Three reasons Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones has to happen

Three reasons Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones has to happen


“People are talking so much about this fight … I have no such intention, it isn’t something that motivates me, just because we have other athletes on my team who are in his weight division. My weight is 185 pounds; this is my title. But people talk so much, and we are UFC employees,” Silva said. “Of course, I can say that I don’t want it, but what if he goes there and accepts the money that Dana will give him to take the fight? It’ll be difficult. It’s not the money that motivates me to fight. I fight because I like it. So, I don’t know,” he continued. “I wouldn’t like it. But if it happens, it would be at a catch-weight — not for the belt. I already have mine, and I do not want to leave a title dropped.”Anderson Silva, via

Passing the torch

Anderson Silva is 37 years old. According to “The Spider” himself, he has around 3 fights left inside the UFC Octagon. Jon Jones is twelve years younger, on brink of breaking the consecutive title defenses record in the UFC Light Heavyweight division. I think the best thing about this match-up is that it makes all the sense in the world on so many different levels. It’s not some random exhibition fight. Both fighters want to prove they are the greatest ever. Victory over Silva would instantly put Jon Jones on top of the Pound-for-Pound mountain, where he will stay until someone beats him at Light Heavyweight, or perhaps at Heavyweight, if he decides to go up. It will be Anderson Silva passing the torch to Jon Jones, with the latter having to prove he deserves it.

Georges St. Pierre

Catchweight or not, Anderson Silva has a ridiculous size advantage over Georges St. Pierre. Silva’s physical superiority is one of the most important factors behind his dominance in the UFC Middleweight division. Personally, I see St. Pierre matching-up with a fighter like Ben Henderson or even Nate Diaz in the future. Those fights make a lot of sense since Diaz has fought at Welterweight, and there’s a good background story to this fight. Ben Henderson cuts a lot of weight to go down to 155, and is “virtually identical” with his height-reach stats to the French-Canadian champ. Georges St. Pierre and Anderson Silva have already cemented their status as MMA legends, and with so much on the line, they deserve a fair match-up.

The fight we want

Three (or is it four?) years ago, Fedor Emelianenko vs. Brock Lesnar was the fight everyone wanted to see. Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones is just as big of a fight, if not bigger. This is a golden opportunity for the UFC to finally promote a true superfight, perhaps at Dallas Cowboys Stadium, with a record-breaking PPV numbers. It was a tough year for the UFC, with countless injuries and one cancelled event. This fight is not about making it up for the fans… well, it is, but at the end of the day, this is simply the right time for this fight to happen. Fans want it, the sport needs it.

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  • KeithFarrell

    perhaps only time in sports we will ever see the current GOAT vs. next GOAT

  • mindkontrolle

    3 reasons? How about one: this is a fight were two of the best cannot be sure that they will come out victorious, unlike most other instances. There has been so much of an agenda regarding the damn record, that this fight needs to happen or else the UFC loses its fvcking credibility.

  • mindkontrolle

    *only* time in sports history?? that’s a sad thought and seems very unlikely….

  • mindkontrolle

    … but of course, I’m an asshole, what do I know?

  • docedoce

    I know Anton would like this fight, maybe he’ll finally get a pick against Anderson right…

  • IGMBurninPiff

    I’m 1 of the biggest Anderson Silva fans you’ll ever meet, but I see Jon Jones as the only person who could beat Anderson. He has the perfect fighting style to match up with Silva. The only way I’d see Silva taking that fight would be if he gets passed his next 2 opponents (if he has only 3 fights left) and Jones has also gotten passed his next 2. Jon Jones is on quite a run and with him being the only threat to A.Silva’s win streak record and title defense record maybe Silva would want to stop that before he leaves the sport. He also might not be thoroughly confident being the older smaller fighter and might not want to be part of Jones’ streak.

  • mokoko

    My favorite fight of his shuld be the Ryo Chonan fight the flying leg scissor heel hook ones a life time i don’t think we gona see that again you have to be speshal to get coght on that.Stil dont understand wuy Jones is fighting Sonnen loser in lower devision

  •'emSock'em Rock’em Sock’em

    had to sharp you on that comment.

  • DKMcGrath

    One more reason Silva is the only guy that can beat him….

  • mindkontrolle

    Is the d*ck face in the back with the hat seriously posturing the entire time?? Bringing over his oh-so-tough buddies to look into the camera as if anybody gave a **** who they are while they pretend to be black-belts. LOL.

  • mindkontrolle

    No, a few HW’s would too. Don’t forget, Jones is essentially a HW. Can you imagine what The Reem (Overroid) would do to him. Yikes……

  • dropkickmurphy

    I see Anderson being the only person to beat Jones. Elusiveness and one shot knockout power. The only thing in my opinion that is going to beat Jon

  • IGMBurninPiff

    @DropkickMurphy, ofcourse I meant vice versa Anderson Silva has the ability to beat any fighter ever on any night, I just meant the only person I think who could beat Silva other than maybe a lucky punch or something is Jones, his reach would be able to keep away from Silva long enough to take him down, his wrestling, with his ground n pound (elbows especially) and obvious BJJ knowledge make him Silva’s only threat.

  • IGMBurninPiff

    @mindkontrolle please tell me what Reem would do to him… when Jones makes the move up he’ll put on some more muscle clearly and will be the same size as most of them… are implying overeem is better than Jones??

  • mindkontrolle

    Well now I’m not sure what I’m implying…. I think that some HW’s such as Reem, JDS, Cormier and Cain will give Jones a whole world of trouble. This has been my argument for some time now, but I could definitely be wrong, it would just blow my mind a little that someone could carpet bomb the LHW division and then move up and do the same thing at HW. We’ll see. Also, I do have Silva beating Jones in that match because I think he’s an unreal Jedi. But if that happens, then where does that leave Jones?

  • IGMBurninPiff

    Anderson Vs Jones would be EPIC, I do think Silva could win, don’t know if he would. BUT even if Jones lost to Silva it’s still just that, he lost to Silva he’d still dominate the whole LHW division and most of the HW, I don’t disagree he’d have trouble at HW I was just questioning the pick of Overeem as your example. JDS’s takedown defense has been perfect and his hands are close to perfect, with his power punching I see him being a HUGE threat to Jones. DC, Olympic wrestling, good striking which improves greatly each fight, good chin I see him being just as a big of a threat, Cain similar to DC but I think Jones would find a way to win that. Outside of DC and JDS I think he’d do very well at HW, and have a great chance to win the belt with time.

  • KeithFarrell

    I meant will have ever seen, obviously things will arise in the future

  • Brasil

    The goat vs Jones…… There is nothing else…… !!

  • Plexomatic

    I dont think Jon can knock out Anderson. Silva has the stand up to K/O Jones. If Jones can take him down ,Anderson would stand a huge chance of becoming the guy to beat and most likely retire the Goat.

  • UnderdogGreatness

    Well said, dropkick. Unfortunately for (Dana “$$$” White), the UFC, its fans, and Joe Rogan , that fight will never happen and I am 110% okay with it.

  • cranestyle

    If GSP beats Condit, especially in dominant fashion, then I think a fight vs. Silva is going to be next.

    Condit is almost is as big as the Spyder, so while Silva would be the obvious favorite, it still could be an interesting match up.

    Then, if Silva wins, the Jones fight.

    If Silva can take GSP and Jones, what a legacy to leave behind.

  • ripstic5021

    If Jone’s beat Silva it doesn’t make him the best ever. Come on man, he’s got a long way to go before he reaches Silva’s accomplishments. Beating a 37 year old middleweight won’t automatically make him the best ever.

  • mindkontrolle

    The problem is… us fans won’t stop until this fight happens. It is much more risk for Anderson Silva than Jones. There is also almost a 5 inch reach advantage for Jones and overall size and youth advantage. Also, if Jones beats Silva it might not make him the best in reality, but let’s face it, Jon will take a great deal of Anderson’s glory in the eyes of many casual MMA fans.

  • enjoylife321

    Watching Karyn Bryant interview is like getting teeth pulled…

    She spends half the interview smiling awkwardly, the other half trying to get a sentence out.

  • mokoko

    We never wrely now if Silva can dominate HW he is not fighting top 10 in LHW .Silva walks HW and fights only can’s who is gona be next Bisping no disrescpect to him.Let Silva fight Mousassi.Mousassi propbably can beat Jones and Silva he was robbed in MO fight.Silva vs Mousassi next

  • johndo11

    and i suppose you are a black belt sensei?

  • mauromina

    on HW i think not only JDS and DC will give great problems to jones but also cain (that is a stronger and better wrestler), overeem (that will destroy jones legs with one leg kick) and werdum (that will have the edge on the floor and standing up has improved a lot)

    on HW jones will not have his size and strenght advantage. he doesnt has natural ko power so that will be a problem and also has chicken legs. maybe he could surprise me and defeat overeem, cormier and werdum but right now i think he will get murdered by cain and JDS. specially JDS with that boxing and takedown defense.

    i think jones is a monster on the floor but at HW it will be really much harder for him to manhandle everyone like he is doing now.

  • mauromina

    also an in shape brock lesnar could give him a lot of problems

  • mauromina

    so mousassi couldnt defeat a wrestler like queen mo and its logical for him to defeat jones? he will be tkod by elbows

  • griffin

    nate diaz got rag dolled by rory just a year and a half ago he isnt fight GSP now or ever. nick diaz on the other hand, maybe

  • mindkontrolle

    That’s right mauromina

  • mindkontrolle

    No homie, are you?

  • mindkontrolle

    Wear your little t-shirts to the show do ya??

  • mindkontrolle

    You think a black belt would have to behave like that in front of a camera while there’s an interview going on? GTFO. BOOM! TRIPLE SHOT FVCK FACE!!!!!

  • johndo11


  • IChokePeople

    You may be right. I just rewatched the Leites fight. If he can’t do anything to Silva on the ground and Sonnen really couldn’t do anything other than control him there, Jones might not have as much of a ground advantage as I have previously given him. I still think that his length would pose AS some problems on the ground but Vitor almost got a sub from bottom and AS has the better BJJ IMO so who knows?

  • IChokePeople

    Mousasi would win the stand up IMO but once he got taken down (and he would get taken down) it would be all over. The rest of what koko said was ludicrous. AS has been a FAT 220 that is out of shape. In shape he walks between 195 and 210. He never looks bad at MW and in the fight with Bonnar looked a little pudgy in the middle. He is a MW and there are other MWs that are bigger (Franklin for one).

  • cranestyle

    You’re right, it wouldn’t. He’d have to keep dominating for a few more years.

    But it would be a good start.

  • Cookie77

    2 Important reason why the Silva Vs Jones fight might not happen..
    1) Bad ending to Silva’s career. Not saying that Silva will retire soon BUT he is 37 going to 38 a Bad lost to Jones then his legacy might suffer.

    2)A lost would seriously haunt Jones career. If Jones lose to Silva everyone will always say Silva was a better fighter, it wont matter if Jones never lose after the fight, when people debate who is greatest of all time and someone say Jones another will say “But Silva beat him”.

  • Andrew L

    This writer is dillusional. He seems to think his personal preference in matches is what the mainstream (and hardcore) audience wants to see. How does he ever know Jones would beat Silva? GSP vs. Silva would draw WAAAY bigger numbers in PPV. Nobody ever really mentioned Lesnar vs. Fedor > it was Couture that the pairing was talked about mostly. This article is sadly out of place on the topics it brings up.

  • Evan Holober

    I don’t think you understand what GOAT stands for.

  • Evan Holober

    -There has been much more main stream appeal for Silva – Jones than Silva – GSP for a few years now, as GSP has decisioned more fighters.

    -He thinks Jones would beat him, that’s his opinion.

    -You are correct in talking about how Couture-Emelianenko garnered more attention, but sadly mistaken on the hope for Fedor-Brock. After Brock beat Randy the internet went crazy on the idea of a fighter with 3 wins stacking up against the greatest fighter of that era.