground briefly, clinching on the fence with light knees. The champ landed a hard elbow off a break but was quickly swallowed into Penne’s bodylock again. She broke free, dropping Penne with an uppercut to swarm for ground and pound. With momentum on her side, Jedrzejczyk ended the first round with chopping low kicks to a ground Penne until the challenger got a Judo throw at the bell.

Jedrzejczyk came out with a flurry in the second, snapping strong punches and even going for a takedown of her own. Penne defended and blocked a head kick attempt, but Jedrzejczyk landed a front kick to the face and a combo ending with a low kick. A head kick landed from the champ, followed by a huge elbow that bloodied Penne’s nose. A massive flurry of strikes unleashed from Jedrzejczyk, almost prompting a stoppage from Marc Goddard. Penne persevered and clinched to stay alive, but the Polish favorite unloaded knees and accurate power punches. A stiff jab came from the champion, and her trademark flurry followed, ended by a hard body kick. More shots found a home from the titleholder, with varied kicks and a knee landing as the champ ended the round with a rush of punches.

In the third Penne was bloodied and battered. Jedrzejczyk peppered her with punches, dropping her briefly with a kick. Combos found a home, including slapping body and leg kicks. A big left hook hit the challenger, and she badly missed on a telegraphed takedown attempt. Jedrzejczyk poured it on with a flying knee, but Penne clinched in an attempt to drag Jedrzejczyk down. It didn’t work, and the champion returned to landing varied, damaging strikes. A short elbow blasted Penne, and more shots up top hit to earn a warning from Goddard, who stepped in to stop the fight in the third.

Final Result: Joanna Jedrzejczyk def. Jessica Penne via R3 TKO (strikes, 4:22)


  • james

    Sorry Rory she’s the real deal. Her footwork is incredible. Probably right up there with the best male or female. To be in range anywhere the fight goes is the hardest striking skill to learn. A fighter like Luke Rockhold for instance has incredibly good strikes hitting pads or when the fighter is against the cage but he doesn’t have very good open space or retreating striking. This girl has incredible foot work every way the fight turns. Its very difficult to land as often and square as she does while not “toe to toe”. Very exciting strike.

    • Yeah I agree mate, she is def the real deal, will be hard to beat but she needs to fight Claudia Gadelha again, I believe Gadelha won the first fight

      • james

        Its debatable, the difference is how fast Joanna is improving and how young she is. If Claudia can’t take Joanna down (which she probably can’t anymore) she definitely can’t stand with her. The only argument for Claudia winning is some ground control. I thought Joanna did enough, more damage, Claudia won the last round but that’s about it. I don’t think it would be the same fight again. Joanna has some great footwork and has improved her tdd. Claudia is tough but i just don’t think it will be the same fight.